Monument Valley Walkthrough

A fascinating little indie puzzle game with M.C. Escher inspired designs, Monument Valley is beautifully complex. That is why we considered a Monument Valley walkthrough was in order. Below you will find the Monument Valley guide. You’ll be given a list of steps and tips that will help you to navigate through the game.

Monument Valley has no inventory, nor does it have any bonus levels or Easter Eggs. This game is simply you and your deductive reasoning against some challenging puzzles. Monument Valley is available for iOS and Android.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Tutorial

In this introductory level , you have to guide Princess Ida to the patterned platform at the top of the stairway to finish the level. Rotate the middle beam so it connects the two platforms and walk across and up the stairs to the finishing point.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 2 – The Garden

Rotate the center beam until it lines up, giving you a pathway to walk down the stairs to the button in the lower left. Return to the starting position.

A new platform with a button will rise up. Rotate the center beam to complete the path to the new button. Continue to rotate until you make yourself a path to the finishing point.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 3 – Hidden Temple

Bring the platform back toward you and climb the ladder. Move that platform to the other side of the screen. Repeat with the one above you. Climb the ladder and then walk through the door to the upper level.

Lower the platform down to your level. Stand on it and raise yourself up to hit the button. The towers will rotate, forming a platform for you to walk across and go through the door. Climb the ladder and speak with the Spirit at the top. A new level will rise up around you.

Climb the three ladders to get on the level with the divided platform. Moving the tower with three circular ports raises a one block wide platform. See the best place to stand and then raise it up to the next level and climb all the ladders.

You’ll see another platform with circular ports on it. Raise yourself up until it connects, then walk close to the button and raise up to that level. When you push the button, the tiny wall ahead of you turns into a stairway to the level completion.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 4 – Water Palace

Rotate the stairway and climb to the top. Rotate the center platform to give you a place to stand, then rotate to access the button.

Go back onto the center platform and rotate around until you gain access to the fallen pillar. Continue rotating the platform until you have walking access to the doorway and enter it.

Continue and hit the button which causes the platform to rotate. Make your way through the path until you approach the center button.

Bring the platform under the button to you and continue upon your way to hit the button, which will rotate the platform you’re standing on. Rotate the entire castle until you see the waterfall.

Walk down the path to the end, then rotate the castle until the path connects. Rotate back to the waterfall view and climb the stairs. Rotate the castle around and exit the doorway. Climb the ladder to your right and follow the path to the button.

Walk to the white circle. Step onto the pink section and rotate it back so you’re facing up. Walk up this wall to the L intersection. Rotate the middle platform and step onto it.

Rotate it back to form an L with the stairway. Keep rotating until the doorway appears at the bottom of the stairs. Enter talk to the Spirit. Exit the door.

Line up the middle platform to create a straight path. Exit the doorway on your right and walk across and up the stairs to complete the level.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 5 – The Spire

Work your way around the patrolling crows to the button. Make a stairway to the upper level and turn it back to trap the crow. Rotate the lever to make a stairway up toward the canopy. Go down to the button.

Head back up the ladder and climb the newly formed ladder. Rotate the platform to trap the crow on the underside and hit the button. Rotate the platform until a staircase is lined up on the right.

Go back toward the starting point and rotate the lever to trap the crow on the other side. Coax the crow toward you and then raise the different looking and lower it when the crow enters. Continue across into the door.

Keeping an eye on the crows, make your way up the ladders to the door and enter it. In the new area, spin the lever while the crow is patrolling to trap him and spin it back to form a path to the doorway.

Rotate the path until the crow walks up the wall. Then lower it down to enter the doorway.

Keep rotating the castle as you advance to make the platforms line up. Climb the final ladders and rotate to reach the finish of the level.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 6 – The Labyrinth

Lower the platform to form a staircase and climb up. A yellow totem will rise underneath you. You can move it, so go all the way to the right to enter a new area.

Move the totem to hit the two buttons. Go to the opposite end to the stairs, and then send the totem back. Walk down the stairway and hit the button.

Move the totem before stepping off the button. Climb the ladder and bring the totem over. Go to the end of the path and hit the button. Move the totem to the other button while Ida remains in place.

