Dragon Quest VIII Walkthrough

Though it was first released for PS2 over a decade ago, Dragon Quest VIII: Journey of the Cursed King is still an all-time favorite among RPG enthusiasts. Today, the 8th chapter of this epic role-playing saga is also available for Android and iOS devices. Of course, the mobile game is every bit as complex, intense and challenging as the original version. Luckily, if you’re stuck on a tough level or overwhelmed by a confusing quest, you can tackle it by using this comprehensive Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough.

Dragon Quest VIII Part 1 – Rylus and the Great Kalderasha

After a short intro tutorial, the Hero and Yangus set off on their mission to find the evil jester Dhoulmagus, who turned everyone they knew into statues. To defeat him, they must first kill his generals (bosses) and become stronger by leveling up and expanding the search party.

Part 1 begins in the Farebury region. Your main goals are to gain experience, get properly equipped for battle and fight Geyzer, the first boss. While you mostly play as the main Hero, you’re also in control of your entire party, though it only consists of you and Yangus at this point in the game.

Start by gathering Gold, herbs and other basic items in Farebury. You can’t leave town until you find the Thief’s Key Recipe. Once you do, fight your way toward the Waterfall Hut, where you’ll pick up a tool kit and a Seed of Agility. You’ll need these items and store-bought weapons to survive inside Waterfall Cave, so don’t enter the cave until you’re ready.

After defeating all the monsters inside Waterfall Cave, make sure to grab the Copper Sword before moving on to the boss. As the first boss of the game, Geyzer isn’t very tough to kill. When you’re done with him, come back to town, speak with Kalderasha and watch a short story scene to open the next region.

What You Need

The Farebury region is so huge and detailed that you’re bound to have trouble locating all the required items. As such, consider taking advantage of the Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough item list. It includes everything you’ll need, along with tips on where to find the most elusive weapons, armor, seeds, etc. For obvious reasons, items available in local shops aren’t included.

  • Cypress Stick
  • Holy Water
  • Seed of Defence
  • Pot Lid
  • Thief’s Key Recipe – It appears inside the church but only at night.
  • Seed of Life – Find a large treasure chest by heading North once you’re outside of Farebury.
  • Seed of Agility
  • Tool Bag
  • 8x Plain Cheese – Give the tool bag to the old man inside the Waterfall Hut and he’ll reward you with eight pieces of cheese.
  • Copper Sword – Instead of buying it in the shop, look for a free one inside the Waterfall Cave.
  • Crystal Ball

Easter Eggs

The Farebury region is basically an introduction to the game – it’s considerably less difficult and less rewarding than other levels. Although there aren’t any huge Easter Eggs, dozens of treasure chests are hidden on the outskirts of Farebury.

For example, if you leave town and head West, you’ll find a treasure chest with a pair of Boxer Shorts. Likewise, if you venture East, you will eventually come across a bounty of 82 Gold.

Bonus Levels

Unfortunately, you must complete most of the storyline to unlock hidden levels, including the recently added bonus dungeons. So there’s simply no point to include them in this part of the Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough.

Dragon Quest VIII Part 2 – Alexandria’s Heir

You’ll need to reach three main goals before you can leave Alexandria:

1. Upgrade both your hero’s level and his equipment.

2. Expand your party by meeting Jesica.

3. Kill Khalamari, the region’s boss.

Start by replacing your equipment at Alexandria’s shops, which offer tougher Scale Shields and Armour in addition to powerful Stone Axes. Plus, a Leather Kilt is more effective and way more dignified than your Bandit’s Grass Skirt. When both Yangus and the main hero are upgraded, you can enter the Tower of Alexandria.

The tower is packed full of monsters and riddles with hidden treasures. Defeat all the monsters to gain as much experience points as possible. You should have a level 6-7 hero when you enter, and he should reach level 9-10 by the time you move on to the boss.

Before you reach Khalamari’s lair, you’ll travel to Port Prospect. Stop by the local weapon shop for some serious upgrades. If you’re level 10 or below, don’t even bother trying to defeat the boss without Iron Lances or Farmer’s Scythes equipped to both members of your party. Once Khalamari is dead, simply talk to Jessica and she’ll join the team.

What You Need

Sure, there’s no “best way” to win the level, but there is the fastest way. To finish Alexandria as quickly as possible, collect items in the order specified in this Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough. The below list includes every single thing you need to find as you venture through the Alexandria region.

