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From the developer of the popular game Psyconauts comes The Cave, a witty, side-scrolling platformer puzzle game filled with time travel and dark humor. The player must choose three of seven available characters to form their party, switching between them to complete quests. Read our The Cave game review and see if you should add it to your collection.

Type of Game Puzzle/Platform Adventure Game
Developer Double Fine Productions
Platforms iOS and Android
iTunes Download Page
Google Play Download Page
Free No

Your Mission

The main goal of The Cave is to control various characters to solve puzzles while exploring an enchanted, talking cavern. As the story progresses, you will uncover secrets about each character and help them solve their problems in unusual ways. Much of the gameplay involves exploring and interacting with the environment while switching between your three chosen characters. Each character has a unique ability that will aid you on your quest. The game must be played at least three times if you want to see the backstory for all seven playable characters.

Design & Graphics

The Cave game review would not be complete without discussing the design and graphics. Graphics look crisp and colorful on mobile phone screens, but controls don’t port over quite as well. While the touchscreen interface isn’t too cumbersome to use, computer and controller-based versions are easier to use when controlling multiple characters or when speed is important.

The Cave game reviews for the controls were mixed, with some players having no problems while others found that certain puzzles were more challenging without a controller to move the various characters. Movements in the game are simple and the controls work fine for that. Larger size screens are easiest to play on and make the most of the colorful visuals. Check the store page to be sure your smartphone supports the game before purchasing.

Main Characters

Seven characters are available to choose from in The Cave. You will pick three for each adventure, with The Twins functioning as a single, playable unit. The characters each have a unique ability that will come in handy for solving different puzzles you encounter. Playing with different characters will give you a different storyline, so be sure to play the game more than once!

  • The Adventurer is on a quest for ancient treasure and to find her lost companions. Her unique ability is her grappling hook, which allows her to cross long distances or scale tall heights that other characters cannot reach.
  • The Hillbilly is looking for love and hopes to impress the woman of his desire with gifts. His special talent is the ability to create an air bubble that allows him to breathe underwater for an unlimited amount of time.
  • The Knight is on a quest to save a princess from a dragon. He can summon a guardian angel that makes him invincible. The knight cannot move while using this ability so it does not work on permanent hazards like lava.
  • The Monk is working to overcome his personal failures, like anger, so he can succeed as a monk. His unique ability is telekinesis. It lets him reach and interact with objects that no one else can get to.
  • The Scientist is an intelligent character whose discoveries have led her to slowly become corrupted by her desire for money. Her special talent is hacking, which allows the player to open certain doors and interact with certain items in the environment.
  • The Time Traveler, hailing from the year 2701 AD, works at a museum and has stolen a time machine with the intent of traveling back in time and killing the early ancestor of her rival coworker. She hopes to wipe out the entire family line so her coworker is never born. Her special ability, phasing, allows her to travel short distances through partially open or transparent barriers.
  • The Twins are a mischievous, possibly evil, brother and sister who have a special power that allows them to leave behind a “ghost” of themselves. This lets the player complete quests where they need to be in two places at once, such as standing on a pressure plate with one character while moving through a temporarily open door with another. Moving too far away from the ghost will cause it to disappear.


As you play through the game with three of the seven characters, you will learn about secrets from their past and help them complete personal challenges. Each has something they desire and are working to get. Depending on the choices you make, you can lead the characters to corruption or redemption. Each character’s storyline has a different ending depending on which path you choose for your character to follow. Multiple playthroughs are necessary to reveal every character’s backstory and resolve their storyline.

Additional Versions

As of the time of writing this The Cave game review, there are no sequels to The Cave. It is available for both Android and iOS mobile platforms as well as PC and various consoles. It is not a free game, though it is cheapest to buy for mobile platforms.

Final Thoughts

While the controls can be a little tricky on the mobile version, The Cave game reviews on iTunes and the Google Play store conclude that The Cave is a worthwhile adventure game that will challenge your puzzle solving skills while making you laugh. The variety of characters gives the game replayability without repeating the same story. Those who are familiar with Double Fine Productions’ previous works will find the same brand of quirky humor and challenges in The Cave.

Thanks for reading our The Cave game review! Have you played The Cave? Share your experiences and thoughts as well as any questions you have about the game!

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