Fran Bow Walkthrough (Chapter 1)

This a Fran Bow walkthrough for Chapter 1 of the game. Fran Bow is a horror adventure game that puts us in the world of Fran, a young girl from 1944 who is orphaned after her parents are murdered. Upon finding their dismembered bodies, she runs into the woods where she last sees her beloved cat, Mr. Midnight. Fran wakes up in Oswald Asylum, a terribly depressing mental institution for children. Mr. Midnight visits Fran in a dream, and that motivates Fran to escape from the awful asylum. Once reunited with her cat, Fran plans to return home to live with her only remaining relative, Aunt Grace. This Fran bow walkthrough does contain Spoilers!

Fran Bow Chapter 1 is available for download from iTunes and Android. Below you will find a Fran Bow walkthrough created to help you successfully complete Chapter 1 of Fran Bow.

Fran Bow Chapter 1 – “My Sober Day”

  1. Deern will instruct you to pick up the purse on the table. A note from Aunt Grace is inside the purse.
  2. The nurse will offer you medicine. Take it.
  3. You’ll find yourself back in your room. Head over to the curtain, it will fall down. Collect the golden hook.
  4. You can head RIGHT by tapping the eyeball on the right side of your screen. Look for the box under the bed, it contains a key.
  5. Phil will give you a code needed for the nurse’s office. You’ll have to figure out how to get inside.
  6. Head back to the bed. Take the minuscule key, and the open the drawer on the desk. Remove the family photo and hair-clip from the drawer.
  7. Head to the LEFT. The nurse will scold you about the broken curtain. Follow her, and DO NOT inform her about the golden hook.
  8. While the nurse is away, sneak to her desk, and read all the stuff on it. Make sure to grab the bandages. Open the drawer, and grab the box.
  9. The note from the desk will help you open the box. It should say HIDE. The bottom of the note has instructions for opening it. HIDE translates to 8945. This is the code to opening the box. Once opened, grab the Duotine Pills bottle.
  10. The Duotine pills give Fran the ability to jump between the regular world and the creepy world of her visions. Utilize the Duotine Pills to visualize a yarn roll. Grab the knitting needle.
  11. Combined together, the hair clip collected earlier and the knitting needle create a key.
  12. Head RIGHT, and go down the blood-soaked stairs to catch Aunt Grace and the doctor talking to each other.
  13. You then wake up on the floor of your room with a dead fox in the bed. Look out the window, and scan the environment. Then go get Phil. There’s a deer, and his head falls off when examined. Use the key to unlock the office door. Go through it.
  14. Taking the Duotine pills will reveal a locked stairwell and mechanical cat. Look at the wash closet or bathroom windows, and you should see the quote “The King Likes Drawings”. Remember that, it’s a clue needed later on.
  15. Then go through the door on the right side. There’s a little girl drawing with some crayons, talk to her. Attempt to take the crayons from her. The little girl will talk of Red Milk. She needs you to help her stop the bleeding. Use the bandage you collected earlier to stop the bleeding. The little girl will then let you have a crayon.
  16. Head downstairs. The nurse asks why you’re not in your room. Select “You left it open” and then “Are you sure?” She’ll let you pass. Make sure you get this right!
  17. Walk downstairs, and go through the door. You should come across a guard. Take the Pills, and discover a message on the wall that reads “Reach the key”. You won’t be able to reach the key just yet. Head to the next room without it.
  18. Walk through the door on the right side of the screen.
  19. Approach the boy watching TV. He asks you to get the “papervision” working by turning the channel. Turn it to 8. Pick up the paper on the floor. Take the Pink robe sash, and then leave.
  20. Head through the LEFT door. Collect a cinnamon bun on the table. Converse with the boy and nurse.
  21. After taking the LEFT door you’ll come across a girl who is going right. Follow this girl even though you will not be able to interact with her. Attempt to retrieve a cane propped against the wall. When a boy says to you “Don’t take his sword” you reply “I did not know it was yours” and “I bow to you”. He apparently is the King and his sword is the cane. He will request something for it in exchange. Select “Anything you need”, to which he will request a castle and horse.
  22. This is where the “The King likes drawings” clue is used. Use the crayon and paper to produce a drawing of a horse and castle. Give him the drawing and he will give you the cane.
  23. Create the Grab-O-Matic 2000 by adding the sash, cane and the golden hook together.
  24. Head RIGHT back to the food room. That girl is now able to talk. She will be sitting on the couch. Her “magic stuff” is a sleeping pill. Add it together with the cinnamon bun.
  25. Find the guard, and offer the sleeping pill-laced pastry. He will refuse.
  26. Head back to the room with the food. An older nurse says she can’t deliver guard his coffee. You pick up the coffee and hand it to the guard. It spills on him forcing him to leave. Now take your Grab-O-Matic, and reach the key.
  27. Use the key to unlock the office door. Head through. Grab the key on the left side of the room. Make note of how to shut off the alarm posted on the bulletin board.
  28. When you attempt to leave the room, Phil will lock you in. Use your Duotine Pills, and exit through the air vent.
  29. Crawl until you eventually fall into a room.
  30. Take your pills to see the writing on the wall that says “Lies in a box”. Remove the sheet from the box, and open it to see different colored Duotine pills. Read the note. Something’s up! Take the pills again to reveal writing on the walls that state “Lies in a box”. Take the sheet and open the box to reveal multiple colored pills. A note will read “Something’s up”.
  31. Head upstairs and use the key to unlock the door. You will faint. Do it again. Take the pills and go exploring!
  32. Walk upstairs.
  33. You’ll run across a nurse on the phone talking to someone regarding the missing key. You are in possession of that key. Take the Duotine pills, and place the keys on the holder so the nurse can find it. She leaves when she finds the key. This happens when you return to normal.
  34. Once she is gone, use the clue on the bulletin board to solve the code that shuts off the alarm. The code is 2932. Go through the door, then the yellow door. Exit the building!
  35. Midnight shows up as a mechanical cat. Follow him to the LEFT, and enter the maze after him.
  36. Find Mr. Midnight by searching the maze. AVOID THE SHADOWS. Successfully complete the maze and so end chapter one!

What You Need

  • Knitting Needle
  • Hair Clip
  • Golden Hook
  • Pink Sash
  • Walking Cane
  • Grab-O-Matic 2000
  • Tiny Key
  • Cinnamon Bun
  • Magic stuff
  • Coffee
  • Green crayon
  • Paper
  • Drawing of horse and castle
  • Key for office
  • Note about Alarm Code

Final Advice

One thing found when researching for the Fran Bow walkthrough is that many times in this game, the dialogue options you choose do not seem to impact the outcome of the scenarios. In terms of storytelling, Fran Bow is an engaging, fantasy-filled adventure. My best advice to anyone planning to play this game is to stick at it! It may seem a bit tedious, but, again, this game is extremely story-centered, and what a story it is!

We hope you have found the above chapter 1 Fran Bow walkthrough to be informative and the game, entertaining. Please share your thoughts and experiences regarding Fran Bow chapter 1, and suggestions or questions regarding this Fran Bow walkthrough.

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