LEGO Star Wars TFA Walkthrough

The LEGO version of Star Wars: The Force Awakens continues the popular legacy of the Lego spin-offs that fans young and old have enjoyed for years. While this addition to the series doesn’t do anything spectacularly different from previous games, it’s still a fun and enjoyable experience for LEGO Star Wars fans. This Lego Force Awakens walkthrough will provide players with a detailed guide to each of the game’s mission chapters as well as a look at sidequests and hidden content.

Although this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough is aimed primarily at the mobile version of the game, the content and missions are very similar across all platforms.

You can find LEGO Star Wars: TFA on both iTunes and Google Play stores.

Prologue: The Battle of Endor

We begin this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough with an action-packed starter mission.

This mission gives you a wider variety of character choices than most. Some of these characters may be locked or available at only certain parts of the mission. You will also unlock a variety of characters for completing the mission, some are playable in this mission and some are playable in later missions or free roam.

  • Chewbacca
  • Han Solo
  • R2-D2
  • Luke Skywalker
  • Wicket
  • Darth Vader

It retells the infamous Battle of Endor, and gives players plenty of opportunity for blaster-firing fun. The main point at the start of the mission is to kill oncoming stormtroopers until you reach the end of the counter. You will then kill an AT-ST as a sort of mini-boss. This is basically your introduction to combat.

Afterwards, the game introduces its second biggest mechanic: building things. This Lego Force Awakens walkthrough will reference the need to build things in almost all areas of the game. All of the building elements in the game are similar. You go around smashing nearby objects some of which will produce parts on the ground. Smash enough to get all the parts and then build what you need. This game changes things up a bit from previous games in that you will occasionally have a choice of what to build.

After the initial battle, free Wicket and collect the red brick for rescuing him. After that, you will continue through the mission battling stormtroopers and AT-STs until you build the final kit by the bunker door to end that part of the level. You are then in a boss fight against Emperor Palpatine similar to the scene of Star Wars: Return of the Jedi. Finally, you get to play a space fighting sequence to destroy the Death Star.

What You Need

All of the missions will involve the collection of various important items. These items are generally saved automatically, there is essentially no inventory management or things to keep track of in this game. Your focus will be on collecting minikits, which you can use to get a gold brick and collecting red bricks, which unlock a special reward. Every 10 minikits can be traded in for one gold brick.

You get your first red brick for rescuing Wicket. A major part of this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough will focus on the collection of the red brick in each level.

The level also has minikits.

  • After the first AT-ST, build the right object before building the escape route.
  • At the end of the cover shooter section, use a force character to destroy the hive (must be done in free mode).
  • Use the turret to destroy the barrier, smash the turret and build the lift.
  • Afterwards, you can return with Admiral Ackbar unlocked and dive into the water for another.
  • Shoot all the golden rocks in front of the bunker.
  • Use Chewbacca and BB-8 in the Palatine boss room.
  • Crawl through a hatch in the boss room with an Ewok character (must be done in free mode).
  • Two more minikits can be found in the spaceship battle.

Chapter 1: Assault on Jakku

In this first true mission you will play mostly as Poe Dameron as he tries to escape the New Order attack on the Jakku village. Start by building three baskets, there is a counter to help you keep track. You will then continue until you build a robot that helps get you to the scene with the crane. A new mechanic is introduced here, where you will use Poe’s binoculars to create a grapple point and solve the small puzzle.

The next section is a cover shooter. Blast everything and destroy the red barrels to destroy the turret. Then destroy the ship. You will then need to fight through storm troopers to rescue the villagers. The final boss-like enemy is a flamethrower. Don’t fight him directly, instead go around and smash things to build an object (any of the choices will work) that allow you to defeat him easily.

What You Need

You can get this level’s red brick after completing the first section with the three baskets. You will find a woman. Smash everything around her to build a scarecrow stormtrooper. After she shoots it, build it again at a second marked location to make the red brick appear.

The following minikits can be found in this level:

  • After completing the three baskets section.
  • In the fenced area nearby, smash and build, activate with BB-8 and kick the soccer ball into the net.
  • Where you build the robot to advance the level, you can also build a minikit nearby.
  • Before you destroy the ship in the cover shooter section, kill the stormtrooper in the far-off house.
  • Smash the water tower and use a force character on the remains (free mode only).
  • After the cover shooter, head left. A ship will land. Smash and build beside the ship to open the back door.