Bring the totem back toward Ida and walk to the door. Bring the totem over to hit the side button to move to a new area.

Move the totem to the button, then to the wall and then rotate the lever so stairs are formed. Climb them to the button. Go back toward the stairs and rotate them to stand on the totem.

Move to the other button, then back to the bottom of the stairway and rotate so the totem is on top. Move to the button and bring Ida to the opposite button to go to a new area.

Rotate the center platform and move the totem to the left. Rotate the platform and get on to the totem. Go to the opposite end and hit the button. Move the totem to the rotating platform and rotate it to make a path.

Lower the front platform and step on with Ida. Lower it again for the totem and stand on it before raising it up to reach the door and the end of the level.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 7 – The Rookery

Rotate the platforms to guide the patrolling crow toward the button that will spin a platform. Move Ida around the path and rotate the platform to form a walkway to the bottom of the long staircase that leads to a door.

Wait for the patrolling crow to rotate the grey platform and climb on and get rotated 180 degrees. Move the upper platform with the crow so he hits the other button. Wait for him to line up the platforms and hit the button.

Wait for the crow to line up the grey platform to the door on the right. Hit the button to lower the chained platform.

Go up the stairs and enter the door. Exit the door and enter the one around the corner to a new area. Talk to the Spirit and exit for a new area.

Constantly rotate to castle to make the platforms line up and head to the button. A staircase will unfold from the top. Line up with the staircase and climb to the end of the level.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 8 – The Box

Raise the box from the right and use the right platform to trap the crow. Lower the box and lift the lid. Guide Ida to the button and then the door.

Lower the lid and raise the box from the left. Wait for the crow to hit the button to rotate the platform. Hit the button and then enter the door you started from.

Lower the box and raise the lid for the blue path and enter the left door. Lower the lid and lift it for the yellow path. Guide Ida up and around to the door on the floor and then the button.

Close the lid and swivel the left panel. Turn the spinner to drop the two panels. Raise the side with pink and yellow lights and spin that lever.

Spin the lever to the right and hit the succession of buttons. Enter the door and continue to the button, then up the stairs for more buttons.

Walk up the curve to the button, then through the door to the button to close the box and complete the level.

Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 9 – The Descent

Pick up the red object and then begin to work your way down the stairs. Turn the lever to raise a ladder by the far canopy. Climb the ladder to hit the button.

Go back down to the right. Raise the ladder to the edge and climb down. Go to the next ladder and rotate the lever to bring it down to your level. Climb down and turn the dial to raise the totem.

Pull the handle on the wall and make your way down to the button. Continue adjusting to get to the hole at the bottom.

Go down the ramps and hit the buttons to keep heading down. Turn the lever and down to the elevator. Cross the platform and climb down the ladder. Talk to the Spirit.

Move slowly to lower the different sections of stairs to the bottom and finish the level.

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Monument Valley Walkthrough Chapter 10 – Observatory

Stand on the blue platform and rotate it to walk sideways to the pink one. Rotate to get into the door ahead of you. Walk up the wall and rotate the platform to create the white path all the way around and down to the door at the bottom of the screen.

Move the grey platform to the left and head to the right into the door. Rotate to hit the button and then back through the door.

Get to the pink piece and rotate so you can go around the crow to the blue piece. Rotate the blue piece, walk around the side to the pink piece, then rotate to go through the door.

Constantly rotate the object and work your way through the doors and up levels until you hit the center button and then go through the door.

Walk to the pink piece and then rotate to the next one. Rotate to the inside and move to the blue piece. Rotate to bring Ida to the inside and walk through the door.

Keep constantly rotating the large orange object as you advance, heading toward the button in the center and then through the door. Walk down to the side piece and rotate to the outside. Move to the blue piece and rotate so you’re on the top and finish the level.

Final Advice

This walkthrough will provide you with the steps you need to advance through Monument Valley and all of its puzzles. Though the game goes quickly, don’t forget to take the time to enjoy the beauty of the game.

Please feel free to share your experiences with other users and offer any advice that you can give.

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