Grim Fandango Remastered Walkthrough

Grim Fandango Remastered is a restored version of a Lucasarts classic story-driven RPG. Players take on the role of a grim reaper responsible for selling trips to the afterlife for the recently deceased. The game is both immersive and quirky in its story and characters. This Grim Fandango walkthrough will serve as a detailed guide of the game, showing where to go and the best actions to take in each area. Grim Fandango Remastered is available on Android and iOS.

Grim Fandango Remastered Year 1

In the first chapter of the story, Manny is trying to move up in the Department of Death corporate ladder. In order to do this, he must find some better-paying clients to get a better commission on the travel packages he sells. Manny must work off some debt he owes the boss of his company, presumably so he can move on with his own afterlife.

Playable Characters: Manny Calavera

  1. Collect items from around Manny’s office.
  2. Meet Glottis and get his unsigned work order.
  3. Get 2 dead worm balloons from the man at the carnival tent.
  4. Climb the rope of ties to manager’s office and set the automated message on the computer.
  5. Talk to Eva to get the worker order signed.
  6. Travel to the Land of the Living with Glottis and collect your first client.
  7. Give the client his travel package.
  8. Fill the dead worm balloons with foam from the red and blue filler machines.
  9. Send the balloons down Manny’s message tube to gum up the sever room.
  10. Go to the server room, hit the latch on the door, grab the fire extinguisher and talk to the mechanic.
  11. When the mechanic leaves, get back into the server room and use your ace card to steal a client order.
  12. Travel to the Land of the Living to get the female client.
  13. Get busted by the boss for hacking the client list and stealing a client and get locked in the garage workroom.
  14. Talk to the LSA agent and join their resistance.
  15. Get the pigeon eggs by climbing the rope ladder, finding the coral and teeth guard in Dom’s office and tossing the rope to the nearby ladder to climb to the pigeon nests.
  16. Fill the teeth guard with fill-o-dent from the garage workshop. Make a mold of your teeth with the crafted item.
  17. Deliver the items to Salvador in the LSA hideout.
  18. Go to the petrified woods, help Glottis restore his heart. Solve the pump puzzle using the wheel-barrow.
  19. Defeat the demon beavers using the bone and fire extinguisher. Leave the Petrified Forest using the gate.
  20. You are now in Rubacava. Walk to the edge and fall off the cliff into the water.
  21. Go into the building. Talk to Celso and get the picture of his wife.
  22. Show the wife picture to the harbor master and get the log book. Show the log book to Celso.

What you Need

  • memos
  • scythe
  • dead worm balloons
  • fire extinguisher
  • work order
  • pigeon eggs
  • teeth guard and fill-o-dent
  • Glottis’s heart
  • bone in the woods
  • picture of the wife
  • harbor log book

Grim Fandango Walkthrough Year 2

Manny is now a successful businessman in Rubacava. You must now continue your quest to find the girl and work with the LSA. You need to get a ticket onto the SS Limbo.

Playable Characters: Manny Calavera

  1. Go downstairs and outside. Watch the cut-scene and talk to the harbormaster.
  2. Get the memos from Manny’s desk in the office. Get the gold flake drink from behind the bar. Ask Charlie to make you a fake union card. He gives you a VIP pass for the high-rollers club.
  3. Show the VIP pass to Glottis.
  4. Talk to Carla at the security check-point. Drink the gold flake drink and walk through the metal detector.
  5. Go to the cat track. Find the tin opener. Use scythe on the kitty litter to find the metal detector that Carla threw out the window.
  6. Walk to the Blue Casket Club. Give Salvador’s memos to the revolutionaries. Pick up the book. Get the empty envelope from Lola.
  7. Talk to Nick in the high-rollers club and threaten to tell Olivia about him. Pick up his cigarette case. Give it to Carla. She rewards you with a key.
  8. Pick up the turkey baster in the kitchen. When the waiter talks into the pantry, jam the doors with your scythe.
  9. Open the barrel tap and wait for Glottis to come in and have a drink.
  10. Use the tin opener on the empty barrel and get inside.
  11. In the wine cellar, drive the forklift to open the doors.
  12. Get the suitcase at the end of the passage.
  13. Use Nick’s key to get into the lighthouse. Get the picture from Lola.
  14. Give the picture to Olivia to get a coat. Find the rusty anchor clue in the coat.
  15. Back in the kitchen use the turkey baster on the dirty water.
  16. Go to the tattoo shop. Open the fridge and the bottom tray. The tattoo artist will be distracted. Use the water from the baster on the bottle. Take the ID plate from the sleeping sailor and show the rusty anchor picture to the tattoo artist.
  17. Go to the morgue. Use the ID plate on one of the dead bodies there. The doctor will take your metal detector, and you finally get a ticket to the SS Limbo.
  18. Use the ticket printer to print a ticket and give the ticket to the man in the photo booth to get a finished photo.
  19. Go to the docks. Give the revolutionary book to the Sea Bees. Tell Nick in the high-rollers club that you need a lawyer and show him the picture.
  20. Use the panel in Manny’s office to make Glottis lose in gambling until he is bankrupt.
  21. With the place now closed, you can set sail on the SS Limbo.

