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If you want the gist of the game Iron Marines, then this Iron Marines review will lay it all out in a clear and concise fashion. The game is basically one of the closest things that you will get to a mobile version of the ever-popular series, “Starcraft.” You can choose to play this on either the iPad or the iPhone. This game takes some heavy inspiration from Starcraft, and it sports a simplified and easy-to-understand interface. The simplified base building added with tower defense brings you Iron Marines.

Type of Game RTS/Sci-fi game
Developer Ironhide Games Studio
Platforms iOS
iTunes Download Page
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Free No

Your Mission

Whether you have entered into the midst of a meteor storm, or you have explored a base with alien creatures, Iron Marines always gives you something to achieve a victory in the greatest sense of the word. You will have to protect your bases using some of the latest and most advanced technological weaponry from the towers to rain hell down on your enemies with a merciless stream of bullets, lasers and missiles. Recruit legendary heroes of the galaxy and take them on some of the most dangerous missions. You will do everything from rescue missions to defending your base from aliens to recruiting the best heroes to take down the alien hordes.

Design and Graphics

In terms of graphics, this Iron Marines review looks at the game favorably for a mobile game, but it’s not necessarily the best graphics ever. If you put it on the computer screen, you wouldn’t think twice about the graphics because it feels a little behind the times. However, as an RTS game, the graphics are also a little different for this reason.

You take a birdseye view of things, and you might not necessarily see everything. Looking at the overall price tag, it’s not bad for what you pay for it. In terms of design, you have a game that looks much like Starcraft. As said before, this game took a lot of its inspiration from the Sci-Fi series, which is one of the reasons that you will find many similarities. The overall graphics look somewhat cartoonish and chunky, but overall, they’re not too bad.

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Main Characters

When it comes to the heroes in Iron Marines, you have three main ones that are free to play:

  • Paragon
  • Taggins
  • Kara

This Iron Marines review looks favorably on some of the characters of the game. Unlike the other characters, Paragon has a small range of attack because he does fighting with his melee sword. The one cool thing about Paragon is how he does a fair amount of damage with his attack, and he can summon spirits to hunt his target enemies.

With Taggins, you have a beginner hero that you start with as the game launches. He has many similarities to rangers, and he can do a quickfire attack on enemies. You can also shoot uranium ammo with Taggins every 4 seconds, and he has a personal shield that blocks him from damage for a short length of time.

Finally, you have Kara, who’s a female hero with the ability to attack the land and air units. Kara has two special attacks that you can upgrade gyro barrage and jury-rigged missiles. Some of the paid heroes that you can get include:

  • Ajax
  • Fate
  • Sha’tra
  • Darwin
  • Dr. Graaff
  • Trabuco
  • Mark X
  • Storyline

Because it’s an RTS game, the storyline probably isn’t its strong point. The entire game happens on a mission basis, and you must fight off the oncoming alien hordes. You will usually find a number of different objectives with this game from obliterating alien scum to defending your base from oncoming attacks and rescuing your teammates from tight situations.

When the mission ends, you get screws, which is considered the in-game currency to help you with leveling up your skill tree. You will also get gold, which is the in-game currency for buying consumable power-ups and weapons. You have been given a checklist of different achievements so that you will be rewarded with gold.

For example, you might get this after you have killed a specific number of enemies, or you might win gold for having a specific number of weapons. Thankfully, you are rewarded with plenty of gold after every missions, and you can also watch thirty second advertisements to get more gold. Still, the fact that they include IAPs in a premium app seems somewhat disrespectful to gamers who paid for the game, and hopefully, this doesn’t turn into a trend, but it has been annoyingly common with this developer. For example, they did the same in Kingdom Rush.

Additional Versions

This game doesn’t have an Android version, and you can only play it from the iOS. For example, you can play it from either the iPad, iPhone or the iPod Touch. In this Iron Marines review, we look at every aspect. Unfortunately, because of the lack of an Android version, the game feels somewhat limited, but it’s still a fun game to play. The one thing we don’t recommend doing, however, is to look at this game as an exact replica of Starcraft because you will be seriously disappointed. Our Iron Marines review found that the game had many similarities, but it differed greatly in many respects.

Final Thoughts

In this Iron Marines review, we liked how the game seemed somewhat like doing an honor to Starcraft. It was a nice gesture, and the overall gameplay feels pretty good. This might not be the game for everyone, and anyone opposed to paying for a game after they have already paid for it once may want to shop elsewhere. However, you can have a lot of fun with Iron Marines. Have you had experiences with playing Iron Marines? If so, we invite you to leave a comment below for an open discussion of the different mechanics of the game.

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