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This Botanicula walkthrough is designed to help players finish the game. In this guide, you will find tips and tricks, along with helpful hints and strategies. Botanicula is an indie adventure game from Amanita Design and was released in 2012. The game involves pointing and clicking of the mouse to control five quirky characters whose goal is to plant a light seed and avoid dark parasites. Botanicula has received a 10/10 rating on Steam and is playable on iOS and Android devices.

Chapter 1 – The Three Feathers

Follow this Botanicula walkthrough to complete this chapter. The game opens and you will see a parasite trying to steal the light seeds from the titular tree of the game. The parasite leaves behind a seed, which ends up in the hands of the five main characters that are focused on saving the seed.

However, an insect-like creature named Brambora blocks the path of the game’s protagonists. Brambora cannot leave without his wings – three of which are missing. The goal of this chapter is to find the three wings and give them to Brambora.

Go up to the crossroads. Keep going to the far left where there are two creatures guarding something. This is where you will find the first wing. You cannot pass with all the five creatures, so send the twig-like character with no name to get the wing.

Return to the crossroads until you reach the farthest branch to the right where you will find the second wing. The third feather is floating on the east side of the tree. Click on it to get it.

Things You Will Need

To complete this part of the Botanicula walkthrough you do not need anything other than the three feathers. You just need to follow the instructions above and you will pass the level.

Easter Eggs

Here is one where you will meet Bzukavec to gain a brilliant ending for the game. As you go up the crossroads, you will find a black creature on the right part of the screen just under a branch.

Clicking on the creature will make it hide behind a leaf. Keep clicking on him until you see a red insect named Bzukavec. You can skip this part, but Bzukavec can give you a Tree Mythology entry.

Another is finding the creature cards. In this level, you should be able to collect 11 of them.

Find the jack-o-lantern by clicking continuously on the same black character as above. Click the jack-o-lantern twice to get the card. Find three twigs, click on them until they turn to flowers and they attract insects. Pop a balloon from a small spider.

You will get it when you gain the first feather or wing. Walk south and then back to the northern part of the tree. Walk south then to the right. Go up the branch and find six pods. Find a shell and use it several times.

Use the character that looks like a mushroom to go to a hole in the branch. Use the feather character to the same hole. Go back to the black creature and give him his lost feathers to get the last card.

Chapter 2 – The Five Keys

In this next part of the Botanicula walkthrough, the goal is to retrieve the five missing keys that will be used to unlock a special room. Finish this chapter by following the steps below.

Go south where you will find the magic mushrooms. Keep going south until you find a chestnut creature that will talk to you. Go south again until you see a beehive. Click on it, a bug will appear that will drop a light seed. A snail will get the seed once you click on it.

Go northwest where you will find a red ball, which you will use to get a key. Go east then southwest until you see some berries. You will see a gray creature here. Click and hold on him until you see that his eye begins to flash.

He will start singing while two more creatures like him will arrive. Click and hold as well until they all start to sing. Repeat until the big gray creature arrives. Enter the mouth of the large creature where you will see a green character. Click on him to make him spit out the second key.

For the third key, find a big red spike in the east and pull it down. Let a small character bounce on the red spike where you will get the key. For the fourth, you will find a white creature when you go north. Follow it as it heads east.

Click on the white creature twice to make it lay three eggs. Touch the eggs with your mouse to hatch them. You will get the fourth key. Go southeast to get the final key where there is a huge gap. Use the twig character to get the last key, which is in the water.

Things You Need

For the second chapter of our Botanicula walkthrough you will need to collect the following:

  • Light seed
  • Red ball
  • Eggs
  • 5 keys

Easter Eggs

Just like what is above in this Botanicula walkthrough, you will also find creature cards in this chapter. This time, there are 18.

You will automatically be given a card. Find the hive and the snail. Let it eat the fruit. After getting the first key, you will also get a creature card. In the branch with the gray creatures, click the large gray one to get the second card.

Find the black creature that will tell you a story to get a creature card. Find a pecking creature and click on it thrice to get a card. Another card will appear from the pecking creature.

Nearby, there is a leaf where you can find another card. Scare away a musical creature that drops from the sky using smaller creatures to get the next card. Get the 10th card in the red spike’s location.

On the right side, you will see a green spiky creature, which will give you the next card. There is also a red creature with a shell. Click on him four times until he loses his shell where you will find the next card.

