Dragon Quest 7: Fragments of the Forgotten Past Walkthrough Chapter 1

Dragon Quest 7 was an extremely popular game at the time of its release. Fragments of the Forgotten Past is the mobile remake of this classic. It features numerous improvements, especially in terms of graphics, while keeping with much of the original story and mechanics. This Dragon Quest 7 walkthrough will provide players a detailed description of each game level for Chapter 1, what they need to accomplish and the items they should collect as they progress through the level.

There are also side-quests and bonus missions in most areas that will be mentioned. The game is currently available on 3DS and is planned for release on Android and iOS soon.


This Dragon Quest 7 walkthrough begins in the small town of Pilchard Bay. You begin the game as a young boy in the village whose name you choose at the start. The prolog is designed to give you a gentle introduction to the game and its basic elements. This will involve mostly going around and breaking objects in the environment for loot and talking to a wide variety of other characters.

In this walkthrough, only the most valuable or critical loot will be mentioned, but there is loot to be found in crates, barrels, and jars all throughout the game world. It is a common strategy to go around breaking things and seeing what pops out, and the game introduces this concept right from the start. It is equally important to talk to as many characters as possible for important insights and information on how to progress. Often times, talking to a specific character is the main way to progress.

In this area, you will complete a few basic fetch-and-carry quests and speak with the vital characters Mirabel and Prince Kiefer who will soon become valuable party members. The most important prolog event is the discovery and unlocking of the Shrine of Mysteries that you will revisit constantly as you progress through the game.

What You Need

Collect basic start equipment from your house and father’s ship, including a stick weapon and basic armor.

You will collect some valuable artifacts and tablet fragments to open the way into the Shrine of Mysteries. Prince Kiefer guides you through this part of the mission. You will be collecting many more tablet fragments as your progress.

BollyMolly Scenario

Once you place the first set of tablet fragments on the shrine pedestal, you will be magically whisked away to the game’s first true quest area in the game and the first place of real interest in this Dragon Quest 7 walkthrough. The game will involve a lot of this magical back and forth teleportation from the shrine, and placing a new set of fragments will almost always signal the progression to a new area.

After rescuing Maribel from monsters, you will encounter Maeve, and she will join your party temporarily at some points during this mission. The village in this land is plagued with monsters. Your job will be to find and destroy the source of these monsters and save the village.

There are two main parts to the quest here. In the first part, you will recover a gem needed to heal the father of a boy in the village. Once the father is healed, he will guide you to the tower where the monsters seem to be originating from. In the tower, you will discover that Maeve is the real culprit behind the monster attacks. Defeating her ends the threat to the village.

When you go back to the shrine, you find that the island with the village you just visited has appeared in the present world. In case you’re confused, this is pretty much how the entire game works. And the back and forth will be consistent through this Dragon Quest 7 Walkthrough. You save some place in the past, and then the modern version of that place appears in your present time. Visiting the modern version of the island is sometimes necessary to collect fragments and is often the source of useful side quests.

What You Need

The most important item in this area is the colored fragment you need to collect in order to progress. The boss-golem you fight in the tower before fighting the last boss Maeve will drop a green fragment.

Past the boss-golem, you will find a room with a chest that has a red fragment lying next to it. There is also a useful weapon, the bronze knife, inside the chest for Mirabel.

Back at the shrine, the imp spirit there will give you the Fragment Detector. This very important tool will be valuable in helping you find more fragments as you progress through the game.

In the modern version of the island, you should explore the mines again. This time you will find another red fragment after solving a puzzle.

In present Bollymolly, you can speak to a merchant who will give you a green fragment.

Finally, the last red fragment you need can be gained by using the raft to explore behind the castle and under the balcony.

Emberdale Scenario

After placing the red fragments, you will be teleported to the next area of the past: Emberdale. This island is suffering due to problems with the nearby volcano. You guessed it, monsters are involved.

You will mostly be exploring the volcanic caves of Burnmount and defeating the monster at the core of the volcano. Then use an item from your own time to finally resolve the problem with the black flames.

What You Need

You will find quite a few worthy weapon and armor upgrades throughout this level. Be on the lookout for:

  • Thorn whip
  • Pointy Hat
  • Giant Mallet
  • Copper Sword
  • Wayfarer’s Clothes

Fragments are the key to the level. Be sure to collect a blue fragment from the volcano boss and another from Pamela, the main quest giver.

When you go back to the present time, visit Burnmount again and find a green fragment at the bottom.

A bottle of Wholly Holy Water gained from Pike in the present will be used to give you an empty bottle. In Rainbow Cove, you can fill this bottle to get Prism Dew, an important item for later.

Regenstein Scenario

This Dragon quest 7 walkthrough continues with Regenstein. Placing the blue fragments back at the shrine will transport you to Regenstein, your next quest area. A quick inspection of the village on this tiny island will reveal something serious amiss. All of the people seem to have been turned to stone.

Exploring the village will lead you to an old man who seems to be the only person currently not petrified. You will use a bottle of angel’s tears the man gives you to break the curse on the village. First, you must find a boy’s hiding spot and a secret base. This allows you to get to the correct spot to release the tears.

When the island appears in the present, the village has been renamed Haven. There is nothing you need here except a fragment, but it gives you your first useful side quest.

