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Spongebob Moves In, a game that gives you seven days to try it out, can be pretty fun to play. In this Spongebob review, we will see if it’s worth recommending to other gamers. What’s the first impression you get when playing this game? Especially if you’re playing the “freemium” version, the first thing that you notice will be waiting periods while building things. You will also see an inclusion of these obnoxious paywalls that will force you to spend cash if you want to progress. Unfortunately, Spongebob Moves In fits this description.

Type of Game City Building Game
Developer Kung Fu Factory
Platforms iOS and Android
iTunes Download Page
Google Play Download Page
Free No

Your Mission

The game has you building Bikini Bottom to fit your own tastes. It’s a city-building game, and you have been tasked with keeping the residents of Bikini Bottom happy. Your mission? You must fulfill all their goals and dreams.

As you progress through the game, you will unlock untold stories about how the characters first arrived in Bikini Bottom. This includes Plankton, Sandy, Squidward, Mr. Krabs, Patrick, and Spongebob. The stories are told by the writing staff of the show, so you can rest assured, it’s quite accurate.

Design and Graphics

Unfortunately, this Spongebob review will start right with the big yellow square himself. He doesn’t quite look right. His spongy yellow face doesn’t look like much of a square, and in fact, he looks more like a rectangle than anything else. The voice actor who plays him sounds somewhat bored. Outside Spongebob, however, the graphics look pretty impressive.

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In fact, if you like the visuals from the TV show, you will most likely enjoy the colorful graphics of the game because it looks similar. The graphics in the game have a nice pop, and you will enjoy plenty of awesome detail to go along with it. You will build your own version of Bikini Bottom, but you have to stay alert to the in-app purchases. In many ways, the graphics kind of resembles a slightly higher version of what you’d see for the Game Boy.

Main Characters

Some of the main characters that you will find in the game are some of the ones from the show like Sandy, Plankton, Patrick, Spongebob, Squidward, Mr. Krabs and Mrs. Puff. Some of the lesser characters from the show include Squilliam Fancyson, Pearl, Mermaid Man, Barnacle Boy, Larry the Lobster, Man Ray, King Neptune and Kevin the Sea Cucumber.

One of the best things about this game is how it gives you the opportunity to learn more about the characters. For example, it’s quite alluring to know you have the chance to learn the untold storylines of some of your favorite characters. Unfortunately, many of the challenges set in the game have too many similarities to each other. For example, you might have to make Krabby Patties or something else that is similar. The big desire to see everything that the game has secretly hidden away is part of what keep you coming back for more.

Spongebob has always been known for its wacky and zany characters with hilarious plotlines. You will find this game to be no different from that. You also have plenty of quests that you can take on to get the full experience of Spongebob.


You have a mission that scatters you around quite nicely. In this Spongebob review, the biggest problem comes from the in-app purchases. For example, making Krabby Patties for Mr. Krabs can be quite the chore because many of the items on the menu will take a ridiculously long time to make. Unless you want to speed things up with some cash, you’re marooned while waiting.

Even to move Squidward into town, it will take you 12 hours and cost an arm and a leg. Unless, of course, you have premium cash to pay to get through the storyline. Even a main character takes half a day to move in, which doesn’t say much about the game. If Spongebob were free, this Spongebob review might chalk it off as a classic cookie-cutter city builder game. Unfortunately, it charges you for this which makes things a little different.

You have plenty of hook in this game to keep you coming back to it though. For example, you have the leveling system, an endless curiosity to see everything and setting up your town in just the right fashion. You also have the tip-of-the-hat elements that the biggest fans will appreciate.

For example, bringing the Tattletale Strangler into the game was a nice touch. The use of in-game cash starts out small enough, and it feels easy enough to earn at first. What this Spongebob review found out later, however, was how as the game continues to progress, the time for building projects takes longer and longer, and the temptation to pay real money to get these upgrades becomes a reality because otherwise, you won’t progress.


Anyone who loves the music from the TV series shouldn’t have any problem getting into the music of the game. In fact, it’s probably one of the best aspects. Although you only have one original track played called Heat, but the music is good you don’t care. The music also remains true to the series, and it always sounds distinctly Hawaiian.

Additional Versions

In total, you have over 20 different versions of Spongebob Moves In. However, you will most likely want one of the newer versions because it has been updated the most. For example, version 4.37 is the latest version, which was made 2 years ago. Meanwhile, 4.32.02 was another version made two years ago. The one with the over 500,000 downloads is version 4.37 because of it being the newest, which means you’ll have the latest updates.

Spongebob Review: Final Thoughts

In this Spongebob review, we have looked at everything from the graphics to the characters to the storyline to the music. If you don’t mind paying for a game through ridiculous in-app purchases and you’re a big fan of Spongebob, perhaps you won’t mind this game too much. It does give you a lot of interesting details about the characters that will flesh out the character development even more.

For the individuals who have a problem with in-app purchases, however, you probably won’t like this game because it basically reflects a “Pay-to-win” structure in gaming. Have you played the game? If so, we invite you to share your thoughts and Spongebob reviews in the comments below.

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