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Machinarium is a point-and-click puzzle game with a quirky steampunk setting featuring an adorable robot named Josef that is available for iOS, Android, and PC. Players follow Josef’s journey through the world and help him foil a diabolical plot to blow up a tower within the Machinarium. Machinarium is entirely devoid of any official language and instead uses small thought bubbles to communicate the character’s thoughts. Additionally, players can only activate items within Josef’s reach, which sets up most of the puzzles for this point and click adventure. Found yourself stuck and not sure what to do? Read on for a quick Machinarium walkthrough to see the end of this spectacular game.

The Dumps

Once you have control over Josef, click the upside-down bathtub twice before clicking on the metal body of the robot twice to make the tub fall from its perch in the scrapheap. This new position next to the robot’s head makes it easily reachable to attach to his body.

Josef is still missing an arm and a leg, but now the player can extend his body by clicking him and dragging upward. Perform that action to grab the bear near Josef. Once the bear is in the player’s inventory, drag the bear to the rat nearby, and he will retrieve the player’s leg.

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Now with one leg, the player can walk slightly to the right and retrieve a small piece of string. Obtain the magnet nearby and combine the two items inside the inventory. Move a bit further to the right and click on an upright piece of metal to bend it. Then use the magnet on a string to retrieve your arm before moving to the next area.

Some puzzles are not fully explained in this Machinarium walkthrough since they are easy to figure out, but if you have trouble remember to turn to the in-game hint system.

Guard Post

Easter Egg

* If you leave Josef to stand long enough by himself, he’ll begin playing in the puddle of oil and thinking about his girlfriend.

Walk toward the striped cones and left click on them a few times until you have a cone with a broken tip and a pail of blue paint. Move next to the white paint and dip the cone inside to turn it white. Next, mix the blue paint in your inventory with the white bucket of paint.

Move next to the street light and find the section where the cursor turns into an arrow pointing upward. Click twice to climb two steps and then click on the bottom step to add it to your inventory. Then move this new step into the hole above Josef’s head to make a new step. Keep climbing until you can reach the light bulb and add it to your inventory.

Combine the newly acquired light bulb with the blue cone to create a hat that is similar to the guard’s helmet. Put the hat on Josef’s head to disguise him and then move next to the pulley and pull the level to call for a guard. Once the drawbridge is lowered, move to the next area.

Mine Cart Entrance

Shrink yourself and then click on a small box underneath the tower in this level to display two knobs. Change the knobs to show 2A which moves the pipe to allow you to climb the stairs on the player’s left.

In following this Machinarium walkthrough, make sure you do not miss the hook underneath the lever here. Combining the hook with the rails at the top part of the stairs will allow you to pull the level later when the player is at the bottom of the stairs.

Extend Josef upwards and then click on the pipe, then climb until you are near the yellow object. Click it to pick it up and then place it on the tracks. Now you can pull the lever to call for a cat and then make it spill by clicking the tracks. If you miss the first time, try again until you get it right.

Once the mine cart is crashed, click on the wheels to remove them and then place them on the tracks. Pull the lever with the metal rod and then you will move to the next location.

What You Need:

  • Hook
  • Rails
  • Yellow Object

The Incinerator

Click the blinking red button on the panel and move toward the door until you are standing next to it. Left click on the piece of metal next to the door to pick it up. Examine the panel, and you will see a series of three sliders. Pull the first and third all the way down and the second all the way up, then press the red button.

Return Josef to his normal height and quickly run to the mine cart to enter it. With the correct timing, the mine cart will carry you upwards through the rest of the level. There is an easter egg that should not be spoiled in this Machinarium walkthrough, so look closely in this room.

What You Need:

  • Hanging Metal
  • Brown Box

The Prison Cell

Talk to the prisoner to find out he wants a cigarette before he will help you. Now it’s time to make it. Start by grabbing the green fungus growing nearby and put it in your inventory. Click the pipe twice, and a piece of it will fall off. Then click the valve to add it to your inventory, too.

Take the toilet paper next to the toilet and then extend Josef to place the green fungus on the lamp to light it on fire. Combine the burnt leaves and the toilet paper to create a homemade cigarette to give to the prisoner.

Explore the holes in the wall of this room to find a broom, which you can combine with the valve to open the manhole cover and proceed to the next room. When writing this Machinarium walkthrough, this was the toughest part to figure out.

What You Need:

  • Green Fungus
  • Valve

Guard Room

Use the broom you acquired in the previous room to open the manhole cover. When the guard is leaned back in his chair, push him down to the floor and grab the pellets on the table behind the chair. The guard will slip on the pellets that you threw on the floor and will chase after two prisoners, clearing the way to the next room.

Observatory Room

Climb upstairs and look into the telescope and then flip the switch next to the door upstairs to turn off the lights. You will see a glowing clock with the time 4:45 displayed. Head back to the guard room and then move through to the jail.

Jail Cells

Extend yourself upwards to grab the plunger from the top of the screen. Exit the screen and turn left to see a keypad waiting for input. Input the 4:45 code that you learned from the glowing clock in the previous room. There is a tiny easter egg in this room that should not be spoiled in this Machinarium walkthrough, so look carefully.

Opening the cupboard’s puzzle in this room will reward Josef with a gun and rope. Move back to the Observatory.

