Privacy Policy

Our Privacy Policy is for the benefit of our readers in regard to how we collect, store and use the information that pertains to them as users of the website and individuals as well.

We kindly ask our readers to take note of our policy and go read it carefully. We reserve the right to make any modifications to the present policy without prior notification. Changes that are made will go into effect instantly once the privacy policy is updated. This means to say that you are invited to return periodically to this page to take note of the changes made. We do not assume liability for the damage that occurs – when the case – due to not reading our policy.

Information We May Collect

There are two types of information that we collect from users when they access our website: a) personally-identifiable information; b) non-personal identifiable information.

Personally-identifiable information

The first type of information is personal information. We, those who manage the website, can identify you as an individual through it. Your full name, physical address, e-mail address, gender, workplace, phone number are the contents of which this type of information comprises.

Acquiring Personally-Identifiable Information

As a rule, we never collect this type of information without requesting your consent. Thus, we will require personally-identifiable information only when signing up for our newsletter, creating an account on our website, commenting or posting on our forums.

Note: The “comments” section on our website is public. And, although we review all comments before posting them, you are required to not provide personal information in your comments.

Non-Personal Information

The non-personally identifiable information cannot be used to identify you as a person. It is also known as “log files”, and it is created whenever you visit our website. It includes: IP address, type of browser, time and date of access, page on which you were before leaving our website.

Sharing Information with Third Parties

We will not share, except when legal case or law enforcement is in order, information pertaining to you as an individual with any third party. If there is illegal or suspicious activity on our website, we will disclose information, under legal clauses, with and only with a particular agent.

Data Protection

There will be pages on our website that will ask you to enter personal data, such as, but not limited to, e-mail address, names, postal address etc. Disclosure of such information is voluntary. When possible, our website will offer services without the necessity to share personal or business data. Third parties are forbidden, with no exception, to send unrequested information to mailing addresses, phone & fax numbers, or e-mail addresses stored in our database.


Our website,, makes use of cookies, necessary to track the performance of our website and to optimize content suitable to your preferences. They are harmless and are not used to identify you through the information they collect.

Nonetheless, if you do not agree with using cookies, you can easily disable them from the settings of your web browser. Be warned, however, that, by disabling them, issues regarding your web browsing experience can be encountered. If that happens, you can always enable them back from the privacy settings of your browser.

As a final note, take note that you might receive ads that appear on our website. Ads are delivered by advertising partners who may set ad cookies. By coming back to our website, these cookies set might allow the ad server to recognize your computer every time they send an online ad. Also, the cookie is a useful tool in creating your or other people’s profile that use your computer. Basically, this type of cookie allows advertising networks to deliver targeted advertisements that might interest you.

The present Privacy Policy only covers the use of cookies by For the use of cookies by advertisers, we strongly recommend reading the respective privacy policies.