Tomb Raider Walkthrough

Lara Croft has returned in this classic action, puzzle game, and we will have access to one of the most famous and successful games ever made from the smartphone. Now you can play Tomb Raider on the Android and iOS, and the fun never stops. You will enjoy this glorious game in all its splendor. This game for the smartphone is the unedited and the pure experience from the classic Tomb Raider game, and you can have it at a low price. However, if you find yourself stuck and need help with the game, follow the tips in our Tomb Raider walkthrough.

Tomb Raider Walkthrough Level One—the Caves

In level one, you open with Lara walking with her guide through the snow-covered mountains in Peru. The pair discovers this set of stone doors. They have been closed, and after they have examined the symbols closer to the top, Lara throws out a grappling hook, and she uses it to reach the ledge closer to the top.

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Unfortunately, the door opens and four hungry wolves come rushing out to attack Lara’s guide. She cuts the rope and pulls out her pistols, but the guide has been mauled in the process. As the dawning of her realization comes, the guide lays dead, and Lara enters through the stone doors by herself. The doors close with her inside, she removes her glasses and soon realizes her predicament.

To begin the game, you run through the caves in a blind fury ready to follow the footsteps nearby. You will pass a stone block, which will have a stone block closer to the lefthand wall. Take a moment to observe these slits in the wall. As soon as you make a movement, darts will shoot from them, and if you get hit by the darts, you lose health. You can choose to either start running or jumping over the darts. However, no matter what you do, you will trigger the darts and have to dodge them.

Easter Eggs

In the first secret, you will run to the end and see the opening close to the lefthand wall. You should have your weapons holstered. Before heading there, however, you should proceed to the end of it, and you will see this angled block.

In addition, there will be an opening in the cave roof at the left part of it. You will stand against the block in the back and jump up to grab the opening part of it. Keep pressing the jump button and the action so that you can grab the edge of the block. As this happens, you will pull yourself up and grab the small medi pack.

As you climb the blocks higher, you will want to draw your pistol as three bats will move forward on the attack. Take them out.

The second easter egg in this Tomb Raider walkthrough of level one has you going to the other side of the cave. You will move left to enter. You should see an opening that is close to the wall on the right. Stand to the left, and you will see the snow bank rise a little higher. You will jump and grab the ledge.

You should see another small medi pack up here, but you will have to kill a bat that guards it. Continue with business and keep moving through the cave. As you keep going forward, you will see an area open and green. You should see a large opening close to the floor, and you will drop through the opening. Inside, there will be a switch that lets you open the doors. as you enter, you should see another bat that you will have to kill.

On the left, you will see an opening, you will drop through it, open the door and another bat will come flying out. Kill it and climb the blocks on the left to pull yourself into the upper room. Once you have entered the upper room, you will follow this passage that will take you to an area where you have two different bridges. In this room, you will see two wolves below that you will have to kill. If you accidentally fall in, you will use one of the areas to climb up.

Beware of the Bear

You will also see a pit that has a bear close to the bottom. You will need to pull out your pistols to kill it. Try to kill it from above. As you drop down into the pit, you will see two bats, and you will kill them too. The stone door opens, and you will get a small medi pack. You will want to go through the door because it closes fast.

After you have killed the bear, you will run beneath the entrance to find another small medi pack in the alcove. Climb up the blocks where you will find another switch. The switch opens double doors to your left, but you will have to run fast because they operate under a timer.

You can use several methods to go through. Use the switch and stand slightly to the left. You flip to the lower ledge, take a quick left and run and jump. Do a side flip and you will hit the ground of a lower ledge. Don’t hesitate to run left. You will have plenty of time to get through this process.

You will climb the steps, but you will want to step as soon as you have hit the second flight of stairs. Walk carefully because the steps trigger another onslaught of darts, and in the upcoming room, you will have to kill another wolf. Leap over this ancient floor, and it will crash. You will next drop down to the room beneath.

