Super Mario Run Review

Nintendo has developed and published a Mario game for Android and iOS devices. Our Super Mario Run review gives you a detailed look into the side-scrolling mobile game.

Type of game Side scroller, Auto-runner
Developer Nintendo
Platform iOS and Android
iTunes Page Click here!
Google Play Page Click here!
Free Yes – only for courses 1-1 through 1-4

Your Mission

During our Super Mario Run review, we found that your goal is to guide Mario as he runs and jumps his way through the Mushroom Kingdom to once again rescue Princess Peach from Bowser. To do this, you have to help Mario navigate his way through 24 stages, which are spread out over six different worlds. Along the way, you can collect coins and play Toad Rally to buy items and customize the Mushroom Kingdom as you see fit.

Design & Graphics

During our Super Mario Run review, we took note that the game looks great. Graphically speaking, the game doesn’t look much different than Mario’s other outings on Nintendo handheld devices. The Mushroom Kingdom looks just as you would expect, although plain at the beginning of the story until you buy or unlock decorations for the land.

With that said, users have the ability to toggle the graphics between high and low quality. Setting the graphics to low quality jeopardizes the look of the game, but it helps the game run on low-end devices. In either case, the game does a great job of capturing the look and feel of playing a Mario game on Nintendo’s handheld systems but with slightly easier controls.

The design of Super Mario Run is simple yet challenging. Nintendo designed it so that users can play with just one hand. Mario is always moving, so all you have to do is tap the screen to make him jump. You can tap and hold to make him jump higher, while tapping the screen in the middle of a jump makes him spin to stay in the air slightly longer. While the controls are easy to learn, they’re hard to master.

Main Characters

At first glance for our Super Mario Run review, it appeared that the only playable character was the famous plumber himself, Mario. After playing a little bit, however, you can unlock new characters.

For example, you can unlock Princess Peach once you complete the main mission and rescue her from Bowser. You can unlock Mario’s twin brother Luigi by collecting 150 green and purple toads in Toad Rally. Some of the other characters that you can unlock in the game include

Yoshis of various colors by collecting toads;
Toad, who’s free when you link your My Nintendo account; and
Toadette, for whom you need 200 red, blue, green, purple, and yellow toads.

Nintendo has done a great job of developing the character personalities, so they generally feel the same as they do in other Mario games. This is a good thing because Mario is an iconic character that people know around the world.

Playing Super Mario Run is like hanging out with an old friend. While it’s different from other games in the series, Nintendo makes it feel as if Mario and his gang have always been right at home on your mobile device.


The story in Super Mario Run is similar to nearly all other Mario games. In the main World Tour mode, you take control of Mario or other unlocked characters to navigate through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach. Since Mario is apparently in a hurry, he never stops moving. You tell him when to jump by tapping on the screen.

Guiding Mario through the stages, you collect special coins, defeat enemies, and try to reach the end of each stage. After clearing three normal stages in a world, the fourth is a boss stage. While it appears that these boss battles are all against Bowser, most are just normal enemies who took Bowser’s appearance.

Despite being in a hurry, Mario finds the time to participate in Toad Rally mode, which requires rally tickets. This is where the game has a lot of replay value. You compete against other players’ times and coins collected.

While you race to grab more coins than your opponent, you can perform hard maneuvers or “stylish moves” that make various colors of toads cheer for you. At the end of each rally, the player with the most coins and toads cheering for them wins. This is also how you collect more toads for your Mushroom Kingdom.

Additional Versions

When you first download Super Mario Run, you’re essentially downloading the free version of the game. During our Super Mario Run review, we found that this version of the game allows you to play through courses 1-1, 1-2, 1-3 and 1-4. Basically, you get to play the first world for free.

If you want to play the other five worlds, the game offers an in-app purchase that unlocks the remaining stages. At the time of this review, the price for the full version of the game is $9.99. Purchasing the game also gives you a bonus of 20 rally tickets, 3,000 coins and one “? block.” You can buy coins as well to continue customizing your Mushroom Kingdom without limit.

Final Thoughts

If you’ve learned anything from this Super Mario Run review, it’s that Nintendo knows how to deliver a full gaming experience on mobile devices. Despite the simplistic gameplay and easy controls, Super Mario Run feels like a full-fledged gaming experience. The graphics are nice, and the two game modes are enough to keep you coming back for more long after your rescue Princess Peach from the villainous Bowser.

Have you played Super Mario Run yet? What was your gaming experience like? Give us your Super Mario Run review in the comments below.

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