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Deponia is a game full of crazy adventure led by the protagonist, Rufus. The game is fun with a humorous story, and great graphics. It was introduced in 2012 by Daedalic, and is now available on both iOS, and Android. This Deponia walkthrough aims to help players finish the game. If you play the game and you get stuck, or you simply want to complete the game quickly, you will definitely benefit from this Deponia walkthrough.


The start of the game is quite simple, and this Deponia walkthrough will give you the solutions to the first part of the game where the goal is to pack the suitcase. You will also learn how to interact with the NPCs through the short tutorial. It will also explain the inventory and items you can find in certain locations. To pack the suitcase, you will need to repair the junk press in the middle of the screen.

Here are the things that you need to do:
  • Find Yin, which is in front of Rufus and pick it up.
  • Open the inventory, and you will find Yan.
  • Combine the two to get the spare part.
  • The spare part is usable on the inconspicuous slot.
  • Press the button on the left, which will “press” Rufus.

In the game, you play as Rufus.

What You Need

As mentioned in the first part of this Deponia walkthrough, you need:

  • Yin to combine with Yan in your inventory;
  • Spare part after combining Yin and Yan;

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter Eggs yet in this part of the game.

Part 1 – Kuvaq – Pack the Suitcase

Rufus wants to get to Elysium, and away from the place full of junk. The task now is to pack your suitcase. This Deponia walkthrough will help you achieve that as well as finding a list of items:

On the bed, you will find the suitcase. Open the suitcase. Inside the suitcase, you will find the list. The list tells you to collect a toothbrush, bolt cutter, pair of socks, and provisions.

The green sock is under the cushion on the bed. On the right, you will find the old escape plans, and beside it, you will find the trunk from Rufus’ father. Under the window, there’s a cabinet where you can find the torch and oil can. Take these two with you, then proceed to the living room.

Go straight to the bathroom door to take the chafing chit. The toothbrush is on the sink, but it is alive, and runs to the dark corner. Open the bathroom to find the plunger. Open the locker door and find the bolt cutter. You will also see the detergent. Pick it up as well.

There is a room with a guillotine where Rufus has to get the severe slip. Proceed to the kitchen, open the fridge to find a yellow sock. On the right, there is a coat with the blue sock. Use the plunger on the sink to pull out a plank with a mouse hole. Search inside the mouse hole to get the mousetrap.

Take a bunch of notes near the oven and fire them up using the torch. In a pot, throw the blue and yellow socks, and then one of them will change to green. Take that sock.

To obtain the provisions, take the oil can, and use it on the sink. There are crumbs on the sofa, so use the can there. For the toothbrush, take the mouse trap and place it in the dark corner. You will then catch the toothbrush.

What You Need

For the first part of the chapter, you need these important things:

  • Mouse trap to catch the toothbrush
  • Green sock
  • Yellow and blue socks to get another green sock
  • Torch
  • Oil can
  • Provisions
  • Bolt cutter
  • List

Easter Eggs

There are still no Easter eggs in this part of the game.

Bonus Levels

There is no bonus level here.

Part 1 – Kuvaq – Find Goal

Rufus will find himself tied with chains upside down. Follow this Deponia walkthrough to get out of this difficult situation:

Click on the chain twice to prompt Rufus to get up. He is on the Organons’ cruiser, and he will enter the chute after getting up. There are three hatches at the bottom of the screen. Open the inventory, take the provisions, and use it on the middle hatch.

Use the pair of socks on the metal part that opened. Open the hatch with the sock, and get the maintenance arm that appeared. You will see Goal, a nice girl. She is with a group of soldiers threatening her. Watch the cut scene where Rufus will save the girl.

What You Need

For this part of the game, you only need the maintenance arm and Goal.

Easter Eggs

You will find a portrait of Harvey in the village gate. Harvey is one of the lead characters in another adventure game from Deponia’s developer, Daedalic. The other game is called Edna and Harvey.

Bonus Levels

There is no bonus level here.

Part 1 – Kuvaq – Contact Cletus

After the cut scene, Rufus will see himself in the emergency station where Goal is on the bed, speaking nonsense. However, she understands Elysium when Rufus talks about it. She will ask him to find Cletus, her fiancé.

In the station, there are balloons. One of them should be filled with laughing gas first before going to the alley. There is a parrot now to which Rufus should try to talk to. He finds out the parrot repeats everything he hears from a woman.

Now, use the balloon with the laughing gas on the parrot to take it with you. Go to the town hall after, and then to the assembly hall where the mayor is sleeping. Take the funnel on the ground. Take the microphone as well. From the mayor’s chest, you will see a clock, which you should also take with you.

Leave the hall, and place the clock into opening hours, which will cause the post office to open. Leave the town hall, and go to a shop where you will find Toni, Rufus’ ex. Get the dart and tranquilizer from the inventory. Take the funnel and combine it with the prepared dart to get a blowpipe.

Use the pipe on the window and aim the dart on Toni. Toni will calm down after using the dart on her. Take the vouchers found inside the shop, and leave the parrot next to the door where there is a pole. There is a radio near Toni’s house from where you were before. You will use it to contact Cletus after plugging in the microphone.

What You Need

  • Balloon with the laughing gas
  • Parrot
  • Funnel
  • Dart and tranquilizer
  • Microphone
  • Radio

Easter Eggs

In the town hall, there is a portrait of Harvey found near a globe.

