Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic Review

Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic is one of the most popular roleplaying games released in the last twenty years. Its popularity continues to grow with the release of a mobile version of the game. This Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic review seeks to determine whether the mobile version of the game lives up the legacy of the past.

Type of Game Roleplaying
Developer Bioware/Aspyr Media
Platforms Android, iOS
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Your Mission

In Knights of the Old Republic, players take on the role of a Republic soldier in the midst of a war between the Sith Empire and the Old Republic. Along the way, players will be exposed to a deep conspiracy, an ancient legacy, and the responsibility of deciding the fate of the galaxy alongside a cast of memorable characters. Taking place thousands of years before the original films, players are given a deeper view into the Star Wars universe than ever before.

Design & Graphics

It’s hard to put together an honest Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic review without admitting that this game has aged. Initially published for the original XBox, it is by no means on the cutting edge of the graphical world. While it looked fantastic for the time, there are many rough edges. The game looks especially dated when you compare it to its PC successor, The Old Republic. There’s a lot of great design here, though, especially when you’re not looking directly at the characters in the game. The backgrounds and effects are still spectacular. The game simply loses a few steps for not looking as good as it does in memories of past playthroughs.

The good news, though, is that it actually looks fairly good for a mobile game. While there’s certainly better looking mobile games out there, this one packs a lot more into the small screen. The biggest design flaw in the mobile version is the control scheme – Knights of the Old Republic is a deep game, and it’s just not made for a touch screen. You’ll eventually get used to it, but it’s never going to feel quite as good as the original. This is a solid looking port and one that plays as well as one can expect, but you never quite shake the feeling that you are playing a slightly inferior product.

Main Characters

Fortunately, there’s not any difference in the characters between this version of the game and what you’d see in a PC Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic review. The characters are every bit as memorable as they were upon launch and they still hold up well as archetypes of the roleplaying genre. It doesn’t hurt that most of them are built on the bones of characters that most gamers have already seen, so even new players are going to go into the game feeling like everyone is familiar.

What is interesting to note for players of the previous versions is how telegraphed the plot twists involving the main character are. It still comes completely out of nowhere for new players, but all of the through-lines seem much clearer if you’ve played the game in the past. The interactions between the main character and Bastilla are particularly telling when you know what’s coming. It’s a sign of a very good story design, one that really embraces everything about the characters from the first moment.

It’s also important to note that characters like Carth, Mission, and Canderous still stand out as a lot of fun in the mobile game. They have a ton of personality and you’re going to want to talk to them not just to advance the plot, but to see what they have to say.


The biggest problem with a Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic review is that you can’t talk about the story in detail. Because there’s a fairly major twist in the game, part of the plot is a huge spoiler. With that said, there’s a fair bit you can talk about without much worry.

The game’s story starts with your character as an average Republic soldier, tasked with saving an important Jedi from a crash landing on a fairly typical hive of scum and villainy. From there, though, the game will take players across the galaxy in a race to stop a Sith Lord from gaining control of the Star Forge, a weapon that would give the Sith control of the galaxy.

Along the way, players will get a look at the conflict between the Jedi and Sith Orders and a chance to choose between the Light and Dark Sides. Players will encounter a cast of incredible characters who help to flesh out the Star Wars universe and add a great deal of drama and charm to the story.

Perhaps most importantly, the game is about making choices. You choose who the story plays out and whether you will be a force for good or evil. There’s no right or wrong answers – just your answers.

Final Thoughts

To conclude our Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic review, the transition to a mobile platform has benefitted the game. The controls might not be perfect, but it’s a great way to get more people looking at a game that deserves to be remembered. The flaws that have always been there are still present, but so too are all the strengths.

We’ve also taken a look at the LEGO version of The Force Awakens in our LEGO Star Wars: TFA review. Did you enjoy playing Knights of the Old Republic for the first time on a mobile platform? Let us know what you thought about the game.

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