There are many minikits to grab after the flamethrower boss, but they all require entering the mission in free mode.

  • Use Admiral Ackbar in the pool.
  • North of the pool, rip the door off a house with Chewbacca.
  • Smash silver towers with bombs using Chewbacca.
  • Near the towers, blast the golden box with Captain Phasma.

Chapter 2: Escape from the Finalizer

The first part of this mission has you play as Poe and Finn as you try to escape the clutches of the New Order. The first section is straightforward. Kill enemies and smash and build your way to victory.

The second section is a space shooter section. The purpose of this section is to fly around the star and destroy and kill the turrets. You only need to kill 10 of the 30 turrets to progress, but you get a bonus for killing them all. Finally, destroy the large turret using proton torpedoes.

The third and final section puts you back in Jakku. This time, you are controlling Rey. This section is mostly a smash-and-build puzzle section with minimal combat. You will navigate the ruins of a downed ship and eventually escape the ship.

Things You Need

The red brick can be found in the first section of the level. In the section with many bridges, bring the droid to the console to move the speeder, then build the bridge option that leads to the red brick.

The following minikits can be obtained in this level:

  • Using Darth Vader, destroy a large section and then destroy the red force objects (free mode only).
  • Tickle the nearby robot with the force (free mode only).
  • Just before the cover shooter section, destroy all the small droids.
  • Destroy all 30 turrets in the space shooter section.
  • Fly through the blue-marked opening and win the race after destroying the turrets.
  • Kill 5 tie fighters that have glowing proton torpedoes.
  • Climb the section of pipes with Rey.
  • Rip down the shiny red wall at the start of the level with Vader (free mode only).
  • To the right of the Xs and Os door, there is a door to open with any lightsaber character (free mode only).
  • Smash and build everything at the end of the level, build a device for BB-8 to get into.

Chapter 3: Nima Outpost

The First Order is assaulting Nima Outpost. Play as Rey and Finn as you fight to escape the deadly assault.

The first section of this mission is very straightforward. It is the classic shoot all the enemies-and-destroy all the objects. Smash and build your way to victory. There is a cover shooter section that will have you destroying landing ships and tie fighters.

After the cover shooter section, a slightly more complicated area requires you to take control of a droid. Stand on enough nearby sandhills to reveal a pile of bricks that will allow you to build what you need for a large turret. Use the turret to shoot down the fighters until one of them crashes into the barrier blocking your path.

The ship flying mission is fun and simple. Fly the Millennium Falcon around and shoot all the tie fighters while avoiding running into debris and wreckage. The mission guides you to the end.

What You Need

The red brick in this mission can only be found in free mode. Return as Chewbacca and destroy the silver blocks at the start of the level. Someone will come along, so build and then crash a ship to reveal the block.

The following minikits can be obtained in this level:

  • Hop on the conveyor belt after the grapple section at the beginning.
  • In the background, find stormtroopers on chairs. Kill the bird nearby.
  • After the animal riding part, destroy the hut to the right.
  • Use a force wielder to lift up all three droids stuck in the ground (free mode only).
  • After shooting the golden objects, use Chewbacca to smash a box in the new area (free mode only).
  • South of the cover shooter, go down a small hidden path, blow up the pipes with Chewbacca, then dive in with Admiral Ackbar (free mode only).
  • Take the robot used with the sandhills back to the cover shooter section and stand on the sandhill there.
  • Destroy 4 rusty arches with Falcon.
  • Destroy golden debris in the flying arena with Falcon.
  • Fly through one of the smaller arches with the Falcon.

Chapter 4: The Erevana

The first section of this mission has you controlling Han, Chewbacca, and BB-8. Enter cover shooter and kill off bounty hunters until you get switched to Rey and Finn.

You will continue to play as these characters, occasionally switching back and forth. A big chunk of the mission involves hurting the Rathtar by shooting the explosive crates it grabs and saving Finn. You will mostly play as Rey for this part. At the end, you will build a turret and use it to finally kill the Rathtar.

What You Need

The red brick can be found near the beginning. Blow upon the silver vent with Chewbacca. This releases the Rathtar, then go inside where it was and grapple to find the brick.

