Need for Speed: No Limits Review

The Need for Speed franchise has been delighting fans for over 20 years now. It’s one of the most successful video game franchises of all time, selling nearly 150 million copies across its titles. It has since been adapted to Hot Wheels toys and a blockbuster movie starring Aaron Paul. In this Need for Speed review, we’re going to look at a recent title released for the mobile games market.

The latest installment in the this Ea franchise, Need for Speed: No Limits has racers evading the cops and blowing past checkpoints on their way to crafting the ultimate driving machine. Will this title live up to the Need for Speed name or has it been left in the dust?

Type of game Racing, Action, Simulation
Developer Electronic Arts
Platform iOS and Android
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Free Yes – Offers In-App Purchases

Your Mission

Over 1,000 races provide challenges in this high octane, fast paced game. Drifting around corners, avoiding the police, accelerating over jumps through Nitro Zones, and much, much more are available for you to try. The gameplay of Need for Speed: No Limits provides the player with an abundance of opportunities to demonstrate your driving skills.

Customize the best of today’s hottest real-world vehicles from the BMW M4 to the McLaren 650s to the Subaru BRZ. The options are endless. And, the more you win, the more money you’ll have and thus more parts you unlock on your path to the perfect racing machine.

Design & Graphics

Obviously, the PC and PS versions of Need for Speed games have come a long way in terms of graphics and design. While Need for Speed: No Limits can’t compete with the graphics of a high-end gaming machine – it more than holds its own.

City streets look photorealistic, nitro boosts have impressive graphics, and the character designs are imaginative and thought out. Taking full advantage of the latest smartphone technology, Need for Speed: No Limits looks optimized for the screens of small devices.

Fluid transitions between windows displaying characters and parts interactions with high demand racing seem like it would stress even today’s top smartphones. However, Need for Speed: No Limits handles them with ease. Moving quickly between comprehensive 2D graphics to 3D racing animations has never felt smoother.

Main Characters

Racing games have a lot going for them but lack in the story department. Need for Speed: No Limits is not the exception to this rule. In our Need for Speed review, we must note that the franchise is not known for its storylines. Rather, it’s known for its high-quality racing mechanisms.

The entirety of the characters has been put into the game to move you forward in the storyline to achieving top skills and upgrading your cars. The generic story provided in Need for Speed: No Limits at least offers a little depth.

The goal of the game is for the main character to complete challenges and win races. This is especially true for Need for Speed: No Limits. The majority of time in the game revolves around with finishing a series of races either Underground or Car Series.

Testing the game for our Need for Speed review, we observe that these races provide the main character with cash, blueprints for cars, and other parts and prizes. In-between, various NPC’s interact with the main character. Coming in the form of race challenges, jobs to pull, and other similar opportunities, the main character must race to increase skills and upgrade their cars. Outside of this, most of your time is spent racing and less time on the character development.


The story of gameplay on the iOS or Android device unfolds through a series of challenges. Racing gives you experience and completing challenges gives you money and blueprints to make new cars. Beginning tutorial levels are addicting and are a good way to allow the player an introduction to the control system and style of the game.

Along the way, the main character runs into numerous characters. Each unique interaction adds depth to the characters and can provide extra stakes increasing playability.

Working with the mysterious Marcus King, your goal is to steal vehicles for his collection. Do well and he rewards you. Usually, this involves money and blueprints for future cars. He makes a request to your rep and you go get the cars. Bring them back in one piece and receive your reward.

When not taking cars for Marcus King, you can compete in the Underground and Car Series racing circuits. A host of characters is itching to get you to race them. The stakes can be high but the adrenaline flows and soon the main character is caught up in this fast-paced world.

The game offers opportunities to follow a selected story path or to have a more relaxed racing experience. Simply want to compete in time trials or practice runs, either option is available.

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Additional Versions

Electronic Arts understands freemium apps better than almost anyone. As you might guess, once hooked on Need for Speed: No Limits, unlocking some extra parts of the game will cost a little more to continue. It will cost you a little to unlock all the parts of the game.

The best thing about EA’s freemium options for this game is that they’re unobtrusive. The iOS and Android versions of Need for Speed: No Limits are identical and offer the same gaming experience with the simple controls.

Need for Speed reviews for No Limit hover around the 67 out of 100 range for professional critics or 5.4 by users. This makes it average but is a quality racing game for the iOS and Android.

Final Thoughts

If you love to grind to maximize free-to-play games, Need for Speed: No Limits is the perfect game to add to your collection. Make no mistake, as noticeable in our Need for Speed review, this game is addictive. This will continue until you run into a challenge that you can’t beat simply by grinding for upgrades.

Freemium games are the bane for a lot of gamers. EA has made an exciting and beautiful game that wants you to purchase extras to enhance gameplay. If they were more forward about it, we might think another way but this Need for Speed review recommends their mobile entry to the franchise as a solid pickup from the iOS and Android app stores.

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