LEGO Star Wars: TFA Review

The LEGO games have consistently delivered fun and humorous entertainment based on a variety of popular movies for both kids and adults. While clearly aimed at a younger crowd, the LEGO Star Wars games have a history of being well made and polished, and they provide great play opportunities for kids and parents to enjoy together. The purpose of this LEGO Star Wars 7 review is to give potential players and parents a good overview of the game’s key qualities and features.

This LEGO Star Wars 7 review is aimed primarily at the mobile versions of the game, but it will reference the game’s features on other platforms as well. The game’s mobile port leaves it largely unchanged from its initial release on consoles.

Type of Game Action-adventure
Developer Traveler’s Tales, TT Fusion
Platform Android, iOS, Playstation, Xbox, Wii U
iTunes Download page
Google Play Download page
Free Yes, but only for the first few levels. Unlocking full content requires paying $6.99, $9.99 or $12.99 for the season pass.

Your Mission

True to its name, the game retells the story from the popular movie, keeping with its own LEGO twists. Players will be able to experience the story from the point of view of multiple popular characters. Thus, enjoy some content and side stories that were not included in the movie.

Those who have watched Star Wars 7 and played any of the previous LEGO Star Wars games before will find pretty much everything they expect in this title. This includes mostly combat mixed with LEGO style puzzle solving.

Design and Graphics

This LEGO Star Wars 7 review begins with a look at the gameplay elements, design, and graphics. Despite the series’ progression to next generation consoles and more powerful mobile devices, the graphics of the LEGO Star Wars games have seen only very slight improvements. There simply isn’t that much room for improvement with the graphical style of the game. Those who enjoy the LEGO graphics in previous games will find the same on offer here.

The developers have also chosen to take few, if any, risks in terms of design. They have developed a winning formula with the LEGO games and are understandably wary of messing with it. Players will progress through the story in a fairly linear fashion, defeating enemies and solving puzzles using various character skills and by building interesting LEGO contraptions in the game world.

One new feature stands out from past games. Players have some options about what devices they can build. But the game’s linear progression means that these choices really aren’t that meaningful.

Combat is basic and uninspiring but easy enough for younger players to grasp without problems. There is very little if any penalty for dying, which is another appeal to younger players but robs the game of any real sense of challenge or danger.

A small improvement was made to some combat sequences. Players can take cover and the game looks a lot more like a third person shooter in the style of Gears of War. The combat, however, is still basic. The game autolocks targets, so there is very little need to aim. The change mostly shakes up the viewpoint and adds some variety to battles.

Main Characters

Our Star Wars 7 review will focus on the characters of the Lego Star Wars: TFA. Players will get to experience the game using a variety of characters from the film. Such characters include Rey, Finn Poe Dameron, Han Solo and Kylo Ren. The game uses a combination of dialogue taken directly from the film as well as newly recorded dialogue to help bring the characters to life. The voice actors used for the game sound remarkably similar to their real actor counterparts.

Like in most of the LEGO games, the characters are brought to life in a humorous and light way. Dialogue is often punctuated with both direct and inside jokes. And even the darker characters such as Kylo Ren have their fair share of humorous moments.

The playable characters are generally given relatively equal weight in the story or at least comparable to their role in the movie’s storyline. Finn and Rey tend to be given more time, but players have some flexibility about what character they choose. The greatest limitation revolves around the need to use specific characters for certain tasks in a level.

The game is also built for co-op modes and tends to work even better in co-op than in single player mode. Most of the game’s puzzles require that two different characters perform tasks in concert. While the AI can handle this as well, the game is remarkably more fun when each character is controlled by a person. There are also different interactions with different characters depending on which character each person chooses.

Overall, the game does a good job of bringing the characters to life similar to their depiction in the movie. There are some lighter and more humorous overtones for a younger audience.


No LEGO Star Wars 7 review would be complete without looking at how the game’s story relates to its source material. LEGO Star Wars: TFA predictably tells the same story told in the film. It also takes inspiration from the film and provides some greater detail to scenes and parts that didn’t receive as much attention in the movie.

Certain aspects of the characters and the storyline are expanded in the game, and players may be surprised by just how much extra story was packed into this LEGO version. While it remains true to the source material, it also provides much greater depth and backstory.

In its appeal to younger audiences, the game has some of the more mature themes and events from the film toned down or given a clever twist to make them more humorous. The story itself largely doesn’t suffer alterations from these changes. And, overall, the game has clearly made remarkable efforts to stay as true as possible to its source material.

A slight advantage to the mobile version of the game are updates that enhance the experience and add more content. For example, the Ottegan Assault adventure focuses on the dark side players as they hunt for Lor San Tekka.

There are some episodes that are not in the movie. But adventures like this are a welcome source of closely related material that helps expand both the story and characters. Even for those aficionados already very familiar with the storyline.

Final Verdict

In all, LEGO Star Wars: TFA is a worthy tribute to its source material. Players who enjoyed Episode 7 will likely enjoy the game and what it has to offer. It is clearly well made with attention to detail. And it follows a formula that has entertained young fans since the beginning. Even for older players, its excellent co-op gives parents and kids something to do together.

There would be one fault the game has. Its fault is that it seems trapped in a series unwilling to take any serious risks or provide anything remarkably different than what has come before. Except for changes to story and characters and some very minor changes to features. As such, this LEGO Star Wars game is almost indistinguishable from those before it. Players hoping for something original or refreshing won’t find it here.

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