Final Fantasy Brave Exvius Review

As of right now in the RPG genre, the dust has settled and games of this type have dropped to a certain level of risk-free comfort. When you sprinkle responsive battle mechanics with an evolve leveling system and create an ever-expanding awesome group of objects, you have a simple recipe, but the lack of innovation means too much of the same. Standing out in a genre like this offers up some challenges as a lot of it seems the same. This game adopts a new approach, however, as you will discover with this Final Fantasy Brave Exvius review. This is an RPG game developed by Square Enix that you can play through the iOS and Android.

Type of game RPG
Developer SQUARE ENIX Co., Ltd.
Platform iOS / Android
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Free Yes, with in-app purchases

Your Mission

You enter this world of Final Fantasy as two brave knights who have accepted a quest. Their personalities remain in stark contrast of each other as Rain optimistically cracks jokes and Lasswell keeps the quest on the right path.

A woman trapped inside a crystal contacts the two and begs them to rescue her and save the world from certain destruction. To give a completely honest Final Fantasy Brave Exvius review, the generic story line falls flat on its face and never changes into anything original.

Design and Graphics

For a mobile game, the graphics mostly give you what you’d expect. It’s nothing overly fancy, but, for a mobile game, it doesn’t look half bad. Think 16-bit Sega Genesis graphics, and you can imagine what this game looks like. The music and gameplay make this title a recommended choice from this half-satisfied Final Fantasy Brave Exvius review. The masterful combination of nostalgia and great gameplay cannot be forgotten for one second.

When developers released Brave Frontier, the downloads hit the multi-millions. Square Enix had a proud success, and they hoped Brave Exvius had the same impact. This title stretches outside a reskin, nd dives deeper than ever before. You can adventure through dungeons, collect treasures, and explore towns. While the game does not come even close to reinventing the wheel, it still offers more than what you usually find with games of this genre. The hooks of having a free-to-play game can be felt throughout as you have to rely on your stamina meter to keep fighting the monsters of darkness.

Main Characters

Out of five stars, these characters score between a two and three. There’s nothing super original about two knights with the one being a joker and the other being a serious buzzkill. Your eyes will, however, sparkle in entertainment with some of the hilarious arguments the two characters clash in. Will it come to blows? Probably not, but you can sense a bonding friendship forming from the goofy fights these two get into.

Outside Rain and Lasswell, you also have the occasional scantily clad female character. The system rewards your characters after they have entered battle. For each battle, every character will receive their own unique rewards.

The game lets you recruit Final Fantasy characters from other Final Fantasy titles like Kefka, Lightning, and Terra. Some of the familiar faces include Vaan, Cecil, Exdeath, and Vivi. When it comes to character roles, they include:

  • Magic damage
  • Healing
  • Physical damage
  • Tank
  • Hybrid


This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius review tells the truth, and to be honest, the story’s pace feels slow. The people without the heart for Final Fantasy games might think it too slow and give up before it even starts. When you look beyond the story mode, you also have these limited time stages where you will earn experience, gil and crafting ingredients. At points, the characters babble on and on when all you want to do is play the game. For people looking for a satisfactory time killer, this might not be your best choice.

The game shines when you have the time to sit down and play it from that angle. This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius review would like to point out that while many of the entertaining elements in past games were there, it doesn’t feel like a quality job. The dialogue transforms into the main element for progression in the story, but, even by JRPG standards, it’s pretty dreadful.

In one of the missions, you will find yourself underneath an old orphanage, the perfect place for a rebel base camp. You speak with the person inside the old orphanage and then report back to the quest giver for a reward called “Elixir.”

Additional Versions

Square Enix published this game for both the Android and the iOS platform. While Square Enix did the publishing for the game, A-Lim actually developed this free-to-play RPG. This marks the first time a collaborative effort between A-Lim and Square Enix has taken place. The beta testing for Brave Exvius first started August 25, 2015, and it originally began with the Android before rolling out to the iOS. You can also play this game on the iPad, along with smartphones. You can play this game without ever opening your wallet, but as the story progresses, the temptation to spend becomes much greater.

Final Thoughts

This Final Fantasy Brave Exvius review lays out the facts and lets the gamer decide if this game will be fun for them. If you’re not a mobile gaming fan, you may not appreciate what this game offers. Also, unless you plan to take your time beating this game, you may find the way it has been set up as frustrating. Final Fantasy games for the mobile have never had a particularly sound reputation, but this one actually does a good job for the most part.

Have you ever played Final Fantasy Brave Exvius? If so, share your experiences and thoughts in the comments below.

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