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Luxor HD is the mobile re-imagining of Mumbo Jumbo’s 2005 hit Luxor, which turned the puzzle genre on its head by introducing fast-paced gameplay with gorgeous graphics and a fantastic soundtrack. The game launched in 2015 on Android and iOS and millions of puzzle fans over the world have enjoyed it. Luxor’s developers went all out with this new release of the game, as it features 28 new backgrounds, four different modes, and for the first time, a customizable difficulty so the player can tailor the game’s performance to their experience level. Luxor HD has something for everyone, whether they are long-time puzzle game fanatics or first-time neophytes. Read our Luxor review to find out more about this unique, fast-paced puzzle game.

Type of Game Mobile Puzzle Game
Developer Mumbo Jumbo Games
Platforms iOS and Android
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Your Mission

Luxor HD has four new game modes to challenge players, including practice, adventure, survival, and a new challenge of Horus mode. A large string of marbles will slide out into each level and players will be given a random color. Matching the same color marble multiple times introduces a chaining mechanic that grants points multipliers and other bonuses, which encourages the game’s fast-paced gameplay. Certain power-ups can be collected to help players complete the level faster, and there are more than 88 custom levels to beat.

Original Luxor review writers dinged developer Mumbo Jumbo for the lack of unique levels, but they have taken that criticism to heart for this new HD release.

Design & Graphics

Fans of ancient Egyptian mythology will love the presentation of Luxor HD, which features gorgeous hieroglyphics and Egyptian-inspired art. Each level features a hand-crafted background that features tiny little details that players can enjoy as they move through each of the unique levels. Some of the power-ups players can collect include ankhs, which give you more tries should you fail to remove all the marbles from the board in time.

Original Luxor review writers praised the game for its stunning graphics inspired by ancient Egypt, but the HD remake of the game takes that concept even further with gorgeous, hand-painted backgrounds for players to admire.

Each of the marble colors themselves features hieroglyphics that make them feel alive and at the end of every marble train, a cartoon dung beetle is pushing the marbles along. Some levels depict images of Isis sniffing lotus blossoms in a bed of grass, while others feature a gigantic pond with lilies that resembles the way the Nile lazily flows through Egypt. Some backgrounds are designed to resemble the ancient pyramids, while others feature the black desert night with the massive expanse of sand and stars serving as the background for the game’s puzzling gameplay.


Since Luxor HD is a puzzle-based game, there are no characters to get to know beyond the introduction of Isis as the goddess who contacts the player to vanquish strings of orbs snaking their way across Egypt. The player performs all of the action in the game, so gamers who are looking for a character-based puzzle game will not find much to enjoy here.


Luxor HD doesn’t feature much of a storyline for players to follow, but the premise behind the game is that players have answered the call of the goddess Isis to destroy these marble trains before they make their way into the pyramid at the end of each of the 88 levels. Players wield a winged shooter that can fire colored orbs into the chains weaving their way through the level to match three or more colors and set off a string of explosions for extra points.

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Perhaps the unique thing about this game is that it features customizable controls so that players can adjust the game to feel exactly how they want to play. There are two different aim assist settings and three control choices to choose between when setting up the game. Power-ups like fireballs and lighting will periodically drop from the sky allowing the player to set up massive combos to clear levels quickly.

Some of the first Luxor review writers focused on the lack of storyline for the game, but given the fast-paced gameplay, it makes sense for there to be a limited amount of story in this unique puzzle game.

Additional Versions

Luxor HD is available on several different platforms, including iOS, Android, and PC. The mobile version of the game is playable on tablets or phones, but for the best experience, it is probably best played on a device that has a larger screen. There is no difference between the three versions on these different platforms, but long-time Luxor fans should know that Luxor HD is a remake of the classic Luxor, which features the upgraded graphics that game to the game series in Luxor 2.

Final Thoughts

Puzzle fanatics will find a lot to love about Luxor HD, as the developers have taken time to make sure the game is different enough from its first release to be worth another play. The game’s four modes will keep puzzle fans busy for a long time, especially the Challenge of Horus mode, which encourages exceptionally fast-paced gameplay.

Luxor HD is the most accommodating game in the series too since it allows customized aim assists and control schemes so you can adjust the game to how you want to play. That is a feature that is not too common in puzzle games like this, so it’s nice to see developer Mumbo Jumbo thinking of everyone who might want to play their game instead of a select few who have good reflexes. In fact, that is probably the most crucial feature that we want to highlight in this Luxor review.

What do you think? Have you played this new HD remake of the original Luxor? Feel free to share your thoughts about the game below or give us your own Luxor review.

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