Kami 2 Walkthrough

Looking for tips, cheats, and answers to beat Kami 2? In this Kami 2 walkthrough, we will provide you with Kami 2 solutions to help you complete this game. Kami 2 is the sequel to the wildly popular original puzzle game, and while it calms you as you play, there’s also an addictive element to playing it. Kami 2 has been made available for the Android, iPod, iPhone, and Kindle. Do you have what it takes to reach perfection?

Kami 2 Walkthrough—Page One

In Page One, the first thing that will pop up is the option for you to do the tutorial. Especially if you’re a beginner, you should click on it because this will lay out the rest of what you should do in detail. Level one is fairly straightforward. As a traditional puzzle game, you have no characters or a storyline. You play to solve the puzzles.

The first level on Page One is unbelievably easy. You simply tap it, and you win. As far as Kami 2 answers go, it doesn’t take much to figure out this level. In fact, hopefully, it gets at least slightly more challenging than this. In the first three levels of Page one, you shouldn’t have much trouble. You pick your color and begin playing. As soon as you hit the other colors, however, it seems to take care of everything for you.

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Level four of Page One is slightly harder, and you will have to choose the right color to succeed because if you run out of moves, you will have to start all over again. What’s cool about this game is the level of strategy that goes into it. This Kami 2 walkthrough will hopefully take you through the necessary steps to beating the endless levels in this game.

For level five of the Kami 2 walkthrough, we see the importance of changing colors with the game. First, you will want to change the red color in the center to a yellow. After you have done this, you will switch to blue because you will want to change the yellow into everything blue. Kami 2 answers tend to be simple because the game is simple. You just want to get all the colors to be the same colors in the set number of moves.

Kami 2 Walkthrough—Page One Continued

Level six is the final level for Kami 2. It starts to get a little hard, but it’s not too difficult. One of the things that you will love about this game is how you can win it entirely on your own thinking merit. There’s no luck involved, and it’s a complete strategy game. For level six, you will switch to the blue color and tap on the two red streaks. This leaves you with one move left. Here is where you will do a color switch over to yellow and tap the blue color to make everything yellow.

Kami 2 Walkthrough—Page Two

On page two, level one starts you out easily enough. You will want to tap the red color and turn the green color into a red. This will move you on to level two. The Kami 2 journey solutions for level two aren’t that much more difficult. You switch to the green color and turn red to a green, and you have one more move to turn the other red color green and win.

Level three of page two might take you a second to adjust to the difficult because while it’s not necessarily hard, it takes a second to think through. First, you will turn the tan color into green. Then you will switch colors over to red, tap the green and turn everything red to progress to the next level.

Level four, you turn the tan colors green to make a solid color. Next, you will tap the red color to switch, and you will turn everything red. Once you have entered level five, you may want access to this Kami 2 walkthrough. Level five becomes slightly more confusing. You have three moves to make it happen. First, you will tap the green color and switch the outer red ring to green. Next, you will use the tan color to turn the inner red ring into a tan ring. Finally, you will click on green to paint everything green.

One of the coolest things about the game Kami 2 is how you often seem to be turning logic on its head with the Kami 2 answers. For level six of Page Two, you will hit the green to turn the inner tan rings green. Next, you will keep the same color green and tap on the outer red to turn everything into a solid red.

Kami 2 Walkthrough—Page Three

Luckily, the levels continue to get harder the more pages that you beat. For example, the first level of Page Three seems to up the ante a bit and provide you with a slightly harder game. To beat level one, you will change to the orange color. You tap on the teal color to turn everything orange in the middle. Next, you switch to tan to make everything tan.

For level two, hit the black color and then tap on teal in the middle. You have three moves to get it. Next, hit orange. Finally, switch to tan and put your finger over orange. These Kami 2 journey solutions are hopefully helping you. Level three, grab the orange color and hit the black color. Next, you will hit the teal color to turn the orange color teal. Finally, you will transform teal into the tan color to enjoy a perfect score.

Level four of page three is where things begin to get tricky so pay close attention. First, you will switch to the black color and click on the tan boxes. This turns much of the screen black, but you will hit the black again with orange. Finally, use the teal color to tap on the orange and complete level three.

Level four looks scary, but it is really quite simple. First, hit the tan color with black. Next, hit black with orange. Next, you swap orange for teal and make it overtake the screen.

Finally in our Kami 2 walkthrough, we arrive at another showdown with level six on page three. This part is where you can especially take advantage of the Kami 2 walkthrough because this is the first level where it starts to get truly difficult.

First, you begin the Kami 2 walkthrough with black on the lower right orange tile. Next, turn the upper left teal color black. For your third move on level six, you will switch it to tan and tap black to turn a large part of the screen tan. You have two moves left at this point, and you will tap tan with the red color to paint everything red except a few holdout squares of teal. For your final move, you switch everything over to teal to beat level six of Page Three.

Kami 2 Walkthrough—Page Four

Since a recent update had been made to Kami 2, Page Four has actually changed somewhat, and they have made this game much easier than what it was before. In fact, they’re much easier than what they were before, and here is what you can do to beat this page.

First, we will cover level one of Page Four. For example, you will tap the red color and paint over the tan in the middle. Next, you swap out for black and hit red for a solid black. This moves you onward to the next level of the game. Level two isn’t necessarily much harder, and you can tell it will be easier because of how you have to make fewer moves to win the game. Fewer moves show that there will be fewer complexities.

To begin with level two, first, you will hit white. Next, you will click on black closer to the middle of the screen. For your next move, you turn the white squares into red, and this will leave you with only two colors and one move left. Finally, hit black on red, and you will continue to progress on to the next level of the game.

Next, in the domino lineup, we have level three. You will begin by tapping red on the middle white, which hands you a more solid red in the upper corner of the screen. For your next move, you will want to turn this red into black. Turn it back to red again, and you will be left with two colors. You will have red and white. Switch your color to white and hit the red to make everything white and win the game.

Progressing on to level four of Page Four in this Kami 2 walkthrough, you will find how these Kami 2 solutions make a lot of sense. This is where it begins to get more similar to the other three levels. To begin with, level four will have you turning the middle white to red. Next, you turn it black. Do it red again, and you’re left with red and white, and you hit white on red to win level four.

In level five, you will once again turn the middle white into red. Then you will turn the red you just turned from white into black. Next, hit red, and you will be left with the colors red and white. You hit white on red, and you will transform the screen to white and win the level.

Lastly, we’re dealing with level six, and like the other levels of Page Four, you don’t have a terribly big difference from one level to the next. In fact, once again, you follow the same pattern of switching the middle white color from white to red.

However, this time you have a slight variation since the last few levels. From here, you drop down to the middle black. This will turn most of that striped red except for a small pocket of it that remains black. From here, you will tap black on the giant red patch that you have been making to leave you with the colors black and white. With the white remaining as the little islands like in the other games, you will choose white and tap on black to turn it all white.

Final Advice

We’d highly recommend that you try this game out because you have a lot of great qualities from such a simple game. While the heart of the game remains simple to the core, you shouldn’t underestimate how much fun you can have playing it. Each of the levels is different, and one of the best things about Kami 2 is how you have an endless number of levels that you can take advantage of. In fact, you can even choose to challenge people by building your own puzzles for this game. Do you know other tips, solutions, and cheats that we should include in our Kami 2 walkthrough? Let us know in the comments!

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