The Room 3 Walkthrough

The Room 3, a game that expands on the complexity of the previous puzzle game, has more novel ways to play than ever before. Like before, the centerpiece puzzles will usually come as elaborate boxes that you must unlock or unpack through cracked codes and the use of keys. If it’s like before, however, you may want the Room 3 walkthrough to help you get through the puzzles in the game. You must physically interact with a touchscreen to manipulate this in-game world, which adds a tangible and realistic sensation to it. The Room 3 walkthrough here will help you finish the game. This game works for both the iOS and the Android.


Chapter One—Train

We’re going to lay out the hints for the Room 3. You begin your journey on a mysterious train ride, and the tutorial introduces you to the basic mechanics and tools of the game.

As the on-screen instructions pop up, you follow the screen instructions. First, you will have to look through this journal. A box appears, and you must grab the key from the box. Once you have the key, you walk over to the suitcase, undo the two latches next to the bottom of the suitcase. Finally, you open the suitcase lid and take the eyepiece from the suitcase.

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After you have the eyepiece, you will look at the puzzle inside the box. Put all the pieces together and a keyhole should appear. The key gets pulled toward the box, and you will turn this key in an effort to open up the box. As the box opens, you will see a pyramid that has been engraved. This pyramid teleports you to the next part of the game.

While the scenery changes a little, you’re still technically in the tutorial, and we will help you with that in this the Room 3 walkthrough. After you teleport, you get taken to a locked room. You complete the tutorial, and you will be given a new lens.

In the next part of the tutorial, you will see a peephole. Undo the latch and look through it. You will see what appears to be a ghostly figure who walks past a table in the atrium.

Where the Riddles Begin

This is where the riddle begins. Notice how only one stone plinth stands in the middle of this locked room. When you view this stone plinth with an eyepiece, you will see on each side and the answers below. On each side, you should see a plinth with the eyepiece. Look at the riddles on each side. The answers to the riddles have been listed below.

The first riddle will read, “The power of flight, the well of knowledge.” The answer is, “Feather.” In the second riddle, you will read, “My face is silent without my hands.” The answer is, “Pocket watch.” The final riddle reads, “The poor have me, the rich need me.” The answer to this riddle is, “Nothing.”

The Ornate Box

In the third step, you take the ornate box. You unlock it by turning the dial close to the front of this box. Flip it open for the lid to retrieve your lens. This new lens has an inspection snake camera that lets you look to a small place, and you will see floating diamonds to show where you can use your eyepiece.

You wear the eyepiece to look through the keyhole of the door. Rotate your camera until you see the notches on the pegs line up. You exit this room to go climb through the door and to enter into the atrium.

The Atrium and the Study Room

This is the part where the tutorial ends, but you’re still in chapter one of the game. You enter the atrium, and you will see this round table in the center of the room. You take the engraved pyramid and place it onto the table. This gives you an emblem.

You will locate the board inside of the alcove within the wall. You insert your emblem into the empty socket. As you do this, you will see four extra emblems appear and each of the emblems will combine into one that makes a different emblem. When you go to rotate the emblems, you will see it complete this family tree. Once this happens, you should see a doorway appear that allows for you to exit the room.

Next, you enter into the study. The Room 3 walkthrough will recommend you locate the power generator. You arrange these connectors to have an unbroken route as you do this, you will unlock the puzzle. Once you have done this, the power generator should be working.

You follow this wire, which goes over to the switch. The switch turns, and the projector from the tripod will power on. You flip four of the switch on the side to open up the projector. Once you have done this, you push on the diamond button that is found closer to the center.

Finally, you must locate what’s called the oscilloscope, which you can find laying over the desk. There will be two different dials, and each of the dials will have influence over the oscillation. You want to adjust the dials until the green frequency matches up with your black frequency. When this happens, the tripods start, and you will notice a doorway that suddenly appears. That’s the end of the first chapter.

Chapter Two—The Lighthouse

Once you leave the atrium and enter through the doorway, you will go into the lighthouse. In this the Room 3 walkthrough, you will see a round table in the center of this room. You should find a drawer located near the side of the table. When you flip the switch, you open the drawer.

This will give you access to a wooden gear. Once you have the gear, you put it into the center of the table. You will spin the gear until this miniature scale model appears.

