Can You Escape Walkthrough

Can You Escape is a free Android and iOs game available for desktop and mobile gamers through the Microsoft Store, iTunes or Google Play. Drawing on the familiar “escape room” premise, Can You Escape provides 12 individual room scenarios in the base game as well as four bonus rooms that can be unlocked with an in-app purchase. Players must explore the rooms by clicking on items and solving puzzles.

If you’re looking for Can You Escape game help, the odds are good that you’ve gotten stuck in one of the rooms. You can reference this Can You Escape walkthrough at any time to get yourself un-stuck and continue enjoying this fun free game.

Can You Escape Level One

The first level features a simple room with a painting, some furniture, and an elevator door. You need to solve one picture puzzle and collect three items in order to escape this room. The Can You Escape walkthrough might not be necessary for this first level, but beware: The game gets much harder with each passing level.

What You Need

  • Drawer handle
  • Screwdriver
  • Key
  • The code from the painting

Begin by tapping on the chest. You will see a picture puzzle of a horse. Solve this puzzle by tapping on each section to rotate the jumbled image pieces until they form an image. This will give you a drawer handle.

Use the drawer handle on the nightstand to open the door. This will give you a screwdriver.

Look at the painting on the wall. It has the number “1915” printed in the corner. Remember this number.

Use the screwdriver to remove the vent cover. Input the code “1915” into the combination lock to the vault. This will give you the key.

Use the key on the lock by the elevator door. This will allow you to exit the room.

Can You Escape Level Two

The second level of the Can You Escape walkthrough is a sparsely furnished room with a desk, microscope, and several smaller items scattered along the floor and surfaces of the room. It looks like a scientist may work here.

You Will Need

  • Lock combination
  • Faucet knob
  • Key
  • Key card

Begin by looking at the deck of cards on the desk. Flip this over to reveal the code “493.” Input this into the combination lock on the case lying on the floor. This will give you the faucet knob.

Use the knob on the faucet to fill the jar with water. This will cause a key to float to the surface.

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Take this key and use it on the cabinet. This will give you the keycard that can be used on the elevator door to escape the room.

Can You Escape Level Three

The third room looks like it may belong to a student. There is a wardrobe, desk, television, and workbench as well as art on the wall.

You Will Need

  • Wrench
  • Pipe
  • Laptop hard drive
  • Key

Pick up the wrench from the floor near the stool.

Next, approach the wardrobe. Open the top cabinet and use the wrench to remove the pipe. Open the bottom cabinet to find the laptop hard drive.

Use the hard drive on the laptop. This will allow it to boot up and present a color puzzle. The puzzle’s solution is, “yellow, blue, red, green.” Once you hit “enter,” you’ll see a pattern; this is the solution to the next puzzle.

Remembering that pattern, tap on the television stand. Use the pipe on it to act as a knob. Arrange the pegs to match the solution given by the computer. The first and third knobs will be in the number two position; the second and fourth knobs will be in the number three position. Open the cabinet to reveal the key so you can exit the room.

Can You Escape Level Four

This level is a small kitchen with a fridge, stove, and table as well as a few potted plants and decorations.

You Will Need

  • Battery
  • Mallet
  • Knife
  • Flashlight
  • Blinds wand
  • Key

Start by pulling out the seat at the table to reveal a battery.

Next, examine the bottles on the shelf and memorize their order: blue, red, yellow, green. Go to the stove and tap on the lights to change their colors to match. This will allow you to open the stove and take the mallet.

Move the purple potted plant on the floor to reveal a secret compartment. Use the mallet to open it and obtain a knife.

Use the knife to cut the ropes on the package on the floor. This will reveal the flashlight.

Next, remove the wand from the blinds. Use this on the compartment in the floor. Use the battery on the flashlight, then use the flashlight to look into the opening. You will see keys at the bottom. Use the blinds wand to retrieve the keys, and you can exit the room.

Can You Escape Level Five

At this point, the puzzles start to become more challenging, which is why having a Can You Escape walkthrough can help to alleviate a lot of frustration.

