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The 3D MMORPG space is sparsely populated on modern mobile devices. It’s not that the games aren’t out there, but rather that the biggest competition is so well-entrenched. While the big guns might be on the PC, there are a few good MMOs that help round out the mobile space. Order & Chaos 2 is a well-known mobile MMORPG, with a fairly dedicated following. It is the goal of this Order and Chaos 2 review to provide a neutral and objective view of the game as it stands today.

Type of Game 3D MMO
Developer Gameloft
Platforms iOS and Android
iTunes Download Page
Google Play Download Page
Free Yes

Your Mission

An entire world is waiting at your fingertips, if you’re willing to help bring it back into the light. This Order and Chaos 2 highlights a world that has spent centuries recovering from its latest cataclysm, one that requires the player character’s help to put itself back together. Along the way, you’ll fight through endless hordes, meet new friends, and help to understand how a world so rich could have come so very close to the end. Order and Chaos 2 presents a world that’s ready for a hero – it just needs someone who is willing to step up.

Design & Graphics

It’s really easy to see where this game picked up its design elements, and that’s not a bad thing. There’s a kind of generic fantasy MMO setting that’s gone out of fashion in recent years, but it’s being brought back to life in a very interesting way here. The backgrounds and characters definitely take more than a few cues from games like World of Warcraft. However, they are scaled down into a package that more cleverly takes advantage of a smart phone’s limited capabilities. There’s nothing here that you haven’t seen before, but there’s a comfort in viewing the familiar.

While most of what’s available is fairly generic, there’s something special about seeing this level of detail in a mobile game. While many similar developers might feel like just putting a few pretty pictures in the background would be enough, Gameloft has obviously put some care into the world. Everything seems to flow together well, which made playing through this Order and Chaos 2 review much more enjoyable. There’s not much here to complain about visually, even if the graphics don’t quite stand up to the average PC or console game. It’s a solid piece of work that helps to support the overall product.

Main Characters

Order and Chaos 2 gets off to an interesting start by giving the player a number of choices for his or her main character. While these choices are largely cosmetic, they do show a certain amount of dedication. While we chose to play as a human for this Order and Chaos 2 review, there were plenty of other options available. You can play as a human, orc, elf, mendel (gnome) or kratan (the new-to-series lizard creatures). Each race has a small number of customization options. You’ll run into similar characters to your own fairly often, but you should still feel fairly unique while you are out adventuring on your own.

Given that the game takes place centuries after the first game, eagle-eyed players will see a few shoutouts to protagonists of the original game. You won’t notice much, though, and it’s nothing that you’ll miss if you have never played before. Like most MMO protagonists, the character here is more about being a vessel for the player. You can almost totally avoid any kind of character growth if you feel like skipping through the quest text. What you’re really going to see in terms of growth is power, a staple of this genre that’s done quite well in this free to play game.


This storyline can be a bit difficult to grasp if you haven’t played the previous game. We did a little brushing up for this Order and Chaos 2 review, but not much. We certainly were caught up by the time we were done with the introduction, though, and the story itself doesn’t offer all that many surprises. It’s very much a fantasy story, although one that takes place in an era that doesn’t see a lot of love for MMOs. It might be fair to say that while it treads familiar ground, an awful lot of the scenery does feel original.

When you start the game proper, you’ll take on one of two roles depending on which town you decide to start. While there is a bit of difference in terms of who you will interact with and how you’ll get there, both choices offer players a chance to end up at roughly the same point. It’s a novel choice that’s a bit similar to games like Dragon Age: Origins – a nice way to bring a replay factor to a game that’s otherwise all about grinding. Once you get past the opening areas, though, the game will be largely the same for every player.

Additional Versions

Given the amount of work that went into this game, it’s almost a surprise that there are no other versions. The original game is still out there if you look hard enough. Note, though, that this Order and Chaos 2 review was conducted solely on the product you can currently download.

Final Thoughts

This Order and Chaos 2 review was pleasantly surprised to find a game that goes out of its way to give players a good experience. With a solid (if generic) story, good mechanics and a great look, it’s a step forward for the MMO genre on mobile devices. It still has some free to play mechanics that aren’t so great for free players, but otherwise it’s an outstanding product.

What did you think of the game? Do you agree with our Order and Chaos 2 review? Let us know what you thought of the game.

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