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Found yourself lost within the captivating gameplay of Oceanhorn? When it comes to puzzles, combat, and magic use, it’s natural to feel a little overwhelmed. Read below our complete and detailed Oceanhorn walkthrough of the first four levels of this awesome game. You’ll learn everything you need to know in order to unlock the mysteries of the kingdom of Arcadia. The game is available for both Android and iOS, for everyone to enjoy.

Oceanhorn Level 1: Finding the Great Forest

This first level in the Oceanhorn walkthrough will expose you to Hermit’s Island. Players will take on the role of a young boy whose father has disappeared due to unknown circumstances. During this level, players will find their first boat and adventure to the first few islands. Along the way, you will discover weapons, learn a magic spell, and cross a great dessert. The first objective for players is to follow a mysterious floating necklace.

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Players will also receive important back story information and be given the goal of finding the 3 Sacred Emblems by interacting with the hermit. When you’re ready to leave Hermit’s Island, open your world map and set sail for Tikarel. Here you will be able to meet characters that will revile other locations you can travel to. Two of which, are particularly important in this Oceanhorn walkthrough.

After you cross the great desert, you’ll be able to talk to Rigger whom you freed. He will grant you a magic spell that allows players to spawn blocks in mid air. This will help you in combat and during puzzles. He also will give you the location of the first emblem in the Great Forest, thus ending the first level of the game.

What You Need

Listed below will be items and accessories players need to complete this level of the Oceanhorn walkthrough

  • A Regular Key: The key to unlocking the first locked door in the cave is found in the treasure chest down the corridor to the left of the door.
  • Your Mother’s Necklace: You will receive it when you finish the last puzzle in the cave.
  • Your Sword and Shield: there will be a treasure chest in the same area as your mother’s necklace. Open it to gain your sword and shield.
  • A Master Key: After the second cut scene with the hermit, you’ll find a master key inside his house.
  • A Heart Container: Unlock the hermit’s treasure chest and gain a heart container.
  • Your Boat: Go across the bridge opposite the hermit’s house.
  • Location of Bomb Island and the Withered Lands: Learned from talking to people living on Tikarel.
  • A Second Heart Container: Behind the bomb maker’s house.
  • Dungeon Keys: Travel through the mines and find various treasure chests with keys that unlock future dungeon chests.
  • Dungeon Master Key: Found in the dungeon chests.
  • Bombs: Use the dungeon master key to unlock the last chest in the dungeon.
  • Force Spell: This is acquired after talking to Rigger.

Bonus Levels

No bonus levels are in the first level.

Easter Eggs

To date, no Easter eggs have been found in the first level.

Oceanhorn Level 2: The Forest Shrine and Turmos Boss Battle

The next stop in this Oceanhorn walkthrough is the Great Forest. The goal of the Great Forest is for players to make their way to the Forest Shrine and recover the first emblem. However, you must unlock the path gate before proceeding. After meandering through paths and caves, you’ll eventually find yourself in the Restless Grove. Here you’ll acquire the key to unlock the shrine path.

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Inside the crypt, you must defeat another mini boss. Players will have a chance to familiarize themselves with the final boss when they fight one of Turmos’s arms. After beating the arm, you’ll find the master key that unlocks the bow and arrows. Once you have the bow and arrows, players will have to return to previous rooms that contain bull’s-eye targets. Hitting the targets unlocks the final area to leads to the boss fight with Turmos.

The first emblem will be given once you beat him, and you’ll be transported back to your boat. Upon opening the world map, players will receive a message from the hermit asking you to visit. Set sail for Hermit’s Island to end the second level.

What You Need

Listed below will be items and accessories players need to complete this level of the Oceanhorn walkthrough

  • Regular Keys: You will need to find 4 in order to proceed through the shrine.
  • Master Key: This key is found in a treasure chest inside the cave.
  • Bow and Arrows: Use the master key to unlock the chest inside the room where you fought Turmos’s arm.
  • Piece of Heart: Return to the room where you got the first regular key and use the bow and arrow to shoot the target and lower the water for the chest.
  • Emblem of Earth: Received after defeating Turmos.

Bonus Levels

There are no bonus levels in the second level.

Easter Eggs

Like with the first level, no Easter eggs have been found on the second level.

Oceanhorn Level 3: Delivering Honey to Gillfolk’s Drop

Returning to Hermit’s Island is the next part of this Oceanhorn walkthrough. In this level, players will be asked to jump into the well and retrieve a package for the hermit’s archeologist friend Teppo.

