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Limbo is a unique Arcade game with beautifully dark-styled platformer elements. It involves a boy who goes through the various obstacles in a series of platforms and puzzles. The game bears a black and white theme that allows it to have excellent animation.This Limbo walkthrough is intended to help you complete particular sections of the game or get the final achievement. It will also contain the secret egg locations, bonus levels, and what you ought to do.

It was initially available on X-Box only but currently runs on both Android and iOS, among other platforms.

Chapter One

This chapter introduces you to this magnificent game. The character wakes up, and you start taking him through the various challenges in the game. The main objective of this level is to take the character to the next platform, conquer the obstacles and work towards achieving eggs and bonuses, the ultimate prizes in the game. Just remember to stay on the right track! That is, from the wooden beams to the pool of water and a section with bear traps.

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The first chapter of our Limbo walkthrough begins when you reach a selection of wooden beams and a rope on a cliff. Pull the crate to the left and climb over it. Press jump to grab onto the ledges and pull up. Jump onto the attached rope and slide down to reach the lower level. Move towards the right and take the boat to cross to the other side. Once on the other side, pull the boat to the right and use it as a platform to jump to the next section. Hop onto the ladder slightly hidden to the right and reach for the rope. Go through the darkness until you find the first rays of sunlight. You should be cautious and stop when you get to the second pair of rays, as there are some traps ahead.

What You Need

This is where this Limbo walkthrough will show you how to make use of your environment. The traps are difficult to jump, so pull one of them away to the left to create a gap. Use the gap to clear both the traps in two jumps. Proceed until you come across the carcass of an animal hanging on a rope. Drop the carcass into the pit and pull the trap underneath the rope to the right. Jump on the rope to the left as the carcass triggers the trap allowing the rope to reach higher for you to get to the ledge. The path will lead you to a large log and stepping on it will trigger a boulder. Jump over it and go to the right.

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs at this level.

Bonus Levels

There is an achievement in this chapter, which will not require too much thinking. Once you begin the game, move to the left instead of right to find an achievement egg. Getting this achievement is dependent on taking the right direction. You will be awarded a total of 10G, which is equivalent to bronze in Limbo.

Chapter Two

This chapter will involve unlocking a tricky achievement, known as Altitude Attitude, making our Limbo walkthrough more adventurous. You will get 5G, a number of points that will rise in the subsequent chapters. It is essentially the first platform of the game with a different set of puzzles from the first chapter. The game becomes clear, and you have to be quicker and more cautious in all your movements. You also have to ensure that you have the right momentum to move the character.

At the first stop, you will find a pool of water and a crate. Drag the crate to the left to reach the hanging rope. Having created an adequate amount of momentum, jump off to the right-hand branch. Jump to the left and follow through to the branch on the other side of the tree. Jump to the one on the left and then to the right.

What You Need

Proceed towards the right until you get to a split tree. Push the tree to break the top half, and it falls below. Wait! Don’t move first you might lose a valuable achievement.

In the final steps of this chapter, you will need to use a crate to knock a log into the water. Use both of them to cross the river and get to the other side. Just be careful not to drown.

Easter Eggs

Like the first chapter, this second chapter does not have any Easter eggs.

Bonus Levels

The reason you should not move is that there is a level to be unlocked. Move from the branch of the split tree and jump to the left. Again, ensure you have the right momentum to get you as high as you can. Grab the rope and climb about halfway up, then jump to the left. You will reach the hidden section with an achievement egg. This means you have unlocked an achievement and you will be awarded 5G, an equivalent of bronze in the game. From here, you should carefully go back to the ground level using the branches. Failure to do so will lead to death. Getting this achievement simply means that you can comfortably deal with any challenges pertaining to heights over the course of the game.

Chapter Three

Chapter three introduces the first adversary of the game, a spider. The only way to defeat it lies on your ability to cleverly provoke it to attack and then avoid its kicks. However, it will get hold of you within the course of the chapter, but that is where this Limbo walkthrough becomes essential. Brace yourself for action, as the spider will not easily relent until you have dealt with it. In essence, make your enemy retreat as you prepare to meet him in the subsequent chapters.

The Limbo walkthrough becomes more clear in this chapter. Once you arrived at the platform, you will encounter the spider. Head towards the right until the spider unfurls its legs in front of you. Keep calm until it hurls its first jab towards you. Ensure you successfully dodge it and continue provoking it. The spider will attempt a strike on you several times but keep dodging.