What You Need

The main item you need to finish this level is the bottle of angel’s tears from the old man. You will also find a yellow fragment at the boy’s hiding place.

In Haven, be sure to grab the green fragment lying around on the ground.

Side Quest

In Haven, you will find only the girl Carey. Her quest is to help populate the village, and she sends you to find new residents. You will get some useful items for bringing back the bard, Phlegmrique, in Pilchard Bay and the woman, Fuchsia, from Bollymolly. You will find more people as you clear additional areas of the game.

The stamp book that gets stamps as you kill monsters. This can eventually be used to get some additional items in tombola game once Haven is fully upgraded.

L’Arca Scenario

Finally, you have enough green fragments to unlock the next area. The problems in the village to the north are not immediately apparent. Things do seem a bit strange as you realize that all of the people are silent, but all the animals can talk. You eventually learn that most of the people have been turned into animals and all the animals are people.

Your quest will be to resolve this mystery and put the town back in its natural order. Explore Grotta del Sigillo to the northwest. You will eventually find Hackrobat, the area boss. Come prepared because you can’t use any spells during this fight. Healing items will be very important. You will also get a new party member, Ruff.

What You Need

There are some useful items scattered around the L’Arca level. Be sure to keep an eye out for:

  • Bone stake
  • Scale armor
  • Kitty shield
  • Hardwood headgear

In the past grotto, you will find two blue fragments.

In present-day L’Arca, you will find a green fragment, and in the present-day grotto you will find a blue fragment.

Side Quest

Present day L’Arca has a side quest for a useful item. At the south entrance to the town, speak to a man. He has a game that asks you to pick the female in the lineup of animals. To win, pick the dog, horse, and a crow. You will gain, as a reward, the Big Book of Beasts, which is more useful in this version than in the original.

Faraday Scenario

Using the blue fragments on the large pedestal will transport you to Faraday. Go to the town of Frobisher first. This island has been nearly overrun with machines which people call automatons. You will need to first convince the people of Faraday that you can help them by completing a challenge of strength. Then you will take the fight to the automaton stronghold to defeat the source of the machines.

You will fight through many enemies at the automaton stronghold, including the deadly canniboxes, which you should be careful of. Defeat the two bosses at the stronghold in order to stop the automaton threat.

There is quite a bit to do in the present version of Faraday, more so than in any of the previous areas. It involves mostly running around and talking to people and completing fetch and carry quests in order to resolve a problem with Ambrose’s granddaughter.

What You Need

There are some useful upgrade items you will want to try out in this area that our Dragon Quest 7 walkthrough indicates. From the shop, you can purchase the boomerang, which is a serious upgrade from the whip.

From enemies in the overworld, at a very low drop rate, you might also score the powerful iron axe.

Be sure to also stay on the lookout for:

  • Stone axe
  • Iron lance
  • Shell armor
  • Silver tiara
  • Bronze shield
  • Iron helmet

There is a red fragment lying around in the inn in Frobisher. You will find another red fragment in the automaton stronghold.
In present day Faraday castle, you will find a green fragment. A red fragment can be found at the Automaton Institute. Ambrose will reward you with another red fragment for helping his granddaughter.

Greenthumb Scenario

You now have enough fragments to activate the largest red pedestal and gp to the next major area. A familiar sight greets you in the village of Greenthumb Gardens: all the people have been turned to stone. Things get going right away as you fight a boss battle in the largest central house in town. Angel’s tears will once again be your solution, and you can spread these from the roof edge.

You will cure a boy using medicine gotten by revisiting Palmela in Emberdale. When the rain starts falling, you learn that everyone is scared of the rain because that was what turned them all to stone. Obviously, you must find and stop the source of this rain.

Explore the Grody Grotto to the north and defeat the boss there to resolve the quest and end the terror on the village.

What You Need

You can get a slight upgrade to your boomerang, the edged boomerang. Also, be on the lookout for bronze armor and the iron shield. You can purchase some useful items from the town armory.

Of course, there are some last fragments still to collect. A green fragment can be found in the grotto before the boss, and another after the boss battle. Both are on the ground.

The present-day version of the town is Wilted Heart. There you will find a yellow and green fragment on the ground.

Roamer’s Scenario

The last area to detail in this Dragon Quest 7 walkthrough is the Roamer’s island. You now have enough green fragments to activate the southwestern pedestal. In this scenario, you will help Lala at the Roamer’s Encampment. Explore the nearby Poolside Cave. Ultimately, you will collect some fragments and Kiefer will decide he wants to stay behind and become the new protector for the Roamers.

What You Need

You will be collecting mostly fragments from these areas. Also, you will get the Spirit of Dance from the Roamers.

There is a yellow fragment in Poolside Cave and you will also want to get the Ring of Prayer, a useful item.
In the present-day Roamers area, you will find another blue fragment. The King in Estard will give you a blue fragment after you report the fate of his son. You will also want to pick up the Lucida Shard.

Final Advice

The first chapter of Fragments of the Forgotten Past is an excellent start to the game and gives players a good foundation for what they will experience later. As the game continues, you can look forward to many more island quests, exciting boss encounters, and strange magical mysteries as you continue to collect fragments and unravel the problems of the past to restore the land. Here is our

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Did you enjoy this Dragon Quest 7 walkthrough for Chapter 1? Do you have additional questions, comments, or insight into this portion of the game? We welcome your comments and feedback.

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