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Tinder app review writers often talk about how the app is completely changing the dating world. Tinder is a revolutionary location-based dating app that is especially popular among college-age people. Is Tinder good for dating? Is Tinder effective? In this Tinder app review, we will take a closer look at the service, highlighting both its advantages and drawbacks.

Type of App Dating
Developer Tinder Inc.
Platforms iOS and Android
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Free Yes

Tinder Overview

It was created to focus on hookups and other short-term relationships, but the app has rebranded itself to be an all in one dating service that includes those looking for long-term relationships. Instead of having to read long biographies or fill out questionnaires, users can simply “swipe” on pictures of people they find attractive.

Early Tinder app review writers praised this method as it differed from similar apps that relied on clunkier methods of finding compatibility. This simple and straightforward method is much less hassle than similar dating apps. If you don’t know if this is for you, read the tinder app review to get up to date about this app and its capabilities.

How Does It Work?

Tinder is incredibly efficient when scanning through potential matches. Users are shown a picture of a potential match and they can either swipe left to reject them or swipe right to “like” them. With a regular account, the other user doesn’t know if they’ve been swiped left or right. If both users swiped right on each other, they can initiate a conversation. Tinder app reviews rate it highly, especially compared to similar services.

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Candidates shown to users are based on geographical location, common interest, and mutual friends on Facebook.

Mostly to Tinder, Facebook is required when signing up and the user’s pictures are taken from their Facebook accounts. Users can also write a short biography with information about themselves and can link to an Instagram and Spotify account.

Users can upgrade to “Tinder Gold”, a paid subscription feature in which users can see who has already “liked” them by swiping right. The cost for Tinder Gold ranges from about $10 to $20.
The app is very user-friendly and is easy for even for the most technologically clueless. It has an intuitive design and there are no complication steps in either signing up or its regular usage. Tinder dating app review writers often praise the app’s usability and design.

Pros And Cons

Like any other app, there are several advantages and downsides to using Tinder.

In the pros column:

  • Tinder makes finding a short-term relationship quick and easy.
  • It doesn’t require a long and needlessly complex registration process.
  • You only talk to people who have also swiped right on you, so you’ll know they’re interested right off the bat.
  • Tinder is by far the most popular online dating site, so young users are more likely to find an adequate match.
  • You also can use the location feature to only match with people nearby, which makes the process quicker and more likely to yield an actual date.

Unfortunately, there are also some downsides:

  • The lopsided gender skew as about 70% of users are male and only 30% are female, making it difficult for male users to find matches and overwhelming female users.
  • In addition, a survey showed that about 80% of male users swiped right on every single profile, making it impossible for women to know if he’s actually interested.
  • Another con is the possibility of meeting unsavory people, as the app is focused on meeting up with people in person quickly, so it can be difficult to quickly vet the other person.
  • In addition, the app relies on making snap judgments about one picture to see if the user would click with the potential match, making it a more modern version of “Hot or Not?”.

Registration And Login Process

Registration on Tinder is commonly done through Facebook. This imports data from the user’s profile like picture, interests, mutual friends, and age. It is less common, but registration can also be done with a phone number instead of Facebook. However, this will require manually adding all information and removing some capabilities like finding common interests and mutual friends.

After creating an account, the login process is very simple. Users can log in either through Facebook or with their phone number and password information.

The age limit to sign up on Tinder is 18 and this info is linked from a user’s Facebook information, so there is an additional layer to weed out lying.

Tinder Alternatives

One of Tinder’s main issues is the skew between genders. Women often report being bombarded with tons of low effort messages from guys who’ve swiped right on everyone; while men can send a 100 messages and never get a response. This problem is addressed in the free dating app Bumble. In this app, women always have to message first, which cuts down on the gender skew as well as the creepy and obscene messages women receive. In most other ways, the app operates similar to Tinder and the design is very similar.

eHarmony and Match are good options for older generations looking for love. These are not hookup apps but are geared towards markets other than college-aged people, and require a paid subscription. Without all the 20 somethings, users can focus on finding an adequate match for themselves. Both apps focus not only on pictures but also compatibility surveys and bios, allowing users to make deeper connections with one another.

Tinder app review often rank below Bumble. Match and eHarmony are harder to compare, as they target different demographics looking for different things out of the service.

Final Thoughts

Tinder is an incredibly easy-to-use app that is good for finding short-term relationships. Registration is simple and takes little time, as the information is pulled from Facebook. The intuitive design and usability have made Tinder a popular app, especially among younger generations. Tinder should be considered as an app to find either a short-term or long-term relationship.

Do you have any experience on Tinder? Were you able to find any matches? Does this Tinder app review match your experience on the app? Let us know about your experience and any Tinder related questions!

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