Final Fantasy VII Walkthrough

Final Fantasy VII is a fan favorite that is now available on Android and iOS devices to offer you classic gameplay when you are on the go. Use this Final Fantasy 7 walkthrough to help you find your way on the journey through Midgar to the heart of Gaia as Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris, Yuffie, Red XIII, Cait Sith and Vincent fight save the planet.

Final Fantasy VII: Disc I

During disc one of Final Fantasy VII, playable characters include Cloud, Tifa, Barret, Aeris, Cid, Red XIII, and Cait Sith. The game begins when Cloud, a Mako-infused mercenary, is hired to assist the anti-Shinra group Avalanche.

Disc one ends in The Forgotten Capital after finding Aeris. To complete disc one, use this Final Fantasy 7 walkthrough:

  1. Trigger the explosion at North Mako Reactor with Barret and jump on the train as it passes by.
  2. Trigger the second explosion at the Sector 5 Reactor, and go west to gain entrance to Don Corneo’s Mansion.
  3. Go to the Sector 7 Slums with Aeris, and try to sneak out of her house have her join the party. Go to Sector 7 and climb the stairs to Shinra Headquarters.
  4. After the battle at Shinra headquarters, leave Midgar and visit the nearby village of Kalm. Travel through the Mythril Mine after exploring Kalm and go northeast to find Junon Harbor. Board the Shinra cargo ship by entering the elevator in Junon.
  5. Arrive in the seaside village of Costa Del Sol. After exploring the village, travel west to go to Mt. Corel. Follow the path until you reach the train headed for Gold Saucer. Board the train, and buy a lifetime pass upon arrival. Complete the storyline, and go to Corel Prison.
  6. Once inside Corel Prison, explore the area until you talk Mr. Coates, who allows you to race chocobos at Gold Saucer. Complete the races and defeat Dyne to gain your freedom.
  7. Drive west to reach Cosmo Canyon. While waiting for the buggy repairs, meet Red XIII’s grandfather and explore the village. Join Bugenhagen and RED XIII at the Door of Naught to enter the door and defeat the boss.
  8. Travel north to reach Nibelheim, and explore the village before following the trail leading out of the village. Follow Sepiroth to Mt. Nibel, and explore the area to find Sepiroth.
  9. Leave Mt. Nibel on the northern path to find Rocket Town. Talk to Cid and explore the town before heading through the back door in Cid’s house to reach the plane. Steal the plane after defeating Palmer.
  10. When the plane crashes, head east to visit Yuffie’s hometown if she is in your party, or travel to Gongaga to find information about the keystone. Go to the battle arena at the Gold Saucer to obtain the keystone, and travel south on Tiny Bronco to find the Temple of the Ancients.
  11. Enter the Temple of the Ancients and explore the area to find the Black Materia and trigger a series of events that leads you to Gongaga Village. Explore the area before finding Tiny Bronco on the nearby coastline.
  12. Use Tiny Bronco to reach the northern continent and enter Bone City to find the Lunar Harp. Travel through the forest to the City of the Ancients, and go to sleep in the seashell. Upon waking, find Aeris and defeat the boss to complete disc one.

What You Need to Complete Disc One

To successfully complete disc one, you need some basic items. The most commonly used items include:

  • Consumable items like potions, antidotes, and phoenix downs. Buy items from shops or pick them up after enemy battles.
  • Materia to increase stats, summon allies and cast magic
  • Find upgraded weapons in shops, treasure chests and after defeating enemies.
  • Accessories found on disc one include two star pendants, a gigas armlet and a water ring, among the many others.

Final Fantasy VII: Disc II

If you haven’t unlocked Yuffie Kisaragi and Vincent Valentine, you can do so after Cloud regains consciousness and joins the others on the Highwind. Follow this Final Fantasy 7 walkthrough to complete disc two:

  1. Follow Sepiroth through the cave until you find the exit. Head west then north to find the village and talk to everyone in town. After obtaining the snowboard and talking to the Shinra employees, talk to the man standing on the trail behind the inn to unlock the path to the glacier.
  2. Ride the snowboard down the trail to access a maze. Explore the maze to find hidden items, and locate the cabin at the base of the mountain. Talk to the man to go north up the mountainside, and explore the caves until you find the exit on the backside of the mountain.3. Climb down the mountain and explore the area until Cloud is prompted to hand the Black Materia to another party member. Give the materia to any character, and follow the prompts to trigger a boss battle with Jenova Death. Defeat the boss and escape from Junon aboard the Highwind.
  3. With Cid in control of the Highwind, go south to Mideel to find Cloud in a hospital. Explore the town and choose a mission to obtain huge materia. Complete the huge materia mission and go back to Mideel to trigger a scene that causes an earthquake.
  4. When Cloud rejoins the party, go to Junon and take the elevator down to the Underwater Reactor. Explore the area to find the submarine, and defeat the boss to gain control of it. Complete the underwater mission, and explore the underwater area before going back to Rocket Town.
  5. In Rocket Town, defeat the Shina employees on the rocket, and remain onboard to travel into space. Use the code to obtain the huge materia onboard the rocket and follow the storyline to return to Gaia.
  6. Go to Cosmo Canyon, talk to Bugenhagen, and find the Key of the Ancients underwater. Return to Forgotten Capital and watch the scene. Go to Midgar, and talk to the man standing by the gate to trigger the mission to find the Sector 5 key.
  7. Find the Sector 5 key by digging in Bone village. Go to Midgar to enter Shinra headquarters and defeat Hojo.
  8. Board the Highwind to go to the Northern Cave to fight the final battle. Follow the path down until you reach the entrance that leads inside the planet and defeat the final boss to complete the game.

    What You Need to Complete Disc Two and Three

    To complete disc two, follow your Final Fantasy 7 walkthrough to gather key items, including the following:

  • The Midgar gate key
  • The Key of The Ancients
  • Glacier map and snowboard
  • Key to basement in Shinra Mansion

Optional, but we found, when writing the Final Fantasy 7 walkthrough, some very helpful, items include:

  • The four huge materia
  • Cloud’s final overdrive from the Battle Arena
  • Ultimate weapons for the remaining party members
  • Items hidden on islands that are accessible with a gold chocobo

Final Advice

To find all items in Final Fantasy VII, use your Final Fantasy 7 walkthrough as a guide, and explore each area thoroughly. Obtaining high stats allows you to find and defeat the strongest bosses in the story line, but strategy plays an important role when defeating optional bosses like the Emerald Weapon.

Use the comment box below to share your game experiences and strategies, or leave a question if you need help finding items, developing boss strategies, or completing missions.

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