What You Need:

  • Plunger
  • Gun

Town Circle

Grab the crank at the bottom of the screen and speak with the robot that is sitting underneath the big clock. The robot mentions waiting for the clock to strike. Examine the wall next to the robot to see a big hole with a note that lists which symbols the clock should point at to strike.

Use the crank to turn the hands until they are in the right position and then enter the guard post that is now vacant. Grab the loudspeakers and talk to the robot again to get an oil can. Exit the scene using the stairs to progress to the bridge.


Solve the central puzzle in this level by forming a line from the bottom half of the puzzle. Rearrange the missing tiles to complete the bridge, and it will be electrified continuously. Startle the cat on the bridge, and it will run into the bridge, electrocuting itself so you can grab it and head back down to the lower area of the city.

What You Need:

  • Electrocuted cat

City (Lower Area)

Put the cat in the pipe next to the musician to get rid of the rat inside. Now the musician can play his music.

Guard Post

Use the empty oil can you obtained earlier to retrieve oil from the floor and then move on to the tavern area.


Sit on the chair opposite the upset robot and play a game with him. This game is a connect five style puzzle that is very easy to beat. Collect the flypaper and bolts from the tavern and then head back outside.

City (Lower Area)

Give all five bolts you collected to the musician playing the trumpet, and he can play his music again. Collect the plant that appears from the angry tenant. Use the flypaper in your inventory to catch some flies and then head back inside the tavern yet again.

What You Need:

  • Flypaper


Release the flies to distract the bartender and then move the oil drum outside. The drummer will play the new instrument, forcing the angry tenant to throw her radio at the musicians. Get the broken radio and then move to the Town Circle screen.

Town Circle

Oil the robot in the wheelchair and then open the manhole cover and enter it.

Reservoir Room

Talk to the robot shaped like a wrench, and he will ask for a radio set. Combine the broken radio with the loudspeaker you obtained and then put the repaired radio on the table. Click on him again, and he will ask for help removing the cap from the tank, which grants you a red vale in your inventory.

Open the desk drawer to find the second valve and then examine the maze of pipes and complete the puzzle to progress to the next area.

What You Need:

  • Red valve

Tower Wall

Another puzzle similar to the one you just completed will appear in this room. Pull the lever to start the elevator’s engine and begin the puzzle.


Open two drawers to get the set of slides and then complete a series of five puzzles.

Broken Bridge

Put the sunflower seeds obtained from completing the puzzles in the greenhouse in the pressing machine in this room. Head down the stairs and move right, placing the oil underneath the small pipe. Work the lever up and down to create sunflower oil, then head downstairs to pick up the oil can.

Talk to the enormous guard and keep an eye open for the batteries he wants in the next area. There are some easter eggs in this room, and this Machinarium walkthrough will not spoil them, so pay attention.

What You Need:

  • Sunflower Seeds

City Circle

Give the sunflower oil to the old wheelchair-ridden robot, and he will give you a bandage and an arcade pass. Take the bandage with you and head to the bridge where you caught the cat earlier.


Walk to the arcade entrance and insert the pass to enter the arcade.


Ride the power machine up to the arcade machines. Use the knob on the left side of the panel to change which machines have power. Once you’ve scored enough points, you can leave the room via the newly unlocked elevator.

Elevator Room

Give the batteries you got from completing the puzzles in the arcade to the guard. Once he moves aside, you can use the elevator in this room to head up. Spill some dirt from the pot in the elevator and collect a shiny object from the rat that scurries out.

Easter Egg

* Characters from Amanita Design’s previous games, Samarost, appear in this corridor if you look closely.


Use the lever to bring the vacuum machine into the hallway and position it near the lights. Turn the power off and climb the machine and cut the rope with the pair of scissors you acquired earlier.

Head to the washroom to grab the light and then examine the giant hole in the washroom. You can jump into the hole if you time it just right.


Solve two puzzles in this new chamber, and a compartment will open. Grab the power cord that is revealed, and you will be presented with an arcade game to play that resembles Space Invaders. Complete the mission by beating the game, and you will be granted the last bulb for the elevator. Easter eggs are hidden in this room, and this Machinarium walkthrough will not spoil them, so pay particular attention.

What You Need:

  • Power Cord

Under the Tavern

Grab the makeshift sledgehammer and smash the glass pane on this level to reveal a key. Take the key and then get in the elevator. There is a small panel with a keyhole. Insert the key and remove the canister from the compartment. Now you can use the sledgehammer on the cannister to destroy it and save your robot girlfriend.

Outside the Tower

Once you are outside of the tower, there is a strange device that reveals two numbers written on it. Those numbers are 7.0 and 108, and they represent the tune being played by the yellow machine that is inside the chamber. Repeat the tune in time to produce a ladder that guides you to the ending cutscene.

Final Advice

If you find yourself stuck and this Machinarium walkthrough has not helped, remember there are in-game hints you can get that will help you figure out the puzzles. Try to figure them out on your own before you use those hints, though. Did you enjoy the game?

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  1. Hasn’t anybody seen the “Don’t smoke Marijuana” message in the game? I consider that a huge Easter Egg xD

    (in the Greenhouse, while going through the pictures in film II)

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