Adventure Escape Carnival Walkthrough

In this Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough guide, you will see hints, tricks and tips that will help you to beat Adventure Escape: Carnival. It’s a game made available to the Android and iOS. Adventure Escape: Carnival will have you solving puzzles, and the stunning graphics serve to pull you into the game. The further you go along, the more the devious puzzles will unravel, and you will have a premium escape game that pulls you into solving the mystery from start to finish. Read on this Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough to find out the hints and what you need to complete the Chapters One, Two and Three.

Adventure Escape Carnival Walkthrough—Chapter One—At the Carnival

This level takes place at the carnival’s entrance, and your basic goal in this level will be to enter into the amusement park. To begin with, you will head left. You won’t be able to go into the bathroom because you don’t know how to solve the puzzle. Instead, look at the poster, and it will say 5:38.

You try to go to the bathroom, but you will find that it’s still locked. Head back to the entrance of the carnival, and you will enter the code “538.” This unlocks the ticket booth, and you will open the door and go inside. You will see batteries and shears here, and you will want to take both of them. In addition, there’s a box of gems, but you will come back to it later.

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Once you have left, you will go back to the entrance, and you will cut the bush outside into the image of a cat. You will pick up the batteries and head to the bathroom. Add the batteries, which are on the remote and taped to the wall.

Next, you will use the remote, and this will let you use the toys. You will use the remote so that you can unlock it. You will go through these toys, and you will discover three different gems. You will put them into the box with the other toys, and you will need to swap them because this will match the background color. Important to understand with this Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough that you may still have a good challenge ahead of you.

What You Need

You will need to get different items at different points in this level. Some of the things you want to acquire include:

  • Three gems;
  • Batteries;
  • Remote;
  • Shears;

As you progress through the level, you will enter into the theme park as this scary-looking dude disappears with Jack’s sister. However, Jack will hand you a ticket, which will allow you to enter into the theme park and see what’s there. You will go through the slot to see the food and complete the sections. Observe the cotton candy colors as you enter: You will see that they’re pink, dark blue, purple and light blue. You will also see how the colors in the combination will either unlock or lock the locker.

Once you have done this, you will grab the baseball bat, and you will see this wooden block that resembles Europe. In the fridge, when you open it, you will spot this rotten carrot. However, because you’re a witch, you can turn it back into a healthy carrot and take it from the fridge.

Easter Eggs

In this puzzle game, you don’t really have Easter eggs, and for that reason, we won’t bring them up in the future. Most of the tools and items that you collect in this game will serve some practical purpose where you can use them to escape from the carnival. As you uncover new hidden objects, it will help you to break free of the carnival. Your goal in this game will be to rescue Emily before the game ends.

Adventure Escape Carnival Walkthrough—Chapter One—Continued

In the next part, you will leave the hotdog stand. You will spot this map piece that comes in the shape of Australia. After you have picked it up, go left. Once you have gone left, you will see how the Escape Adventure Carnival walkthrough will have you picking up a baseball.

The broom you picked up earlier will serve a purpose of getting another baseball from the roof. When this happens, you will see three numbers that have been hidden on the scene: four, eight and two. You will enter the numbers onto the padlock, and this opens it. Inside, you should find a map of China, and in the next part, you will head on over to a baseball game.

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All three of the baseballs must be placed in front of you. You will need the baseballs so that you can target and throw the ball at the red clowns who each have targets on them. To begin, you will first have to set the two different trackers, and you will throw each of the balls. Take your time in doing this. After you have completed this part, you will take the puzzle piece shaped like South America.

At this point, you should have all the puzzle pieces needed to progress in the game. You will put all the puzzles on the map, and you will grab the wheel. What’s the objective of doing this? In the next step, you have to replace the carriage’s wheel. Also, because you’re a witch with magical powers, you will use your powers to transform the fake horse into one that’s real. You give him, and the carrot, and you will make him move over to the main office, which completes Chapter One.

Adventure Escape Carnival Walkthrough Chapter Two

In Chapter Two, we have entered into the heart of this creepy carnival, and this is where the action begins. You will have to be on your best to do well here. There aren’t much for other characters in this level, and it turns out to be just you. The puzzles continue, and you will have to solve them if you want to progress in the game.