Make the other red creatures jump and have the largest go to the funnel to gain a card. There is a vertical branch and to its left, there is a green ball. Click on the ball to get a card.

There is a stick insect, which you should click four times for a card. Follow a flying white creature and let it lay eggs until you find a creature card. While getting the last key, you will find a creature card. Go right and get a card.

Chapter 3 – Five Wishes

Also called Five Dreams, this next chapter is about the wishes or dreams of the five main characters. This chapter is a little easy and this part of our Botanicula walkthrough will prove that.

There is a lamp with a genie in it and you can let the characters make a wish except for the lantern character since he does not know what to wish for yet.The mushroom creature wants to enjoy a carousel ride, so turn the handle in clockwise direction to begin.

Poppyhead wants to reach the stars, so click on the green seed two times and then touch the shuttle. For the twig creature, he wants Christmas, so pull the cord and there will be a present.

Feather creature wants to hear some music. Click the white ball, a pink bug, bagpipes, harmonica, and yo-yo. There is a yellow bug as well, so click on his drums, trumpet, and banjo. A triangle will appear. Click on it as well to make the wish come true.

Finally, lantern creature discovers what he wants now and that is to scare away a spider. Take the string and catch the spider for Mr. Lantern.

In this chapter you do not anything in particular, as most items needed to fullfil the main characters’ wishes will be in their vecinity.

Easter Eggs

This chapter will also give you creature cards and this time, there are 10 of them. With the help of this Botanicula walkthrough, you should be able to collect them all.

You will get a creature card after the genie appears. After Mr. Feather gets his wish, you will get a creature card. You will receive a card after Mr. Twig gets his wish and Santa arrives.

There is a card when you give Mr. Poppyhead his wish. Another card is available after Mrs. Mushroom gets her wish. You will receive a card when Mr. Lantern has his wish.

Find a green creature as spiders attack to get a creature card. At the right side, you will also find another card. Find a dandelion to get a card after removing its seeds. Find a brown slug and give the dandelion in exchange for a card.

Chapter 4 – Three Babies

Also called the Three Lost Children, this next chapter is about finding the three children that a crying brown creature has lost. To help this creature find those babies, this Botanicula walkthrough will guide you step by step.

Start walking east until you get to some ladle flowers. One of the babies is there and only one of your five friends can save the baby. It is Mrs. Mushroom.

Go east once again until you see some white sheep. Click and drag them to make them float. You will see the second baby at the bottom. You can take the baby.

Go west to find some sleeping pigs. Climb the branch and jump to have acorns falling off. The pigs will wake up and they will eat the acorns.

Find the big mother pig and click on her to make her bounce. You will see the final baby. Return to the brown creature that lost her babies.

Just as the chapter before, all items needed to complete the story are available in your environment. So, there is no need to fill your inventory with items.

Easter Eggs

There are 17 creature cards in this chapter.

There is a red vine in the first scene of the chapter. Click on it to get a creature card. There is also a carnivorous leaf that will eat a bee. Clicking on it will make it spit the bee out. This will give you a card.

Find a frog and click on it until it hops to a branch. There will be three more frogs that will join him. Have the frogs sing you a song by clicking on all of them. You will get a creature card for this.

Use Mr. Feather to fly up and grab the worm from behind a leaf to get a card. As you get the first baby, go to the ladle with water and let it spill. Grow a plant next to the topmost ladle to get a creature card.

Find the fisher character and give him the worm he needs to get a card. When you see a crab creature, you will get a card when you add it to your inventory. There is another card waiting when you click on the hanging fruits.

Use Mr. Twig to make him look at a hole where a monkey jumps. Click on your friend’s eye twice and get a card. Using the crab in your inventory, cut the spider thread to get another card.

When you get the second baby, you will get a card. Find a flying creature and make it drink juice using a leaf. Keep repeating until the creature slides off to the right. You will get a card.

There is another card waiting for accomplishing #12. You will receive another card when you pick up a little beetle. There is another card when you form a bridge using the spider creature’s legs.

Use the beetle you picked up to scare away another beetle. This will give you another card. You will get the last creature card after getting the third baby.

Final Advice

Botanicula is a puzzle game that is full of adventure and humor. The challenges can be difficult, while others are a little easier. The game has a slow pace from the beginning to the end, so you can just relax and let it take you to a simple yet mind-boggling gaming experience. This Botanicula walkthrough is your guide to beating this game, especially the tricky puzzles. Find your way in another enchanting puzzle game with our Monument Valley guide.

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