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LEGO Indiana Jones is an action-adventure game that is available on iOS & Android for fans of this popular trilogy of movies. The game contains levels from all three movies including Raiders of the Lost Ark, The Temple of Doom, and The Last Crusade. This LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough will take you through every level and help you find every stud so that you can get the True Adventurer rank for every chapter in the game. Read on for more help with this game.

Raiders of the Lost Ark

  • Reach true adventurer by collecting 30,000 studs;
  • Unlock characters: Indiana Jones, Satipo, Jock, Barranca, Belloq, Hovitos Tribesman, and Jungle Guide;

The Jungle

Destroy all the plants to begin collecting studs and be wary of the red spiders that might pop out. Hang on the vine to reach the platform and then use Indy’s whip to swing across and get those studs.

Moving to the next room, if the player attacks the stone head that is part of the trap, it will release an unlimited amount of studs and is an excellent spot to grind extras if you want True Adventurer rank.

Be careful of spike traps and swing across the gap leaving Satipo behind momentarily as you explore. Release the vine to help Satipo across the gap but be cautious of more spike traps once Indy and Satipo are reunited. Dig in the spot to find the left statue head and a new button in the next area. Check the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough for an interesting easter egg in this area.

The Treacherous Lake

Indy needs to get across the lake, but the water is infested with crocodiles so be careful. Indy can swim and can safely attack the crocodiles with his whip. Build a raft from the pile of blocks nearby to cross the lake.

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Enter the temple quickly once you make it to to the dock to avoid an endless respawn of big spiders. Check the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough for an interesting easter egg in this area.

The Temple

Indy is confronted by a huge spike trap that seems impossible to get across, but he can climb to the ledge above using a ladder and handrails. Once across, Indy can swing to a ledge with three buttons that must remain pressed for the spikes to go down. A nearby box and Satipo will help solve this puzzle.

Once Indy progresses through the spikes, a rickety rope bridge is his next challenge. Be careful of falling planks and wary of dark-colored tiles when you step off the bridge, as these will spark an arrow trap to shoot and kill you instantly. Read through the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough to learn about an interesting easter egg in this chapter.

The Idol

Once Indy is inside the temple, the idol is in the center of the room. There is a vine nearby that will reveal the key that can be used to activate a nearby crank that will align the rock platforms for Indy to make his way to the center of the room. After a short cutscene, it’s time to escape the crumbling temple. Check out the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough to discover an interesting easter egg in this area.

Crumbling Corridor

Keep moving right and be careful of stone heads that are falling from the ceiling. At the end of the corridor, swing across the gap using the whip and pull the vines to raise the slanted part allowing Indy to escape.

Boulder Dash

All you have to do in this scene is run and collect studs. Try not to trip over too many objects or the boulder will eventually catch up to you and crush you.

Betrayal and Escape

Once the cutscene ends, Indy has to help reconstruct Jock’s plane while under attack from the tribesmen. Grab two blue boxes and a green box to complete the build and trigger Indy’s escape.

Into The Mountains

  • Collect 35,000 studs for true adventurer rank;
  • Characters Unlocked: Marion, Major Toht, Colonel Dietrich, Enemy Guard, Bazooka Trooper, Sherpa Brawler, Sherpa Gunner;

The Bar

Start off collecting studs by destroying the various furniture in the bar then grab a stool and throw it at the torch holders on the wall. Marion’s high jump ability will allow you to reach a high spot on the second floor where you will find a key and can drop a ladder behind you to find a crank that can be activated with the key you just obtained. Scroll down to the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough as you will find an interesting easter egg in this area.

Boss Fight: Major Toht

What You Need

  • Four hits defeats major Toht

Major Toht is waiting for you outside with his gang of Sherpa Brawlers. He will continually send these at you, but they are easy to defeat with a few punches. You will need to hit Major Toht at least four times before he is defeated. After hitting him once, Major Toht will send out a Sherpa with a submachine gun for you to fight before you get the chance to attack him again. Once Toht has been hit four times, the cutscene will trigger, and you have beaten the level thanks to this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough!

Scaling The Mountains

What You Need

  • Wrench;

Sherpa Brawlers will attack you immediately from the alley, so do your best to avoid their gunfire before you take them out. Once the two Sherpas defending the entrance to the alley are defeated, the other waves of Sherpas will stop spawning.

Entering the village you will see a large gap that Indy can swing across using his whip. The bridge across the chasm is unfinished, and you will need Marion to complete the puzzle, so defeat the Sherpa Brawlers while you attempt to finish the bridge using the wrench. Check the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough for an interesting easter egg in this area.

Mountain Cave Entrance

Indy is greeted by another chasm at the beginning of this scene, so swing across using the whip. Destroy a barrel nearby and use the blocks it drops to create a ledge to allow Marion to climb across. Marion will leap across the alcove and activate the crank which activates a pillar to allow Indy to reach the second floor of the cave.

