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Suzy Cube first arrived to the iPhone, and after that, this 3D platformer had a heyday. Thanks to the touchscreen controls, Suzy Cube has brought gamers up to speed. When you first launch the game, you realize how the developer has an unhealthy obsession with Mario. You play as a cuboid character in the game who leaps from platform to platform like what we saw in Super Mario Run and Oddmar. Instead of racing from left to right, however, you may find yourself moving all across the screen. This Suzy Cube review details everything you need to know about the game.

Type of Game Action/Adventure Game
Developer Noodlecake Studios Inc.
Platforms iOS and Android
iTunes Download Page
Google Play Download Page
Free No—$3.99

Your Mission

Throughout the game, this Suzy Cube review found how you must scuttle from one platform to the next. Don’t expect a free-roaming sandbox game with Suzy Cube. In each stage, you receive a side goal to collect three green stars, which will be hidden on small paths that you can either explore and learn more about or ignore. Each level has you race against the clock to keep you perpetually moving forward.

Graphics and Design

In terms of graphics, you have a game that doesn’t look half bad. This 3D platformer never sacrifices the pace or immediacy of the game. The graphics look cubed, but it has a fun and interesting style that keeps you interested. You have plenty of levels where you must keep driving yourself ever onward through the 3D platforms.

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The design of the levels looks amazing with crisp and colorful graphics that pull you in. Suzy Cube’s game designers made the levels in a condensed way and clear signposting that makes it easy for you to navigate the levels. Suzy Cube, however, does keep gamers bewildered because you have multiple extended paths and tedious backtracking that happens occasionally in the game.

You may have seen 3D platforms in other games that suddenly disappear or drop out of the sky—have you, however, seen 3D platforms that rotate? Suzy Cube receives a broad range of hats that look like the Mario hats. The hats give her special abilities. For example, one hat might grant her an extra hit, but it could also modify her abilities for the better. She might have an extended jump or a ground pound.

The virtual controls in Suzy Cube are fantastic. They work exceptionally well. You can move around from left to right and tap the button. The controls don’t take much to understand.

Main Characters

The main character of the game will be Suzy Cube. The great thing about this game is how it feels highly cartoonish and fun throughout. You will most likely think of Mario 64 when you play this game because that’s what it has the most similarities with.

Unfortunately, at times, this Suzy Cube review found how the jumps and bosses were somewhat repetitive. For the most part, however, Suzy Cube gives a respectable nod to 3D platform games, and you have a colorful game full of interesting things to explore. This game brings us a fresh introduction to a genre that is not as popular as it once was.

What You Learn About This Game

You only have to study Super Mario 3D Land to understand how Suzy Cube has many similarities. For example, every level will include a collection of interesting challenges that keep you playing. The game could be said to focus on the gameplay. What you learn from observing is how every level has a pattern where you get introduced to a mechanism that forms the core part of the challenge in the game.


The game itself doesn’t have much of a storyline like with many of the mobile games, but from level one to level four, you have a snow theme where you try to activate the temporary blocks that will fire human-seeking rockets. You could split the layout of the levels into four different parts.

You try to use each part to prepare for the next later in the level. Getting a closer look, level one to level four will surround you with guardrails. You might also see this snake enemy on the left that guards the hidden coins. The guarding happens around this set path. It won’t threaten you unless you engage it.

When you go to the right, you will see a button on the floor that’s visible. You approach it, and you will come within the range of the first cannon. One of the things about Suzy Cube is if she does take a hit and she happens to be wearing a hat, she will lose the hat instead of dying. If you want to progress through the levels, it requires a little bit of resilience. The game has a total of 40 levels to master, and while they’re short, they should keep you busy for a while.

Additional Versions

Our Suzy Cube review found that you can buy two versions of the game. If you happen to have an iPhone, then you will buy the iOS version for $3.99. For those with an Android, you will buy it for $3.99 as well. Our Suzy Cube review also found how you can choose to buy the game for the PC or the Mac on Steam.

Final Thoughts

In research with this Suzy Cube review, we discovered how the developers treated the game as largely a labor of love. It took three years of development before making it to the iOS and Android platforms, but you have a decent game for the price. If you liked Mario games, then you will most likely fall in love with Suzy Cube. This game has a lot of the same elements.

Have you ever played Suzy Cube? If so, we invite you to leave your own Suzy Cube review and what you thought of the game. We’d love to have an active discussion in the comments below.

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