Jurassic World Review

The sequel to Jurassic Park Builder, this game is based on the spectacularly visual movie of the same name. The game re-introduces 150 gargantuan dinosaurs on the island of Isla Nublar from the film. Each one lets you summon your opponent to battles of epic proportions. In our Jurassic World review, we will cover the main mission, the storyline, the plot and other significant details you must know before acquiring the game.

You can choose avatars based on the movie characters such as Owen, Claire, and a few more. As you battle and win, you also build up and design a theme park for the future in a build-and-battle progression. You grow your dinosaur menagerie as you battle and win—attaining card packs as you go—each one filled with a different and exciting surprise including hatching new dinosaurs.

Type of game Adventure
Developer Ludia Games and Universal Studios
Platform iOS & Android 4.3 and up
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Free Download is free with paying elements for full experience

Your Mission

Your goal is to design a park that will make you as battle-worthy as you can be. It must be dynamic, powerful, and effective enough that your dinosaur can grow and become stronger when you feed them, increasing their strength with every battle they face.
You need to build dinosaur teams that can conquer your opponent’s dinosaurs. To do so, you must earn DNA points for each dinosaur. And you must fill up the dinosaur with its maximum DNA to reach its full strength potential.

Design & Graphics

While writing the Jurassic World review, we have found that the game’s design is one of single player, arena mode. On your move, you choose to attack, defend, or reserve your move for the next time. You are given a maximum of eight moves per turn. The game is created in such a way that the more attacks you perform in one turn, the greater the damage that is caused.
There are also different types of dinosaurs from three categories (land, aquatic, Cenozoic) to choose from. And each has its own strengths and weaknesses for battle:

  • Carnivores—strong against Herbivore
  • Herbivores—strong against Pterosaurs
  • Amphibians—weak against Pterosaurs
  • Reef—strong against Surface
  • Savannah—weak against Snow

The dinosaurs were designed by the concept creator, Matt Hall, with real skeletal musculature and structure in mind. He referenced the actual scientific make-up of the dinosaurs to create them.

We can attest, at this point in our Jurassic World review, that the graphics of the game are clearer on the PS4 version versus the PC game. There seems to be a higher frame rate on PC and somewhat better anti-aliasing on PS4. But you can turn on anti-aliasing on the PC and get rid of the issue. Overall, comparing graphics between the two, they are comparatively equal in quality.

Main Characters

The same main characters carry on from the previous editions including from the latest film:

  • Owen Grady—Raptor Trainer
  • Claire Dearing—Park Manager
  • Henry Wu—Chief Scientist
  • Vic Hoskins—Head Security

Each of the main characters has his or her own mission:

  • Owen Grady: He is a protagonist. And he is unlocked immediately in the game. He is able to camouflage himself, cut through vines and ropes with his main weapon, his knife, and he can dig through dinosaur dung.
  • Claire Dearing: She is the park operations manager who aids Owen and other characters in defending themselves against the dinosaurs with helpful hints and surprises.
  • Henry Wu: As the Chief Scientist, he also creates helpful elixirs and tools to aid in strengthening the dinosaurs for battle and helping the characters to survive.
  • Vic Hoskins: The head of security is also a protagonist in the game, and assists Owen Grady in battling through each level and collecting card packs to genetically evolve the dinosaurs.


There are different missions with varying storylines to choose from, but the game begins over 20 years after the original Jurassic Park was created. The scientists in the new Jurassic World have taken all these years to study the genetics of the original dinosaurs, and they have been able to genetically engineer a new breed of the species. But the dinosaurs begin to fight each other for survival, and the characters need to try to make it off the island alive by creating the strongest teams of dinosaurs that they can to survive.

Additional Versions

There are other mobile versions available for iPod, iPad, and iPhone through iTunes. In writing the Jurassic World review, we have found that you must have iOS 8.0 or higher to be able to play the game in good conditions. All the downloads are free. However, just like the Google app version, for additional downloads, you must pay for more play time.

With all four editions of the Jurassic Park game series available, Jurassic World delivers the most eye-catching graphics of the previous games. It also has enhanced sound quality for use with a hand-held device or a surround sound system. Each battle gives the player exciting prizes to use for more battles and challenging, progressive play.

The multitude of levels and new dinosaurs is overwhelming in visual quality as well as the captures, the magnitude and strength of each type of dinosaur, regardless of what category you choose them from. The avatars reflect the essence of the film versions, and in many cases, the actual actors are the voices of the characters that they played.

Final Thoughts

All in all, a challenging and exciting game. We hope that our Jurassic World review will help game-players enjoy and share their experiences with other players. Also, ask questions if you need help with optimizing your best gaming experience with Jurassic World.

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