Bonus Levels

There are none here.

Part 2 – Junk Mine – Fix the Mine Cart

Rufus will have to take Goal to the junk mine, and has to find the mine cart to transport Goal. Follow this Deponia walkthrough to solve this puzzle:

Go to the right until you reach the viaduct where there is a skeleton hanging. Pull the leg and take it. Take the mirror on the right as well. After opening the signaling light base, take the signaling lamp, and use the halogen lamp instead. Talk to a doctor there to get the avial power inverter, which you need to fix the mine cart.

What You Need

For this story in the second part of the game, you should have:

  • Skeleton leg
  • Mirror
  • Signaling lamp
  • Halogen lamp
  • Avial power inverter

Easter Egg

There is no Easter egg here.

Bonus Levels

There is a mini-game in this part. To start it, you should mount the inverter into the mine cart. You will fail, and you will find a spare part to open the mini-game. After completing the mini-game, you will find three inverters in your inventory. Use them on the mine cart, and it will get fixed.

Part 2 – Junk Mine – Goal and the Mine Cart

With the mine cart fixed, you can now place Goal in it.

On the left side, there’s a red cloth, which you should pick up. Go to the tunnel and find the red lever, which will turn on the lights. Go back to the viaduct where you will see that the skeleton is much lower now.

Take the key there, and go back to the doctor. Drink his booze, which will make the doctor angry. Clean the bottle with the cloth, which you will use to clean the mirror you obtained. Finally, go to the crane, and take the skeleton leg from your inventory.

The leg fits behind the seat of the cart. Use the crane lever to place Goal onto the cart. Get in as well, and after the ride, go upstairs using the switch. After this part of the game, you will get to the Lower Ascension Station.

What You Need

For this level, make sure you have these with you to proceed:

  • Booze
  • Skeleton leg
  • Bottle of booze
  • Red cloth
  • Red lever and switch
  • Mirror
  • Key

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs in this part of the game.

Bonus Level

No bonus level in this part of the game.

Part 3 – Lower Ascension Station – Explore the Station

Rufus finds himself in a candy store. Follow this Deponia walkthrough to know what you should do next:

Press the red button on the chewing gun dispenser to get a piece of gum. To the right, press the button of the anchovy machine to get anchovies on a stick. Eat it to just have the stick. Head to the concourse, and take the mosaic stone which you can find on the ground. To the right, you will see the mosaic table. Get a pebble on the ground.

What You Need

To move on to the second level of the third part of the game, you should obtain:

  • Gum
  • Stick from the anchovies
  • Mosaic stone
  • Pebble

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs here.

Bonus Level

No bonus level here.

Part 3 – Lower Ascension Station – Mosaic Table

Your task now is to clean the mosaic table. Here are the steps to achieve the task:

Go to the elevator on the right. Take the mop, bucket, and soap found at the utility cabinet. You will need the bucket to get water from a barrel. Put the mop and the soap in the bucket. Return to the table with the mosaic and use the mop on it to clean it.

The elevator from earlier has a password, and it is written on the table. A piece is missing though, so use the gum and place it on the mosaic stone.

What You Need

For this level, get the following items:

  • Mop
  • Bucket
  • Soap

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs in this part of the game.

Bonus Level

There is a mini-game again as you try to use the gum on the mosaic stone. You will have to arrange the stone into its right appearance. However, you will be unsuccessful even after completing the mini-game. The mosaic stone will break afterward.

Part 3 – Lower Ascension Station – Find Goal

You will go back to the candy store, which you will find messy. Your task now is to find Goal.

Go to the anchovy machine, press the button, and take another one of the anchovies on a stick. Use it into the puddle on the ground to get bait.

Move to the lobby when you see a trace on the puddle. Follow the trace until you reach the center of the room. It will lead you to the tower. Behind the tower, you will see a stack of needles. Get the straw after digging into the stack.

Get inside the cable chute where you will see a whale blocking the way. Give him the bait. You will see Goal on the couch with the doctor and captain Bonzo who owns the place.

What You Need

These things will lead you to the next level of the game:

  • Anchovies on a stick
  • Bait for the whale for you to pass the chute
  • Straw

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs at this level.

Bonus Level

There is no bonus level here.

Part 3 – Lower Ascension Station – Elysium and Deponia

This is the final part of the Deponia walkthrough which will guide you on how to get to Elysium, and save the world of Deponia:

After talking to the doctor, you can leave and return to the tower. You will find Organons waiting for you. Take the straw, and go to the pool where you obtained water earlier. There is a trunk nearby. Get inside it.

Use the crank found on the left window to open the French door. You will find a fork on the ground. Take it, and put it inside the horn next to the pipe. The canopy top will open. Find the platypus soft toy so that you can move further into the story.

Place the toy under the board to move forward. Use the crane lever when you get to the crane. Goal will be there with you inside. There is a lifeboat where you can find a bag and inside, Cletus’ rags. Wear the rags to look like Cletus, and you go to Elysium with Goal.

What You Need

You will need the following to end the game:

  • Fork
  • Horn
  • Platypus soft toy
  • Crane lever
  • Cletus’ rags

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs here.

Bonus Level

There is no bonus level in this part of the game.

Final Advice

Hopefully, this Deponia walkthrough has helped you complete the game. If you have some tips and tricks for the game, do not hesitate to share them with other players.

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