The Waterwheel

You should see the figurine sitting on the table. To begin, you grab the tip of the tail end, and you will see three different layers dispensed. Every layer will have a diamond, along with an empty diamond. You have a goal to align these two diamond shapes for your snake. Next, you pull the snake’s tongue down because this will open his mouth.

Get the magnet and exit. As you walk along, you will see the flooring tiles. You should see a plaque that says, “PYRE.”

You want to continue sliding the tile to have a sphere that gets suspended within the cradle. Examine the sphere closely and flip it upside down. You will keep turning this sphere until you see the bottom open up. Grab the magnet.

Go to the Typewriter

In the next part of this the Room 3 walkthrough, you will have to identify the typewriter. You will find this sitting close to the wall by the cabinet. You should see a hint written on a paper. It will reveal the tower’s name. Remember the previous hint that said PYRE?

In the Room 3 walkthrough, we found dials that control the arrows and the letter keys. As you’re doing this, you have a goal to spell out the word, “PYRE” on the four squares below you.

You take a miniature wooden arch from the drawer. Next, you should see six additional squares surrounding the blue circle. You will take the wooden arch that you grabbed from the drawer, and you will insert it into the circular panel that has the two sockets. Next, this the Room Three walkthrough recommends that you grab the arch and turn it.

When you do this, you will see six stone pillars that magically appear. You grab the eyepiece, put it on and walk through the archway.

The three pillars will include a panel that is sensitive to pressure, and it will have two circles at the top. The symbol appears as you hold two of the circles, and you must do this for all of the three pillars.

As you continue with this the Room 3 walkthrough, you will see a circle close to the center. The lines light up as you touch them.

The Three Symbols on the Pillars

You should also see three symbols on each of the pillars, and you can trace each of the symbols into a shape. As you do this, a tower model appears. The drawer should be opened, and you will grab a clock face. You should see two additional symbols that have been carved right next to your drawer. Upon closer examination, you will notice how the same set of symbols can be identified on the columns as well.

Continuing through the level, you will locate an astrology map. It will have symbols on the left and at the top. In addition, you will see two metal bars that have been attached to the circle using a grid mark. You will use two symbol sets to look up, and you have to slide the metal bars as a way of correcting the symbols. After you have done this, you look at the circle, and you will have two different star locations on it.

The Blue-Green Circle

You will take yourself over to the blue-green circle, and it is here that you will put two different magnets at the center of the circle. Put on the eyepiece to view the circle. You will see this grid mark and the astrology map appears. Next, slide the magnet over to look at the different star locations. As you undo the latch, the panel opens up, and you will want to wooden cylinder model.

Next, you want to find the circle that has four pointers on it. You wear the eyepiece and look at the pointers. With every pointer, you will see two partial letters. You press this center dial, and you will rotate the circle to slide this pointer close to the center. This creates a compass.

You open the panel, grab the wooden square and continue. When you exit the stone model, you should see this clock tower close to the church model. You add the clock face, and this opens the clock up. When you do this, you put the eyepiece on to enter into this clock tower.

Enter the Clock Tower

Inside of the clock tower, you should notice a miniature owl. You come up next to it and rotate the owl’s head. This opens his wing. You slide the switch and this opens its other wing up. When you look under the owl’s wing, it will give you a model boat. Next, leave the clock tower to continue.

You will seek out an empty square that you will find near the table. You take the square model that you collected from the compass and add it to the table. As soon as you do this, a boat appears. You take the boat with the cradle and slowly take the boat to the boathouse. When you do this, a window appears.

When you put the eyepiece on, you go into your boathouse. You will see a miniature mouse model, and you slide the switch from its tail. Push out the mouse’s eye and his body, and you will receive a small key. Next, exit from the boathouse.

For the next step, you find the cylinder tower and add it to the top. When you do this, the table ascends to the next floor, and you complete the level.

Final Advice

Hopefully, you have found the Room 3 walkthrough helpful. Our final advice with this game is that you have to slow down and think about your next move. As a puzzle game, you will need to do a lot of thinking to reach the next level. Every puzzle fits in with the next one. Thank you for reading the Room 3 walkthrough! If you have any thoughts and opinions on this game, we invite you to share them.

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