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Baldur’s Gate is considered to be one of the most influential PC role-playing games of all time. Its combination of rich story, memorable characters, and unique mechanics made it stand out in a way that almost nothing else could match. With Baldur’s Gate now available on mobile platforms, it’s the goal of this Baldur’s Gate review to figure out if the new game lives up to its legacy.

Type of Game RPG
Developer Overhaul Games
Platforms Android, iOS
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Free No, $9.99

Your Mission

At the heart of this Baldur’s Gate review lies a simple quest – to adequately sum up one of the most formative gaming experiences of the 1990s. The game was far from simple, as players managed a growing cast of characters in their attempt to prevent nothing less than the rebirth of a dark god. While there’s treasure to be had and relationships to pursue along the way, there’s always the threat of Armageddon in the background to push the player onward.

Design & Graphics

It’s important to note when looking at this Baldur’s Gate review that the mobile version is built off of the Enhanced Edition. That means that a great deal of the game has been tweaked and updated for modern audiences, which is frankly something of a miracle. The original game was a remarkable bit of design, but it’s probably fair to say that it didn’t age well. All of the new systems in place, including a much-improved save system, made their way to the iOS and Android versions of the game.

The bad news is that this is still a game meant to be played with a keyboard and mouse. While combat isn’t too hard on a touch screen, some of the other interactions aren’t quite as precise as they should be. This is largely forgivable, though, as things work out the vast majority of the time. There will not be a point, however, when you forget that you’re playing a port.

The game looks fine on a mobile screen, which is perhaps more forgiving than a 4k monitor. The game doesn’t look as good as some of the best games on mobile platforms, but it is still beyond serviceable. You’ll be able to tell you are playing an older game, but you probably won’t care. This game transcends its looks because of how much fun it is to play.

Main Characters

The main character of Baldur’s Gate is probably the least exciting, largely because he is a cypher with a personality completely decided by the player. While this Baldur’s Gate review was played with a good character, it’s entirely possible for the character to be a wicked villain. The character definitely started a trend in blank slate RPG characters, one that carries on to this day.

With that said, the other characters fair very well in this edition of the game. There are a few new characters who have been introduced, but it’s the old favorites that are truly a ton of fun. Minsc and Xar are still two of the greatest character companions in any role playing game. And there’s something fun about having access to them in the palm of your hand.

Most of the new characters are a bit forgettable, but it’s nice to have them available. They fit in well with the lore of the story and don’t break anything. If you’ve never played the game before, it’s advisable to spend some time with the new characters. They’re definitely well-suited for players who come in without expectations. Regardless, though, the entire cast is worth at least a few lines of dialog. Spend as much time with the secondary characters as you can – you’ll appreciate it.


It’s hard to talk about the Baldur’s Gate storyline due to a few pertinent issues. First and foremost is that every player experiences the plot a little differently. Depending on the companions you choose and the choices you make, you’ll see the world through different lenses. Not as much as in some modern RPGs, but there are definitely enough differences in how you can tackle the game that things change between playthroughs.

The other big issue is that the game involves at least three major conspiracies or twists. Without spoiling much, it’s safe to say that this is a game of hidden lineages, ancient conspiracies, and high politics. Players will deal with the natural and supernatural. What starts as a simple quest for revenge turns into something with worldwide implications. There’s nothing simple in this game, but that’s part of the charm. For those who really enjoy experiencing everything, there are also a number of optional quests included.

All told, though, Baldur’s Gate is more a game about experiences than a story. This Baldur’s Gate review went through to the end, but it’s still the interactions between characters that remained memorable. The story is simply a means to an end, albeit one that is very entertaining.

Final Thoughts

This worst part of this Baldur’s Gate review was that the game had to come to an end. It’s amazing how everything just falls into place once you really get moving with the game. Especially if you’ve played it before. The controls are far from perfect and the game shows its age, but it really never misses a step. This is a fantastic game that needs to be played by anyone who calls himself or herself a gamer.

Of course, there are many possible views on this version of Baldur’s Gate. How did you enjoy playing it on a mobile device? We’ve also taken a look at the mobile version of GTA San Andreas. Get in touch and let us know!

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