What You Need

A trap will fall behind you. Avoid it by moving to the left and jumping over it. Start pushing it towards the spider. Make the spider attack you and, in the process, pull the trap back to hit its legs. You should be careful to release the trap before the attack hits. Failure to do so will have the spider lash out immediately after losing a leg and kill your character. Take out three of the spider’s leg to cripple it and reduce its ability to attack again.

The spider will retreat, and you should then slide down the slope on the right. Proceed until you come across a slimy section that will inhibit your movement. Surprisingly, the spider will return with a different mode of attack, spinning your character into a web. Try to wiggle towards the right until you find a small gap in the level. Even though your movement is rather inhibited, try to move steadily and carefully.

Easter Eggs

This chapter will not have any Easter eggs, but brace yourself for the first challenge with the enemy.

Bonus Level

You will not get a bonus level at this stage.

Chapter Four

The obstacles are becoming more challenging as you proceed. Chapter four will essentially test your swiftness. The challenges are more lethal, and death is now more imminent than before. The first enemy, the spider, will also re-emerge in addition to the increasingly difficult challenges. Among the new challenges is a boulder, which will crush you if you do not make swift and well-calculated moves. Other challenges will bring for new characters.

When you get to a slope, jump before you reach the bottom of the pit to avoid death. Push the boulder on the right-hand side into the pit but move back to the left immediately. It will send a tree crashing towards you. It will create a bridge, which you shall use to move further to the right. After moving a bit, you will step on top of the boulder that will begin moving when you get towards its right edge. Move to the left to keep the boulder moving and hop onto the stump ahead as fast as possible. While doing this, beware of the spider that is still chasing after you.

What You Need

As you approach rightwards, you will see a character sitting down. The ground will give way into a pit where you will find a rope to swing you to the right. Let go the rope as quickly as possible to avoid the trap on the rope. Move back to the left and use the rope to swing to the next ledge.

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs in this chapter, either.

Bonus Level

There are also no bonus levels or achievements for chapter four.

Chapter Five

Here, this Limbo walkthrough will explain one of the most complicated stages of this game. In this chapter, you will encounter a set of five tree stumps. You are required to dodge the first four. When it comes to the fifth, snap the stick that supports the spiky tree. It will provide you with a platform to jump on to the next section. Delay the jump when the tree starts to fall so that you don’t get impaled on the trunk. Jump vertically to avoid a boulder that will come to you and continue to the next tree down the slope.

Be careful as you move as there are spikes at the bottom. A flaming tire will be thrown at you but move back to the pit. On moving to the right, you will encounter a flaming boulder also rolling towards you. Take a vertical jump and immediately run to the right under the ledge to avoid the second tire. If you follow this Limbo walkthrough keenly, you will find the stage to be an easy one.

What You Need

The number and the complexity of the obstacles continue to soar in this chapter. Although there are no achievements, successful completion of this chapter will feel like one of the main achievements. Along the way, you will even find the artificial leg of a spider to distract you as other “instruments of death” are hurled at you.


Easter Eggs

Chapter five, just like the previous one, does not have any secret eggs.

Bonus Level

This chapter does not have any achievements or bonus levels. It, however, provides a rather exciting challenge as you prepare to tackle the following chapters.

Chapter Six

A section of chapter six would pass as the trickiest of all sections in this Limbo walkthrough. You may even be required to have some practice sessions before fully embarking on the quest. Excitingly, the spider is still chasing you as more characters are introduced into the picture. The boulders are also on the scene, and you will be required to find a reliable shelter.

Here, you encounter a camp with characters, but do not enter the area. Ensure you position yourself parallel to the edge of the platform. After several misses, use the platforms to cross the gap. Use a log to move into the water as the spider is chasing after you.

What You Need

Use the rocks and logs to get back onto dry land. Step on the right edge of the wood, which will act as a sea saw when the spider steps on the left side. This will allow you reach the ledge and remove the stick holding the boulder to hit the spider. Using the action button, pull off the remaining leg once you have dodged the kick. Use the body to reach the next section. You will find a spike pit guarded by two characters down the slope.

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs to find in this chapter.

Bonus Level

You will not need to watch out for any achievement eggs, but keep your eyes on the spider and rocks.

Final Advice

This Limbo walkthrough provides just a snip-view of what the game entails. It is meant to prepare you as you conquer the subsequent chapters bringing forth different challenges. The secret and not-so-secret achievement eggs are an essential element of Limbo and will be metrics of your progress. The game becomes more entertaining as you move from one level to the other. Therefore, even if you find a certain stage of the game challenging, do not give up. Focus and you will come up successfully and proceed to the next level.

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