What You Need

  • Revolution memos
  • VIP pass
  • gold flake drink
  • tin opener
  • Revolution book
  • metal detector
  • key to the lighthouse
  • picture from Lola
  • turkey baster
  • sailor ID plate
  • SS Limbo ticket
  • finished photo

Grim Fandango Walkthrough Year 3

Manny is now captain of the Limbo, but all is not well. After the ship sinks, Manny and Glottis must escape from an underwater world.

Playable Characters: Manny Calavera

  1. Get saved by Glottis and solve the anchor puzzle to break away from the docks.
  2. Talk to a pick up the little glowing guy, Chepito.
  3. Follow the ledge to the rock with vines where Chepito will get stuck.
  4. After the octopus carries you to an underwater complex, go in and talk to Dom and Meche. Take the stockings.
  5. You are a prisoner in a cage. Talk to the children in the cage and get the tiny hammer.
  6. Exchange your hammer with the bust-all from the wandering guy outside. Exchange the stockings for a gun.
  7. To the right of the complex, use the conveyor to continue on. Climb down the anchor chain, talk to your friend and climb back up.
  8. Use the conveyor to reach the surface. Use the crane to reach the other side of the island, and drop the grabber on the back. Exit the crane and use the bust-all to cut the grabber from the crane.
  9. Use the crane again to break the crushers. Take the crane back to the other side of the island and lower the chain.
  10. Use the conveyor belt to twist the chain by reversing its direction. Hook the chain to the anchor and raise it with the crane to raise the ship from the ocean.
  11. Glottis will use the broken crushers as a plow for the ship to break through coral.
  12. Give Meche the gun. She turns on you but is thrown into the safe. Open the safe with the bust-all and solve the tumbler lock.
  13. Now you can escape.

What You Need

  • little hammer
  • stockings
  • bust-all
  • gun

Grim Fandango Remastered Year 4

Manny is at the Temple in the Ninth Underworld. He is now close to solving the corruption of the Department of Death and completing his mission for the LSA, but first you must help your friend. Our Grim Fandango walkthrough continues as follows.

Playable Characters: Manny Calavera

  1. Get the mug from the guy who was your client in year 1.
  2. At the cable car station, talk the mechanics about Glottis.
  3. Use the rag from the kitchen, the oil drums and toaster to start a fire. There is a big boom, and you are all launched back toward Rubacava.
  4. In Rubacava, talk to the harbormaster about the ship. Pick up his ship in a bottle.
  5. Go to the tattoo parlor and get the liquid nitrogen.
  6. Go to the Blue Casket kitchen and fill the ship in a bottle with dirt water to give to Glottis.
  7. Glottis will be sick and help you disable the trap bomb using liquid nitrogen.
  8. You are now returning the El Marrow, although it’s not as you left it. At the LSA headquarters pick up the soldier’s arm and photo.
  9. Show the photo to the carrier pigeon.
  10. From near the stage show, pick up the coffee maker. Climb the ladder and drop the coffee on the actor below.
  11. Put the soldier’s arm in the snow maker and grind it.
  12. Enter the changing room and change into a disguise.
  13. In the sewers walk to where the crocodile is and use the Bone Wagon and remote control to jump the ledge and run to the ladder.
  14. Lower the Bone Wagon on the crocodile’s tail.
  15. Get the sproutella gun and ammunition from the florist’s shop using your scythe.
  16. Go to the Casino. Talk to Meche and throw the sheet over Charlie.
  17. Talk to the agent in the raincoat to crack the machine and spill change.
  18. Change your disguise by running through the bathroom door.
  19. Talk to the elevator demon. The password is the last number displayed on the board behind Manny.
  20. Talk to Celso. Convince him you work for Hector and tell him of the scam.
  21. At Hector’s old office, run to the roof ledge. Climb to the top of the ledge and use the coffee grinder and sproutella on the sign crack.
  22. Climb the ladder to cross over to Hector’s mausoleum.
  23. Use the bone fragments and sproutella to make a bridge
  24. In the mausoleum, Hector will shoot Manny. Use the nitrogen to freeze the flow in Manny’s chest.
  25. Talk to Salvador’s head in the car. Follow Salvador’s ticket to find his body. Cut away the flowers using the scythe.
  26. On the body is the key to Salvador’s trunk. You will find ammunition for your gun in the trunk. Shoot the water barrel near Hector to defeat him and win the game.

What You Need

  • mug
  • kitchen rag
  • ship in a bottle
  • liquid nitrogen
  • soldier’s arm and photo
  • coffee maker
  • bone fragments
  • sproutella

Final Advice

Grim Fandango is a game with simple mechanics but rich characters and story. This Grim Fandango walkthrough provides you with everything you need to know to complete the game. You can enhance your experience by talking to other characters and playing around with some of the objects you find. The game is all about finding the right object and using it in the right place to make something happen, but sometimes even when it doesn’t work you get a nice piece of dialogue or effect.

Congratulations! You helped Manny solve the problem of Department of the Dead and become a hero, sort of. Do you have thoughts or further questions about this Grim Fandango walkthrough? Please feel free to share your experiences, impressions, and questions.

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