  • Slime Earrings
  • Seed of Strength
  • Moonwort Bulb
  • Seed of Magic
  • Jessica’s Letter – Gain control of Munchie, the pet mouse, by talking to the maid at Albert Mansion. As Munchie, sneak into Jessica’s room. The letter is on her table.
  • Seed of Agility
  • Scale Shield
  • Jessica’s Outfit – After cleaning up Alexandria Tower, return to Albert mansion and talk to Jessica. Now, simply find her room upstairs and get an outfit from her cabinet.
  • Seed of Wisdom
  • Gold Bracer

Easter Eggs

First off, there are three blue treasure chests hidden within the Alexandria region. Each one contains a highly valuable item or a substantial amount of Gold. Grab the first one before you even enter Alexandria by taking a small South-bound detour on your way from Farebury. You’ll also find a regular chest with 100 Gold a few steps away from the blue one.

For those who appreciate the little things, there’s a small Easter Egg in Jessica’s room. All the art in the game is the same 4-5 blurry paintings but there’s a detailed portrait of a sad Jessica hanging on her wall. After you kill Khalamari, her portrait turns that frown upside down.

Bonus Levels

After you complete all Alexandria quests, your party of three gets on a boat headed to the next region. However, before you sail away (by talking to the captain) you can explore the boat for as long as you want. In addition to some herbs and a bronze knife, you’ll acquire the Alchemy Pot. At first, the tool may not seem like much of a bonus. But, when used correctly, this pot is an unlimited source of Gold.

To take advantage of the immense Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough bonus, you must buy Medicinal Herbs and use them to make Strong Medicines, which you can then sell for a profit. When merchants start offering less, simply use the Strong Medicines to make Special Medicines and sell those at a premium. There are more than enough other well-paying combinations.

Dragon Quest VIII Part 3 – Maella Abbey

The third chapter spans all across the map, from Farebury to two brand new regions, Peregrin Quay and Maella. With so many different levels and locations, there’s plenty of room for growth. That said, there’s virtually no room for errors when fighting the Tortured Soul boss, one of the trickiest opponents in the game.

In Maella Abbey you finally meet Angelo, the last member of your party. Angelo will volunteer to join the group right after you defeat the boss. But first, you must clear out three monster strongholds, which means your party’s equipment will need some major upgrades.

As such, the first thing you need to do is pillage the town for gold. This is also a perfect time to utilize your Alchemy Pot. Combine useless junk to create valuable items and sell them to local merchants. Once the whole team is geared up, enter the next region and jump into battle.

What You Need

Even if you follow a step-by-step Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough, completing Maella Abbey without all the necessary items is virtually impossible. Here’s everything you need in order to reach the boss level:

  • Oaken Club
  • Seed of Defense
  • Iron Nail
  • Seed of Magic
  • Dagger
  • Cypress Stick
  • Feathered Cap
  • Magic Water
  • Bunny Tail
  • Bronze Shield
  • Waterweed Mould – In Ruinned Abby, go all the way through the hall and down the stairs. Avoid the pit of poisonous acid by walking on top of debris. The mold is in the farthest room (walong with Mini Medal #8).
  • Mini Medals #1-8

By the time you reach the Tourtured Soul battle, your hero should be at level 12-13. In addition to that, you should have each of these items equipped to a member of your party:

  • Long Spear
  • Wizard Staff
  • 3x Chain Mail
  • Bronze Shield

Easter Eggs

While there is a number of Easter Eggs in Maella Abbey, most of them hide in plain sight. A prime example is the Bunny Tail. It’s easy to find and seemingly useless, but equip it to Jessica, along with Bunny Ears & Fishnet Stockings, and she turns into Bunny Girl Jessica.

Mini Medals

It makes sense to assume that Mini Medals are basically achievement trophies. In reality, they are the most valuable currency in the game. Once you collect a certain number, you can trade them in for exclusive, invaluable items such as Dragon’s Claw and the Staff of Divine Wrath.
You should never hesitate to spend time looking for these – they’re definitely worth the extra effort.

Bonus Levels

You won’t find any hidden levels as you follow the Maella Abbey storyline. On the other hand, you will unlock a huge chunk of the world map in the process, opening up countless bonus possibilities.

Once you open Maella Abbey, you can actually put the third game chapter on hold and fully complete the following level before resuming. Sure, this may not be the recommended course of action. But it’s probably more challenging (and definitely more fun) than following every step of the traditional Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough.

Final Advice

Playing such a complex game on your phone makes winning even more difficult. So, it’s only fair to even the odds with the help of this in-depth Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough. Use it to get past the toughest, most frustrating levels or simply to make sure you don’t miss any Easter Eggs and bonuses along the way. And, if you have questions or insights to offer, don’t hesitate to share them in the comments.

If there’s one thing you should learn from this Dragon Quest 8 walkthrough, it’s that the RPG lives up to the hype. You’d be hard-pressed to find another role-playing game that offers the same immersive gameplay and riveting plot. However, our Baldur’s Gate review will introduce you to an old, but immersive RPG that has been recently ported to mobile devices.

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