Golf Club Wasteland Review

In this Golf Club Wasteland review, we’re going to look at the game and what it has to offer gamers. The ultimate goal is to provide a detailed review of this game and what made it so good. A lot of people might hear the word “golf” and start snoring away. The artwork and the sales pitch of this game aren’t easy to ignore, which is why many people sing praises for it. Is it all sunshine and rainbows, however? This Golf Club Wasteland review will look at the specifics to help you make an educated decision.

Type of Game Adventure
Developer Demagog Studio
Platforms iOS and Android
iTunes Download Page
Google Play Download Page
Free No—$2.99

Head Your Mission

An experience that you won’t forget, Golf Club Wasteland conveys a message through golf even when it feels ham-fisted once in a while. You also have a 2D golf game that has plenty of possibility for replays, and you can choose to go with the thematic elements and themes. This game makes you think about where society is headed.

Design and Graphics

In terms of graphics, the graphics look simple and well done. In fact, this Golf Club Wasteland review believes that they were done in such a way where it gives the game this simple fitting atmosphere. The sound in the game has also been done excellently, and it grabs your attention.

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Every sound has a crisp and clear noise, and you can hear each time that the ball hits a surface. Another cool thing is how the radio always plays, and the stories come mixed from music and the public. It brings up feelings of nostalgia. On the gameplay side, you don’t experience much for bugs even after completing 24 out of the 30 levels. The designers made this game well. You can use the surface of every level to your advantage.

This Golf Club Wasteland review, however, found that the gameplay itself took the backseat in comparison to the actual narrative. For those who speak Spanish or another language, the game’s translation errors in the language can be frustrating. It’d be better if the game included a shot counter and par for each level.

Main Characters

This game has a post-apocalyptic feeling to it. While the game does have a storyline, it doesn’t have much for characters. This golf game doesn’t have men wearing polo shirts, which could disappoint the true golfing fans. In fact, it feels more like an apocalyptic version of Angry Birds. The unique concept can be a funny experience, and you’re situated in a post-apocalyptic world on Mars.

For those who like science fiction, you might find enjoyment in it. No level in this game feels like a mistake, and it closely mirrors the social events and the non-standing monuments for alternative pathways. You have plenty of cool illustrations. The character of the game dresses as an astronaut, but he also listens to this custom-made radio that comes straight from Mars. The radio is called “Radio Nostalgia.”

The unique concept adds a perennial feel to this game, and it has become an award winner with atmospheric visuals, walking jetpack flying and golfing in one of the most exciting ways possible. In truth, this Golf Club Wasteland review believes that actual golf fans might feel a little turned off with the bells and whistles. It doesn’t have much in common with golf. Some people might enjoy that aspect, but others could feel disappointment if they bought the game for golf and find out the game doesn’t have much of that in it.


From the moment you launch this game, you feel won over by its astounding presentation and beautiful artwork. The animation also looks top-notch with a good accompanying soundtrack. You sit in a minimalist setting on post-apocalyptic Mars. This game shines with its unique storyline. You have a game that’s fairly unique in its setting. For example, after the “Great Ecological” disaster, the rich moved to Tesla City on Mars.

Unfortunately, the better part of humanity perished. Now, the citizens on Mars fly to earth and play golf among the ruins of past civilizations. Unfortunately, one of the mission pilots struggles to blend in with the Mars colony. He grows homesick and uses his network of connections to take a final journey to earth. It becomes your duty to advance through the levels of the game as you fill in the golf holes.

As you progress through the levels, you will play in abandoned buildings, wrecked cars and through the wasteland that used to be home. This game can be a calm and funny experience that has neons everywhere. Every level will have destroyed monuments, graffiti and what was once Silicon Valley. The game also has one unexpected character.

Additional Versions

The two main versions of Golf Club Wasteland are the game for the iOS and the game for the Android. You don’t have online multiplayer. The game does have a unique concept, however. Players can have a lot of fun playing, and you have three different storytelling perspectives. You also have some text in between the levels and the pilot’s diary and the stories that come from the radio program. The best part about this game comes down to the immersive storyline.


All in all, Golf Club Wasteland will appeal to a specific type of gamer. Not everyone will enjoy this, and in fact, this Golf Club Wasteland review found how some golf enthusiasts disliked the game because it strayed too far from the actual principles of golf. Have you ever played Golf Club Wasteland? If so, we’d like to hear your thoughts and opinions on it. Real world references have been placed throughout the game. Feel free to leave a comment below for an active discussion of the game and its different aspects that make it worthwhile. If you do decide to buy it, keep in mind that it remains far removed from the classic golf simulations.

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