Murder Manor Walkthrough

If you’ve ever wanted to be a detective in the middle of a murder mystery, you now have the chance. What better way to do it than risk-free in a video game? In the game “Adventure Escape: Murder Manor” you can solve complex clues to get to the bottom of a spooky mystery. The riddles can be challenging, so for anyone stuck, this Murder Manor walkthrough is going to go over the quickest ways to get through the game. Luckily, the game is designed for both Android and iOS!

Chapter 1: Invitation to Dine

You are playing as the cool Kate Grey, a detective who’s car breaks down in front of the mysterious Wickham Manor. Grey runs into Sarah and her son Brady who were on their way to the Manor, and the detective asks to go in and use a phone. You embark on your adventure escape by completing the first of many puzzle tasks.

The goal of this chapter, as with the other following chapters, is to solve problems and collect stars in order to advance through the story and eventually….escape! Your character may not know that they are in for one crazy adventure, but they will soon find themselves right in the thick of Murder Manor’s insane plot.

This first Chapter is also where you are introduced to the fascinating characters of the story. Even though you are using this Murder Manor walkthrough, be sure to read the funny conversations between them all along the way.

What You Need

The first step to unlocking the Manor gate is to pick the “I” off of the ground and put it back on top to complete the rest of “Wickham”. Then lightning will strike and you can pick up the key to unlock the gate.

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Once the three characters go inside and are greeted by the others, you will go into the dining room. Detective grey must follow the detailed instructions in order to successfully match each guests name card to their correct seat.
During dinner, the power goes out and Mike is found dead in his seat when the light flickers on. The power shuts back off and Detective Grey must go fix the circuit box.

When you leave the dining room open the drawer by the stairs in order to retrieve the key for the door in the background. Open it. Once you open the door and go in you have to pick up the Hammer, red wire, and blue wire. There is also a screwdriver by the fireplace that you will need.

Use the hammer to break the boxes where you will find the indigo wire and the orange wire. A scrap of paper located by the fireplace will give you the placement of the wires in the circuit box. The code is the colors of the rainbow: Red, Orange, Yellow, Green, Blue, Indigo, and Violet. Each number instructs where each color will be located across the board.

The screwdriver opens the box so that you can place each wire. Do this and voilà! The power is back on. You then go back to the dining room to conclude the chapter.

Chapter 2: A Serving of Murder

The point of this chapter is to start investigating Mike’s unfortunate and mysterious death. You, as character Detective Grey, are naturally curious. You can’t help but go into the kitchen and do some snooping.

Little do you know that you’ll be putting on the apron and chef’s hat as you solve cooking puzzles in order to find your evidence of murder.

Don’t forget to collect stars along the way, and always remember to check every nook and cranny for clues or keys!

What You Need

Now for the more specific steps for Chapter Two of the Murder Manor Walkthrough. As soon as you get into the kitchen, you’ll need to look at the chicken recipe in the fridge. Then put the dirty pan first in the sink and then on the stove. Next, take an onion and set it on the cutting board.

Inside of the fridge, you will find the raw chicken, which you need to set in the pan. If you’re curious as to why you are randomly cooking a full chicken (what else would one be doing after a murder?) just go outside and you’ll notice a hungry raccoon standing on top of a dumpster. It wants chicken!

Also be sure to look for a code on the wall. The clue may look nonsensical, but thinking like a detective, as Grey you will notice that the number of lines in each figure is important as they correspond to the code 431. Grab some parsley and a tomato and then head back inside.

You can unlock the drawer in the kitchen by entering 431. From the drawer take out the knife and chop the onion and tomato. Add all of your ingredients to the pan in order to complete the chicken.

Go back out and give the chicken to the raccoon. Strange that Detective Grey couldn’t have simply “shooed” the raccoon away…but nobody should question a Detective’s process! The raccoon leaves and you get to go dumpster diving! While sifting through the trash Detective Grey finds a vile of Poison!!

Chapter 3: A Host of Trouble

As Detective Grey informs Will that she thinks Mike was murdered, the evening’s dinner suddenly has taken a darker turn. Just as Fontana predicted! The guests are in an uproar, and of course, Will is at a loss for the reasoning behind Mr. Wickham’s intentions with inviting them all over. He has to go take care of a raving Lloyd, and you are left to continue searching for keys to this mystery. The Murder Manor walkthrough gets more interesting with every turn!