Players will have to solve more puzzles and find hidden treasure chest before ultimately finding the Tomb room. Here you will find the Lost Stone Cube of Archimedes. You will be transported out of the room where the hermit will take the cube and study it. While you wait on the hermit, travel back to Tikarel where you’ll meet a girl named Neeti. Help her with her side quest to unlock the Gillfolk’s Drop and Southwind Isle locations.

Visit Gillfolk’s Drop to pick up the honey delivery quest. Find the meet the honey man and have to carry a honey pot back to your boat. Once you deliver it to Gillfolk’s Drop, you are able to make your way to the Deep Cove. Here you will meet a Gillman that informs you of the location of the second emblem inside the Royal Palace.

To get to the palace you’ll need an item from the Cavern of Fire. As you make your way to the cavern, players will then discover a bottle that warns the cavern will be too hot. This sends the player to a new location, the Old Fortress. Here players will make their way through enemies and puzzles until they unlock the Ice Spell. Return to the Cavern of Fire to end this level.

What You Need

Listed below will be items and accessories players need to complete this level of the Oceanhorn walkthrough.

  • Regular Key: Located in a chest north of the first intersection. You will use it to unlock the first door.
  • Piece of Heart: Located in a chest north of the second intersection.
  • Second Regular Key: located in the hidden chest behind a half wall. Used to unlock the second door.
  • Lost Stone Cube of Archimedes: Found in the final room of the cave. It teleports you back to the hermit.
  • The Locations of Gillfolk’s Drop and Southwind Isle: Help Neeti with her side quest on Tikarel.
  • Honey Pot: Given to you by the Honey Man located in the caves of Southwind Isle.
  • The Location of the Old Fortress: Found in a bottle on the outskirts of the Cavern of Fire
  • Third Regular Key: Found in a chest near the Western Watchtower at the Old Fortress. Use it to unlock the door in the courtyard.
  • Fourth Regular Key: Found in the prison cell at Direfolk’s Hideout. It’s used to unlock the next door.
  • Master Key: Kill the hammer-wielding Orc.
  • Fifth Regular Key: Solve a puzzle in the prison cell. This key unlocked the door leading to the master chest.

Bonus Levels

If you wander around the outskirts of Gillfolk’s Drop you will find a message in a bottle with the location of Skerry. Visiting this area will provide players with extra treasure as well as bonus experience.

Easter Eggs

There are no Easter eggs in the third level.

Oceanhorn Level 4: The Cavern of Fire and Palace of Ice

In the next phase of this Oceanhorn walkthrough, players will be faced with solving puzzles as they make their way through the Cavern of Fire to retrieve the special item. In the heart of the cavern, you’ll find what you came for and unlock the fire spell. You can either continue hunting for treasure in the cavern or head over to the Palace of Ice.

The closer you get to the palace, the more ice you will run into. Players can use the fire spell to melt the ice that blocks their path. Once you have the key to unlock the King Angler Mausoleum you can use your fire spell to save the princess. This will, however, trigger the boss battle with Dead King Angler.

Once you defeat him, you will receive the second emblem. Princess Finn will also make a reference to a weapon mentioned earlier by Rigger that is located on Riptide Reef. As you set sail, this ends the fourth level.

What You Need

Listed below will be items and accessories players need to complete this level of the Oceanhorn walkthrough.

  • Regular Key: This is found in the south end of the Cavern of Fire. It is used to unlock the door to the east that leads you to the fire spell.
  • Fire Spell: Found in the eastern side of the Cavern of Fire. You will use it to melt the ice blocking the palace, as well as defeating ice enemies.
  • Second Regular Key: Found as you meander through the ice palace.
  • 3 Keys for the Bridge Lock: The first key is at the checkpoint before the spike maze, the second at the end of the spike maze, and the third is in a room full of enemies with spikes.
  • Trencher Boots: Found in the chest at the end of the bridge.
  • Fifth Regular Key: Revealed by an ice breathing statue.
  • Master Key: Found in the room west of the channel.
  • Emblem of the Ocean: Received after beating Dead King Angler.
  • Piece of Heart: This is found when you reset the crate and spike puzzle in deep cove. After the gate is back up, walk across it to find the heart piece on a shell.

Bonus Levels

The fourth level has no bonus levels.

Easter Eggs

The fourth level too is lacking in Easter eggs.

Final Advice

The purpose of this Oceanhorn walkthrough is to provide players with a coherent way to completing the game. It’s best for players to thoroughly explore every area as treasures are hidden all over the map. While it can be fun to explore and collect items, referencing this guide will help you get back on track with the main story. The overall game is one of fantastic storytelling, and the more characters you meet, the more you can unravel the mystery of Oceanhorn. If you enjoyed this Oceanhorn walkthrough and you need help finding your way in Broken Age too, then our Broken Age walkthrough is the perfect aid.

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