You should find a large medi pack and another wolf will pop up. Kill the wolf, enter where from it came and flip the switch. You will slide down this passage to find more doors. Avoid the other passage because it is guarded by darts, and there’s nothing in there. You walk through the door to reach the next level and continue with this Tomb Raider walkthrough.

Tomb Raider Walkthrough Level Two—City of Vilcabamba

When the level starts, the pair of stone doors in front of you will open up. You will need to draw your weapon as quickly as possible because four vicious wolves will come at you full force.

Because they attack as a pack, you may struggle with them. In this Tomb Raider walkthrough, one of the easier ways to handle them is through running to your left and diving for the pool. Once the area has cleared, you will leap out of the water and start firing with everything you’ve got. Whenever they come back at you, leap into the water for safety.

As soon as you have killed the final wolf, you will enter through the passage. The next room will have another wolf waiting. You will see two separate opening, and you will want to take the passage on the right. Three bats will try to attack you, kill them and keep running.

Remain sharp because a wolf could attack before you have taken the small medi pack. Lara will see a closed door and a keyhole at the wall on the right. Five more bats will come racing out, and you will have to stay on the alert to kill them. When you have killed them, you will climb two steps, and you will round the corner to your left. You will have to kill another bat, and when you have come through the passage, you will spot bats, yet again.

The pool area is the next step in this Tomb Raider walkthrough. You will exit the place of the pool, and you will see a room on the right. It has two different passages, and you will have a wood trough in the middle.

You will take the right passage and run diagonally. You will reach up for the wood ledge because you will want to take on the bear from above. After you have done this, you will grab the small medi pack and exit the area with the pool.

Easter Eggs

The first secret that we will reveal in this Tomb Raider walkthrough is when you leap into the water. You will swim in an underwater tunnel, and when you see a T-junction, you will want to swim right. This takes you to an underwater room where you will see a few pillars. Keep swimming and to the right, you should see this lever underwater. You will pull on it to open this trapdoor from above you.

You will need to hit the surface for some air. Before you climb out, however, you will want to swim diagonally and head to the other part of the room. Here, you will discover another lever from under the water. This opens a door in another area, which will give you access to the second secret of the game. You will swim to this trap door where you will climb out to get a small medi pack. You will hit the switch to open the door and enter into the next secret.

With the second easter egg of the level, you will dive to the pool, and this time, you want to swim left from the tunnel’s T-Junction. Keep swimming in the tunnel until you have hit the surface of the water. As you climb out of the water, you will open the door and grab onto the second lever. You should see Magnum clips and a small medi pack. You will head back from the same direction that you came from.

At this point, you will have a wooden trough behind you. You will hit the switch and keep heading to your right. The switch opens the far door, and you will walk through the door to keep walking up the stairs. You will run and leap over to the other opening. There will be a decrepit floor that you will drop onto and keep running. You should see a movable block and a large medi pack here. Climb onto the block and reach for the ledge that has the medi pack.

After you have pushed this block through a passage, you will see a room beyond here. You will have to kill a bat, but after that, you keep walking. You should find a golden idol here and a silver key in the back of the alcove. Climb onto this movable block and reach for the ledge. In this Tomb Raider walkthrough, we discovered how you had to face two bats after that point, but you should find another large medi pack.

Next, return to the area with the open pool. You will walk through the passage to uncover stone idols. Beware of the dart trap. As you enter the opening, you will turn right and have to kill a wolf, and as you continue, you will see a second wolf howling on the left. Finally, you will have a third wolf, and he will awaken two others that you will have to fight off.

Off at the lefthand corner, you should spot an opening. Walk through it to find a room with a pool. You will go through this and walk up a staircase where you will find a bat. Pull a switch and the door will open. You could also head right where you will reach another room. Grab for the ledge so that you don’t have to deal with the floor crumbling. You should see a middle door. You will place the gold idol here to complete level two.

Final Advice

Hopefully, you have found this Tomb Raider walkthrough helpful. If you have any thoughts, questions or experiences with the game, we invite you to share your knowledge. We always try to respond to the questions of our readers to encourage an active discussion with us and other readers.

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