What You Need

The first step of chapter three is to solve a picture puzzle found on a wall inside the Manor. Simply move the squares around until the painting is revealed! However, this is where the stars come in. If the task seems too difficult or this Murder Manor walkthrough explanation is still confusing, you can use 15 of your stars to skip the task.

Once you go through the door pick up the orange liquid and the yellow liquid in chemistry beakers (isn’t it dangerous to have open chemicals out?) Also pick up both the battery and ladder. There is a recipe for rubbing alcohol on the wall as well as a photo that is significant.

Your next step is to use the ladder to reach the green liquid that you may have noticed on a shelf outside of the room. Once you retrieve it go back into the bedroom and combine the three liquids into the empty bottle in order to get rubbing alcohol.

Murder Manor is a ton of back and forth, which you will probably have realized by now. With the rubbing alcohol, you must go back out into the hallway and use it on the table to find the flashlight. The batteries are used for the flashlight.

Flip up the carpet to reveal a puzzle.

You have to solve the puzzle and use the flashlight in order to discover your next clue.
If you are having a lot of trouble with the puzzle, here is a very helpful video by Haiku Games on App Unwrapper.

As the final step of this chapter, use the clue you found to solve the keys puzzle on the wall back in the bedroom where you found the chemicals. Get the guest key (6) and unlock the guest room.

Chapter 4: The Guests

The plot thickens as the Detective proceeds to do some snooping around the guest’s rooms. Mike’s body lays solitary at the dining room table because obviously none of the guests have an appetite. Who would after a murder? As the other guests discuss the ever increasing rain, Grey is left to step in and out of the upstairs rooms. She is left without many options because the roads outside are now flooded and it’s hard to drive an already broken down car on out of commission roads.

What You Need

This section of the Murder Manor walkthrough is pretty detailed so make sure to pay attention! First, go into the purple room (the door all the way on the left) and get the lubricant out of the bedside cabinets.

You’ll notice there’s a clue on the wall above the bed! Memorize or write down the pattern. Then go back out and take the two statues by the four rooms off of their pedestals. Go into the next bedroom and grab the statue in there as well.

Next, go into the third bedroom and use the clue from the first room to solve the puzzle above the fireplace. This will ignite the fire! (pretty cool fireplace right?) Take a branch from the tree by the window, use lubricant on it, and light it on fire. In the drawer, you’ll find a birth certificate.

Also grab the statue there and go back out. Upon entering the final room, use the torch to light the candles. The numbers on the mirror give you the code you need to unlock the drawer from the first room.

In that room enter 1786 into the locked table. In there you will find another statue as well as a birth certificate.

Go back to the second room and place all the statues in order to get a crowbar and an ID card for Lloyd.

Go back to the fourth room. With the crowbar, you can open the horoscope puzzle on the stand. To solve the puzzle, notice that each sign sparkles when it is next to its correct image. When it is solved, you’ll receive another birth certificate.

Back in the first room and use the dates on all the birth certificates to unlock the briefcase. Make sure to match each one to the color of the room it was found in (green, purple, and blue).

You have one final puzzle for this chapter. Solve the puzzle by counting two letters back in the alphabet (C = A). This is what you’ll find: “A house divided is a house fallen. Honor family and loyalty above all.”

Chapter 5: The Night Garden

The Detective ventures back out of the house and into the dark of the night to explore the garden. Every nook and cranny is full of mystery and there are clues waiting to be found around each corner. This Murder Manor walkthrough gives the exact details needed to slip through every trick with ease.

What You Need

After a more complex chapter, “The Night Garden” is a bit faster. First, grab the metal plate from the wheelbarrow. Next, go inside the shed and pick up another metal plate. Also be sure to snag both the broom and the rag. Wipe the mirror with the rag to reveal a clue.

Once you go back out, solve the puzzle on the side of the shack (by using the previously found clue) to get another metal plate. You may have noticed a gate covered in cobwebs. The broom comes in handy here for cleaning it off.

Your next puzzle is going to be a piano puzzle. You have to play “Mary Had a Little Lamb”. If you need to know how to play the tune, here is another video by Haiku Games.

