Cabin Escape Walkthrough

Cabin Escape is a puzzle point and tap adventure puzzle game, which is available for both IOS and Android systems. The game is available for Android platforms on Google Play and for IOS on iTunes Store. While Cabin Escape is a fun game, you might need some Cabin Escape hints to help you solve the puzzles within the game. This Cabin Escape walkthrough is a detailed guide designed to assist you in completing the game and features those elusive Cabin Escape hints. It will especially come in handy if you’re feeling super stuck!

First Screen & Beginning Exploration

Upon opening Cabin Escape, you will find yourself in a large main room featuring an island, a countertop, and 2 sets of windows, and a loft upstairs. Click on the counter island in the center of the room, which will place you in front of it. You will see a note, a yellow token, and a rock with googly eyes.

Tap on the note, then tap on it again in order to read it. Jason has left you this note letting you know that he will be spending a few extra days in the lab and that he has created some puzzles for you to solve around the cabin while he is gone in an effort to keep your brain active, and you must solve these puzzles in order to escape the cabin. To escape the cabin this walkthrough will help you.

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Press the back arrow at the lower left-hand side of the screen to return to the previous area. Below the arrow, you will see a briefcase icon. This is your inventory, and you’ll be collecting items throughout the game, which will automatically go into your inventory. You will need to select your inventory, then the item you wish to use. These are basic controls the rest of this Cabin Escape walkthrough will refer to throughout the rest of this guide.

Click on the yellow token with the triangles on the island countertop. Use the camera icon near the right-hand corner of the screen to take a photo of the yellow token. You will use any photos taken for reference later. Return to the previous screen. Select the pet rock, then tap again to read the prompt about it. Click on the drawer built into the island and select start. Make note of the sequence of the lighted up buttons. The sequence is “1-3-4-2-1-3.” After it shows the lighted up buttons, input those same buttons in the correct sequence. The drawer will open with a key inside. Take the key.

What You Need

  • Note from Jason;
  • Photo of First Yellow Token;
  • Pet Rock;
  • Island Drawer;
  • Button Sequence Pattern for Island Drawer;

Exploring the Main Room

Take a look around the rest of this room. On the countertop, you will find a solitaire board with no marbles, a sign that reads “Home away from Home” on the wall, a drawer with a magazine in it called “Size Matters” featuring 4 different spheres, and a pile of homework. Click on both the magazine and the homework to view them. Take a photo of each.

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You’ll notice that the windows are boarded up. Take a photo of each set of the boarded-up windows. There is a wooden box on the wall to the right of the lit-up sign with 5 cross-shaped holes. Return to the previous screen. Select the fireplace to the left of the countertop area. Clicking here will result in prompts of items needed to start a fire in the fireplace. Take a photo of the sign above the fireplace that reads “Use A Hammer On The Box.” What does this mean? We’ll get to that shortly on this Cabin Escape walkthrough!

Tap the back button and select the table next to the other window in order to proceed to the next area. There is another note here from Jason, saying that he’s left you a bottle of cleaning fluid to use for cleanup after finger-painting and that one capful is all you need. Take the capful of cleaning fluid for placement into your inventory. Select and take a photo of the second yellow token on the table. Tap the vacation photo on the wall at the right of the desk and make note of what the name of the vacation spot is “Lake Solomon.” Take a photo of the other set of boarded-up windows in front of the lamp. Return to the previous screen.

What You Need

  • Second Note from Jason;
  • 2 Photos of Boarded-Up Windows;
  • Capful of Cleaning Fluid;
  • Photo of Second Yellow Token;
  • Photo of Lake Solomon Picture;
  • Photo of Magazine;
  • Photo of Sign Above Fireplace;
  • Photo of Math Homework;

Exploring the Bedroom

Proceed to the room on the right by tapping the door. You will find yourself in a room featuring a door on the left, a pile of children’s fingerpaints, a desk with a computer, ink, and paper on it, a board with star dials that slide up and down, a bed, a typewriter, a jewelry box, a safe, and an ornate drawer.

Look at all of these items. Upon closer inspection of the door, you will see that it requires a 3-digit pin code, with an area for a finger sensor. You don’t have the code yet, but you soon will. Inspect the desk. Take the paper that is available for your inventory. You’ll go back to the ink later. Look at the computer. It requires a password.

Tapping the bed will provide you with a prompt that this is no time for sleeping. Tap the right bottom of the bead to find a third yellow token and a box of matches. Take a photo of the third yellow token and put the matchbox in your inventory. Above the bed, take a look at the board with star dials.

You can slide them up and down, but the middle one appears to be missing. Move to the right and tap on the nightstand.
The nightstand has a beautiful jewelry box with 4 spherical green buttons of different sizes that change colors when tapped. Move to the drawer built into the nightstand. The drawer has two sets of six buttons on either side of it. Move to the shelves to the right of the nightstand.

Here, you will find a typewriter. Make note of Jason’s full name, which is engraved into the typewriter, “Jason Anthony Bethlam.” Take a photo of the typewriter. On the same shelf, you will find a safe which upon inspection, you will see requires a 5 digit code. On the shelf above this safe, you will find the fourth yellow token to take a photo of. You will also find a pile of black marbles, which you will need to place in your inventory.

What You Need

  • Paper;
  • Photo of Third Yellow Token;
  • Matchbox;
  • Photo of Typewriter;
  • Photo of Fourth Yellow Token;
  • Pile of Black Marbles;


Now that you’ve inspected all available rooms, start uncovering and solving puzzles, starting in the bedroom. Take the capful of fingerpaint remover from your inventory and use it on the fingerpainting to reveal the numbers “391”. Now go to the door with the 3-digit pin code and use the finger sensor on each button to change each digit to the correct sequence of “391.” Enter the room and collect a ladder. Look around the room to find a broken lamp and glow in the dark stars on the wall. Go back into the bedroom and return to the nightstand drawer.