The Cavern Temple

What You Need

  • Shovel;

Get the shovel by destroying the objects near the stairs. Dig at the glowing spot to get a key that will power the crank near the entrance of this level. The crank will lower a rope that will allow Indy to reach the various ledges and platforms around the room. Climb the ledges until you reach the large statue and then push it to the left to allow Indy to jump to it. The rope on the other side of the statue leads up to the exit.

The Canyon

What You Need

  • Horse;
  • Bazooka;

Use the horse at the beginning of this level to activate the orange switches on the ground. Leave the horse and enter the elevator and grab the bazooka. Destroy the metal statue with the bazooka and then use your whip to jump across the chasm created to the other ledge. Use the bazooka again to blow apart the metal crate and then explode the truck that arrives to defend the site. Check the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough for an interesting easter egg in this area.

City of Danger

  • Collect 50,000 studs for True Adventurer Rank;
  • Characters Unlocked: Bandit Swordsman, Enemy Officer, Enemy Soldier, Monkey Man;

Monkeying Around

What You Need

  • Banana;

This is the first level in the game that features non-aggressive people. They will generally leave you alone but will attack you if you attack them first. Grab a banana off of the tree and present it to the monkey down the path to get the wrench. Use the wrench to repair the broken elevator and then use it to go up to the next level.

The Marketplace

What You Need

  • Key;
  • Shovel;

You will need two keys to progress through this level, but be on your guard because bandits will randomly attack you in the streets. Destroy a railing nearby the first pillar you see to rebuild a ladder that leads up to the first key. Break the nearby barrel to get a shovel, which you can use to dig up two glowing spots and receive tons of studs and the second key. Finally, whip across the chasm and pull the level to fully extend the ladder that will take you up to the next level.

Bazaar Plaza

What You Need

  • Shovel;

Two enemy soldiers will attack Indy immediately after the cutscene. You can knock the officers off their camels by throwing things at them but to get them to stop spawning, you must destroy a box near the large cart and use the pieces it drops to build a new cart. Pull the cart back into the alley which will block off the raiders and allow you to progress. Check the end of this LEGO Indiana Jones walkthrough for an interesting easter egg in this area.

Alley to the Roof

What You Need

  • Banana;
  • Dynamite;

Two swordsmen will attack Indy immediately after the cutscene ends and some bandits await further along the trail. There is an unfinished ladder nearby with parts in a metal barrel, so use the bananas in your inventory to bribe the monkey into giving you the dynamite to blow up the metal barrel for the parts to this ladder.

Trespassing With Force

What You Need

  • Guard Hat;
  • Bazooka;

The guards in the base are a formidable foe as they will throw grenades which can kill you in one hit. Do your best to dispatch a single guard to get a guard hat, which you can use to disguise yourself and walk freely among the rest of the guards.

Once you have the disguise, knock on the guard post window to convince the guard to let you in, but be prepared for a fight on the other side. The guards inside the inner base will not be fooled, and you will need to dispatch them and get the bazooka before continuing.

Repair the nearby broken down truck and jump in it to progress to the next area.

Opening The Ark

  • Collect 40,000 studs to achieve True Adventurer rank;
  • Characters Unlocked: Indy’s Army Disguise, Marion’s Nightgown;

Submarine Dock

What You Need

  • Box;

Take the box at the beginning of the level and move it over the bridge on top of the green pad. Then swim to the other side of the channel and defeat the four guards on the platform. Use the crank here to cause a ladder to drop down which will allow both characters to progress to the next scene.

Gated Stronghold

What You Need

  • Wrench;
  • Shotgun;

Defeat the guards on a nearby rooftop to obtain the wrench and shotgun. Use the wrench on the broken truck below to repair it and then drive it into the large gate to crash through it into the next area.

Boss Battle: Belloq

What You Need

  • Crate;
  • Four Hits Defeats Belloq;

This battle is difficult because you cannot hit Belloq on the platform he starts on, so you must get him lower. All the while, he will spawn new minions with grenades and submachine guns to make it difficult for Indy to progress. Start by grabbing the crate near where Belloq is standing and then putting it on the green pad.

Use the crate to hop up onto the ledge next to Belloq and get your punch in and then repeat this process four times until he retreats and you get the final cutscene for the game.

Easter Eggs

  • When driving a LEGO vehicle, you can press the Use button to honk the horn;
  • When riding a LEGO animal, you can press the Use button to make them poop;
  • All of the characters in this game can use disguises and have a few silly disguises to unlock;
  • You can disarm enemies that are carrying guns to prevent them from being able to fire;
  • There is a treasure magnet in each level that will draw studs to the player’s character;

Final Advice

We hope that this Lego Indiana Jones walkthrough gave you the hints you needed to complete the game. If you still find yourself stuck and have questions, drop us a line in the comments. We’ll be happy to give you the solution!

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