The following minikits can be obtained in this level:

  • Three minikits can be obtained by opening the door left of the gas using a droid character. Multiple characters will be used inside to solve the puzzles (free mode only).
  • Open the safe by interacting with the computer near the beginning using a force user (free mode only).
  • Grab the minikit in the running section.
  • Where you save Finn, use Vader and Ackbar to smash and dive (free mode).
  • Kill the minock after destroying the first crate with Rathtar grabs.
  • With a lightsaber user cut open the circular section of wall during the Rathtar fight (free mode).
  • Rip the pipes off the wall beside the Rathtar using dark force wielder (free mode).
  • Near where you kill the Rathtar, build all three terminals using Finn’s grapple to help.

Chapter 5: Maz’s Castle

In this mission, you play as Han, Rey, and Finn as you visit Maz’s castle, hoping to find help. This is another mission that is mostly a smash-and-build puzzle experience. Make sure you smash everything and build the options available to solve the puzzles and complete the mission.

Things You Need

Find the red brick by smashing the broken wall with a large character near the very start (free mode).
The following minikits can be obtained:

  • By the trees, jump in the pool with Ackbar (free mode).
  • Kill all the rodents.
  • After using Han’s binoculars, shoot the red circle to the right of the tower.
  • Climb the wall with Rey and destroy the flower planter.
  • Leap from the balcony with Boba Fett for one. Then switch to a small character and go through the hatch for another.
  • After the coffee shop, walk up the stairs behind you with Rey.
  • Destroy the silver wall beneath the cobwebs with Chewie.
  • Destroy 4 cobwebs.
  • After the cobwebs, use a force wielder to rip open the door (free mode).

Chapter 6: Battle of Takodana

The first part of this mission is a mix of killing lots of stormtroopers and smash and build to advance. The level is straightforward. You play Mostly as Finn, Maz or Rey. You will then fight the boss. Dodge his attacks and build objects to electrocute him. This will eventually trigger a quick time event to win.

The second section of the mission is a flying shooter. Start by shooting all the tie fighters. Then shoot down all the transports. Destroy the tie fighters to protect the resistance transports. Then destroy three satellite stations with torpedoes and then finish off the last tie fighters.

Things You Need

The red brick is obtained in the flying section after destroying the first tie fighters. Fly towards Maz’s castle to see it.

The following minikits can be found:

  • At the start, rip open the red door with a force user (free mode).
  • Jump into the pool outside with Ackbar (free mode).
  • Force lift all three statues at various points in the level (free mode).
  • Smash the cracked wall in the cover shooter section (free mode).
  • Shoot four water buoys in the flying section.
  • Destroy the three satellite stations in flying section.

Chapter 7: The Resistance

This is a mostly non-combat puzzle mission you do around the Resistance base. You will play mostly as Finn, C-3PO, and Leia. As usual with these puzzle missions, smash everything in each area and build everything you can. You will need to smash and rebuild what you make in few places to fully solve the puzzles.

What You Need

The red brick can be found on the upper floor area. Smash the wall with a strong character and then use a small character to go through the opening (free mode).

The following minikits can be found:

  • Cut open the crate with your lightsaber at the very start.
  • Use a dark force user in the room beyond (free mode).
  • Use a flametrooper to melt the ice that surrounds the next minikit (free mode).
  • Build the three droids using C-3PO.
  • On the upper floor, swing with Rey across the staff sockets (free mode).
  • To the right of the Falcon, fix the picture in the room with a force user (free mode).
  • Obvious minikit in the room with the force fields.
  • Build and activate with BB-8 the device to the right of the fuzzy monitor.
  • Make the alien near the end happy by building a snowspeeder.

Chapter 8: Starkiller Sabotage

The 8th chapter was one of our favorites when playing for this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough. The Millennium Falcon has crash landed on Starkiller Base. You will control Han, Chewie, and Finn as you work to sabotage the base. The first part of the mission takes place outside. Your mission will involve mostly a smash and build puzzle sequence to open the door and get inside the base.

The inside begins with another smash and build. Cut open the wall and kill some stormtroopers. Get a stormtrooper helmet by building the left item. You will then fight your way through a cover shooter sequence.