Finally, find the final metal plate and take it outside. Once you place all the rings by the gate you’ll have to solve a final puzzle. Twist each metal plate until a gold griffin is revealed. The gate will open.

Chapter 6: Memories of Remorse

Upon going through the gate, Detective grey ventures into the further reaches of the eerie Manor garden.

What You Need

In the cemetery pick up the shears. Then go on the path heading left and use the shears to cut through the vines. By the fountain, you’ll find two pieces of headstones and an egg. You’ll get these by looking behind the ivy on the wall.

Go back to the cemetery and put the egg in the nest above the bird. Once it moves, get the spigot. Then add the tombstone pieces to the broken tombstones.

The spigot is used to turn on the fountain back along the path. You’ll find a wrench! This can be used back in the shed to undo the screws on the cupboard. Inside there is another piece of the tombstone. Then take the wrench.

With this third tombstone piece, the graveyard can be completed. The mausoleum will then be open. By doing quick math with the dates on the stones you can figure out the age at which each person died. Enter the age with each corresponding symbol. Finally, enter the mausoleum.

Chapter 7: The Wickham Legacy

When Detective Grey gets back inside from her garden investigations, Will informs her that Mr. Wickham himself would like to see her! Looks like this chapter is going to be big in terms of plot, seeing as the infamous host has finally decided to reveal himself. Hopefully, some light will be shed on the horrific deaths. Some shocking secrets are about to be revealed about Will! Keep reading for the Chapter 7 Murder Manor walkthrough!

What You Need

Start by opening the door upstairs and then head inside. There is an ax beneath the curtain that you will need for stars (if you want them). You can get the stars by giving the ax to the coat of arms in the next room. Open up the cabinets and get a key.

Touch the middle deer’s left antler and it will fall. Make sure to grab it before you leave.
In the first room get the vinegar out of the desk drawer. By pouring it on the painting of the woman (a shame to ruin good art…) you will reveal a locked safe.

Use the antler to help reach a small gear in the grate. Put the gear in the cuckoo clock with the others. Solve the puzzle by matching up the teeth of the gears. You will then get a clue for the safe.

The images on the clue indicate the objects that you must count for the safe code. You will count six pool balls, nine butterflies, three animal heads, and eight swords. Don’t forget about the pool ball and head in the cabinets! Enter 6938 to get another puzzle. The pieces of the letter need to be put back together.

Tap on the books to the right. The clue above them indicates the numbers you will need to as to the numbers on their spine. You then just have to put them in the correct order. When you finish, a secret door will open!

Chapter 8: A House Divided

It is discovered that Will is the murderer all along, and he doesn’t intend to let the Detective get away with that knowledge. As Will lights the place on fire, you have to find a way to save both you and the disabled Mr. Wickham.

What You Need

The tape in the dresser will help patch Lord Wickham’s machine. Then tap each colored liquid as their colors enter the grey area on the other side of the screen.

Use the bucket with water from the bathroom faucet to douse the flames. Go to the garage. Tap on the tools and take the spare tire. Make sure to look at the designs on the wall. Open the drawers and get a pump and crowbar. There is gas up above that you will also need to grab.

To open the drawer count the number of sections in each of the circles. Enter the number into the lock and you’ll get an engine part.

With the crowbar, you can open the trunk and place the engine inside. Then open the gas cover and pour the gas in. Put the spare tire on the front wheel and open the glove compartment by finding the numbers on the yellow, red, and green cars. You end the chapter by putting the key in the ignition.

Chapter 9: Fallen

The game is winding down to an end! But be on your guard! Will is still out there and he is looking to take you down.

What You Need

Tap on the telephone and take some time to solve the puzzle. The instructions will help guide you.
Then Will shows up! Pick up the rock.

Rather than trying to hit Will with the rock, aim for the windmill’s propeller. This causes it to fall on him and crush him! Thanks for your quick thinking you have escaped!

Final Advice

Most of the harder puzzles in this game just take some time to mess around with. You can always use stars to skip past them! If you’ve finished the game, first off, congrats! Second, be sure to leave comments or questions if you have them as well! Hopefully, this Murder Manor walkthrough was very useful!

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