This level is a studio apartment, and there are two room views you can toggle between by tapping the arrow on the bottom left of your screen.

You Will Need

  • Pencil
  • Clipboard
  • Modern Key
  • Old-Fashioned key
  • Blue glass eye
  • Brown glass eye
  • Almonds

Tap on the arrow to view the bedroom side. Look at the art piece on the wall and memorize the candle order: red, green, black, white. Return to the living room side and use those colors to solve the puzzle on the shelf beneath the dart board. This will give you a pencil.

Rub the pencil against the paper on the clipboard on the table at the foot of the bed. This will give you the solution to the puzzle in the chest by the bicycle. Solve that puzzle to obtain a key.

While in the bedroom, you can find the glass eyes in the bicycle’s basket and the nightstand. Take both of those items back into the living room.

Place the eyes in either side of the drawer with the potted plant. Open that drawer to receive almonds. Feed these almonds to the bird in the birdcage; this will give you the second key.

Look at the dart board for the solution to the final puzzle. At the console beside the elevator door, use both keys to activate the console and input “845” + “129” in the top and “974” in the bottom. This will allow the door to open so that you can leave.

Can You Escape Level Six

This room looks like a child’s playroom. There are a large toy car, a model ship, and several other small items scattered throughout.

You Will Need

  • Blue weight
  • Green weight
  • Carjack

Begin by looking at the shelf with the ship. The blocks are a number puzzle to solve. From top to bottom, left to right, the right answer is 168, 12, 14, 6, 2, 7, 3, 2, 1, 7. This will give you the blue weight. Also remove the jack from beneath the shelf.

Remove the pole from the shelf with the potted plant and tap the chamber to view the number behind it. There is also a number hidden in the lizard art on the wall and beneath the basket on the cabinet. Use these numbers to solve the combination on the cabinet: 2662. This will give you a green weight.

Use the pole on the jack, then use the jack on the car to lift it and receive the red weight.

Use the weights on the hanging hooks that match their colors. Then tap the gray console to receive the key so that you can exit the room.

Can You Escape Level Seven

This room has a nice entertainment center and colorful rug as well as a few nature photographs on the wall. The second part of the room is a photography studio.

If you’ve made it this far, you’re over halfway through the game and the Can You Escape walkthrough. The puzzles get increasingly complex from here.

You Will Need

  • Key
  • Screwdriver
  • Memory card
  • Bolt cutters
  • Camera

Start by examining the ship. Move the small boat on deck to get the key.

Next, look at the toolbox and remove the screwdriver. Tap the bottom left of the screen to switch to the other room view.

Use the screwdriver on the framed picture on the desk to get the memory card. View the blocks on the green screen; they will give you a puzzle solution.

Return to the main room and tap the chest. Solve the colored block puzzle on the top of the chest; the color order is yellow, green, black, yellow, blue, black, red, blue. Open the chest to get the bolt cutters.

Return to the photography room and use the bolt cutters on the locked box to get the camera. Use the memory card on the camera to view the photos. These photos will give you the combination for the locked drawer. That combination is “4840.” Back in the living room, solve another color puzzle on the entertainment center with the code “4315.” This will give you the key so you can exit the room.

Final Advice

When you’re stuck, you can always turn to a Can You Escape walkthrough for help. However, it’s often the most fun to attempt to beat a level on your own a few times before looking for answers. A general strategy for beating the game on your own is to click or tap on everything and make note of what might be missing or how an item could interact with its environment. Remembering those details will help you to connect the dots for yourself once a puzzle piece is found. Most puzzles will have their solutions available somewhere else in the room; there are no unsolvable puzzles in Can You Escape. It’s also important not to be distracted by dead ends; not every item in a room will be useful or significant.

With that in mind and armed with this Can You Escape walkthrough, you’ll become a master of the game in no time. If you need help with later levels, be sure to read our Can You Escape walkthrough for levels eight through 12 as well as our Can You Escape walkthrough for the bonus content.

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