Next, you will find yourself opening the drawers to search for items. You might see a hook, but you can’t take it immediately. First, you will grab the scissors. Read the note, and you will begin a puzzle game titled “Guess the Colors.” You might compare this game to Mastermind, except you can make a guess on five separate colors. The game tells you how many colors you guessed correctly.

Unfortunately, they don’t tell you which colors you guessed right. You will have to experiment with the orders until you have figured out which ones are which. Luckily, you don’t have a set number of tries, and you can continue until you get it right. The actual color combination will differ from game to game. Here’s one way to figure it out, however. Check with the colors that you know aren’t a part of your answer, and you will use this to confirm the colors. As a tip, check with the colors you know that will be the least likely, and then you will use that information to confirm where the different colors go. You should see a green monkey tile, and you will want to grab it and continue going forward.

What You Need

Some of the items that you will need in Chapter Two include:

  • Scissors;
  • Yarn;
  • Hook;
  • Fireplace poker;
  • Green frog tile;
  • Red snake tile;
  • Blue frog tile;
  • Purple raven tile;

First, you will enter through this beaded doorway that takes you into another room. You will see the fireplace poker here, and you can use it to knock the bookshelf down to reveal a purple raven tile. Next, you will use magic to pull down a tapestry, and this will give you clues for the other animal tiles. With the piece of yarn you cut off from the scissors, you will put it together with the hook to get the green monkey tile.

You will also need to unlock a chest within the room. You will need four symbols, but this is actually the numbers five, four, seven and three. Unfortunately, this won’t be the actual answers, and you will need to see the location of the numbers. You organize them and take the code. The combination goes as follows:

  • 47;
  • 35;

With that combination, you will unlock the puzzles inside, which you will also have to solve before moving forward. You should see three clues inside, “The 8th wonder of the world, four floors of mazes and the only fortune teller in the world. Basically, this equates to 481. You open up the box found at the table, and you will take advantage of the numbers. Grab the red snake tile.

Once you have this return to the drawer where the hook is and attach it to your yarn. You will use this to fish in the tarantula cage for a blue frog tile. By now, you should have collected all four of the tiles. You will lay them down from the largest tile to the smallest tile in order. From there, you will see the mural behind the tapestry. In order, it goes:

  • Purple raven;
  • Blue frog;
  • Green monkey;
  • Red snake;

Completion of the chapter will happen once you have taken the photo of Emily. It will have the words, “Sacrifice” on it. This ends Chapter Two of the Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough.

Adventure Escape Carnival Walkthrough Chapter Three

In this level, we will open the Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough by picking up the magic and speaking with Jack. Jack hands you a note. Next, you will need to pick up the doll’s body. When you open the window, you will see this raven who can help you to figure out how to make it come down. To do this, you go to the door, and you will find a person, who was possibly Emily hiding behind the chained door. You will grab the two doll arms found here, and you might notice this jar with eyes.

This puzzle becomes a bit of mess, and if you have trouble with the pose puzzle slowing down, you can reboot the app.

The puzzle has mannequins posing, and you will have to find the other mannequins. They will either be found in the mirror or the painting. You will have to pose each of the mannequins in the opposite direction for the best results. Once you have done this, you will see a diamond ring that you need to take.

Next, you will want to walk back over to the first room. In this Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough, we try to lay everything out in detail. Use the diamond ring to this glass, and you will take the head of the doll. You will have to take birdseed and feed it to the raven to get him to fly to the windowsill. You will get a note. In addition, take the star key from the raven.

You will head back to the workroom to put all the doll parts on the table. Don’t forget Jack’s note, and you will have to put clothing on the doll. Give the doll red hair, brown eyes and a violet dress. You will take the magic and make the doll move.

Finally, you use the star and moon keys to open the door, and you will use magic on Emily and learn shes only a mannequin. Chapter Three ends here.

Final Advice

In this Adventure Escape Carnival walkthrough, we have highlighted the various levels and what you do to beat them. As a puzzle game, you have endless mysteries to solve in Adventure Escape Carnival. Even with the walkthrough, this game remains challenging. Sometimes if you’re having a hard time finding an item, you may want to close the app and open it again. It’s a puzzle game that keeps your brain active.

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