Here you will need to use the boarded-up windows as a reference for the 6 square buttons. On the left set of buttons, turn the upper left and lower right buttons to turn them dark. On the right set of buttons, tap the lower left, middle top, and lower right buttons to turn them dark.

Retrieve a set of pliers from the now-opened drawer. Go to the safe on the shelf. Look through your photos to find that the code that you need to input into the safe comes from the math homework you found in the main room earlier.

Input the numbers from the math homework: The solution to the math problem is 8 (2 x 5 – 3 + 1) = 8. That makes the combination 25318. The safe will open to reveal 4 white flammable powders marked with Roman numerals 1-4. Take each for your inventory. Return to the main room. You have now completed a significant part of the Cabin Escape walkthrough.

What You Need

  • Capful of Fingerpaint Remover;
  • Fingerpaintings;
  • 3 Digit Code;
  • 2 Photos of Boarded-Up Windows;
  • Math Homework;

Loft & Solitaire Board

Use the ladder on the loft in order to climb up and access this area. Take a photo of the dominoes arrange on the floor. Take the star dial next to the dominoes. Take a photo of the picture your niece drew for reference you’ll be using soon. Return downstairs and go to the pet rock on the center island counter. Remove the pet rock’s eye with the pair of pliers.

Go into the next room and dip the eye in ink from the computer desk before returning it to your inventory. Return to the main room and go to the solitaire board on the counter below the neon sign. Place the pile of black marbles and the handmade marble from your inventory into the solitaire board. Copy the pattern exactly shown in the photo of the dominoes. Inputting the pattern correctly will open a drawer with the first of 5 red crosses for you to put in your inventory.

What You Need

  • Ladder;
  • Dominoes;
  • Pet Rock;
  • Ink;
  • Marbles;

Fireplace & The Jewelry Box

Go to the fireplace use the paper and matchbox on the fireplace to light a fire. Throw each of the 4 powders into the fire, making note of the corresponding number and color of each powder as it is thrown into the fire. The first powder burns blue, the second red, the third green, and the fourth is purple.

Go to the jewelry box on the nightstand in the next room. Use the magazine cover, I Soccer Ball, II Earth, III Golf Ball, and IV Moon, to correspond with the Roman numerals of the colors that were just thrown into the fire. The sizes of the spheres on the cover correspond with the button that each represents. In the order the buttons go in, the smallest button is green, the second is blue, the third largest is purple, and the largest is red.

This is one of the trickier puzzles in the game and this Cabin Escape Walkthrough is a good reference point. Change all the buttons to the correct pattern and the box will open, giving you a lightbulb and a red cross.

What You Need

  • Paper;
  • Matchbox;
  • 4 Powders;
  • Fire;
  • Photo of Magazine;

The Dark Room & The Slider Puzzle

Go into the dark room and put the lightbulb in the lamp, which will illuminate a zigzag line pattern on the wall with the glow-in-the-dark stars. Take a photo of the pattern that they create. Place the missing star dial in the slider puzzle above the bed and recreate the star pattern from the photo.

The first slider should be on the third notch from the top, the second slider should be on the fourth notch from the top, the third slider should be on the very top notch,, the fourth slider should be all the way to the bottom, the fifth slider should be on the second notch from the top, and the sixth slider should be the second notch from the bottom. This pattern will give you a third red cross.

What You Need

  • Lightbulb;
  • Star Dial;
  • Photo of Glow-In-The-Dark Star Pattern;

Computer Password

Go to the computer. Select “forgot password” and “reset password” answer a series of questions using previous clues you have found. The questions ask you your husband’s middle name (Anthony), your favorite vacation spot (Lake Solomon), and the name of your first pet (Lucy). Answering correctly will reset your password to “monkey.”

Once you are logged in, drag the “settings” icon with the hammer into the “Think” box in the middle of the screen. Go back to the fireplace where you will find a fourth red cross above the mantelpiece. We hope you are enjoying this Cabin Escape walkthrough. You’ve almost reached the end!

What You Need

  • Photo of Lake Solomon;
  • Photo of Child’s Drawing;
  • Photo of Typewriter;

The Happy Face Puzzle

Use the key you retrieved from the island drawer earlier to open up the cabinet under the counter by the window in the main room to find a safe. You will find 4 clusters of red arrow buttons with yellow buttons underneath them. Refer to the 4 yellow photos of the tokens in your inventory. The directional arrows on each token tell you how to turn the red arrow buttons in each cluster so that they open up the safe, which will reveal the fifth and final red cross.

What You Need

  • Key from the Island Drawer;
  • 4 Yellow Tokens;

Getting Out

Go to the box on the wall with the cross-shaped inset holes near the neon sign. Place all 5 crosses into the holes. The box will open to give you your key to unlock the cabin. Use the key on the exit door at the back of the main room of the cabin to escape. This Cabin Escape walkthrough helped you through this game, and now you can continue the story in Forever Lost!

What You Need

  • The 5 red crosses you collected;
  • The key to the cabin exit door;

Final Advice

Cabin Escape is a fun mobile puzzle game that stretches your brain and powers of logic and deduction in a practical way. We hope you enjoyed this Cabin Escape walkthrough. Tell us about your experience with Cabin Escape. Did you love the puzzles? Was this Cabin Escape walkthrough helpful? What was your favorite part where you thought,”that’s clever!” Share your comments below!

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