The level ends with a boss battle against Captain Phasma. This is a three part battle. First, destroy the storm troopers. Second, destroy the platform Phasma is standing on. Third, use cover and destroy the turrets she spawns.

What You Need

The red brick can be found at the outside area via a climbing puzzle. After killing the 4th floating robot, smash and build a device to jump on the snowman, then climb the bars up and across the wall to the brick.

The following minikits can be obtained:

  • Build the hovering scooter and smash the snow piles at the start.
  • Shoot all 5 floating robots.
  • After the laser wall, go through the small hatch then use a lightsaber character to cut the ice (free mode).
  • Sneak around and drop snow on the stormtroopers near the entrance door.
  • Before the forcefield dive in the water with Ackbar (free mode).
  • Build all 4 flags.
  • During the cover shooter, kill enough of the droids driving by.

Chapter 9: Destroy Starkiller Base

The first section is a simple flying mission. Destroy everything you can as you fly through.

In the second section, you control Rey and a stormtrooper. There isn’t a whole lot of fighting in this section. You will be doing mostly building and climbing puzzles. As always, smash and destroy everything and then build from what appears.

The final section involves Han and Chewie. There is a little more fighting here. You will need to kill the stormtroopers and use a grapple on the turbine at the start. Then smash and build your way through most of the rest of the level. The last part involves a lot of building, turn the handle to get more debris and build the bomb to destroy the base.

Things You Need

The red brick can be found in the second section after taking the wind tunnel and elevator up. To the right of the ladder used to continue, activate a switch. Several waves of stormtroopers will spawn. Kill them until they stop spawning. That’s what we did when testing for this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough.

The following minikits can be obtained:

  • Two minikits while in the flying section, one obvious and the other after a brief race.
  • Climb the Lego wall in Rey’s section.
  • Near the beginning of Rey’s section, use a dark force user to grab the pipe and tilt it into place to grab onto to get across the chasm (free mode).
  • Activate the terminal and walk through the gas with a droid character at the beginning of the Han section (free mode).
  • On the lower level of Han’s section build to open the shutter.

Chapter 10: The Finale

The first section is a space shooter. Blast some tie fighters in the open battle area to progress to the trench battle. Blast everything in the trench. When that sequence ends, destroy the big red pipes in the next section.

The final section is the Kylo Renn fight. You will play as Finn and Rey. This is essentially a prolonged boss fight with multiple phases. Each phase is similar in that you will fight Kylo Renn, usually by waiting for him to present another opening and hitting him a few times. Once he has taken enough damage, the fight will progress to the next scene. The battle is not necessarily continuous, and you can break off the fight and some points to complete optional objectives in the area.

Things You Need

Obtaining the red brick is possible only in free mode. Use a force character to wiggle a tree and drop a snowball. Roll it around with the force to create a larger snowball. Then double jump on this snowball with a character capable of doing that for the brick.

The following minikits are obtainable:

  • Complete the race at the start of the flying section.
  • Destroy the green turrets in the trench.
  • Fly through the ring of studs in the final flying area.
  • In the final flying area, shoot three First Order emblems.
  • Break off from the boss fight and enter a cover shooter area, kill the floating droids.
  • Build all three snowmen in the final boss area.

Final Advice

LEGO Star Wars: TFA is a fun and pretty straightforward game. If you are ever stuck on a puzzle, just smash everything you can find and build all of the options shown until something works. Occasionally, you might have to use a specific character at some places. You can’t gain most of the things you can find in a level on the first playthrough. You will need to replay levels in free mode with characters you unlock later like Ackbar and Vader in order to collect everything. Like most LEGO Star Wars games, finishing the game story is easy, but completing all of the game is time-consuming. Perhaps you found a new secret or interesting thing not revealed in this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough. Feel free to share your comments and experiences.

Like most LEGO Star Wars games, finishing the game story is easy, but completing all of the game is time-consuming. Perhaps you found a new secret or interesting thing not revealed in this Lego Force Awakens walkthrough. Feel free to share your comments and experiences.

If you don’t want spoilers, read our Starwars The Force Awakens review, and afterward, when you will be playing the game – and will encounter some pesky levels -, you can consult our Lego Force Awakens walkthrough. Let us know what your thoughts are, we’re eager to find out!

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