Syberia 2 Walkthrough

Syberia 2 is a continuation of Kate Walker’s adventure. This time, it is about her and Hans Voralberg as they continue their search for mammoths that may still be alive on the Syberia Island. The game, which was released in 2004, is a bit shorter than the first one, but it still received a lot of good reviews. It is praised for its story and graphics. With this Syberia 2 walkthrough, you can enjoy playing the game without feeling frustrated in case you get stuck on a puzzle.

If you want to play Syberia 2, it is available for Android and iOS platforms, but be sure to keep this Syberia 2 walkthrough close by.

Chapter 1 – Romansburg

For this Syberia 2 walkthrough, you will get help rewinding the train and finding coal as Kate Walker journeys to the north:

Go to the back of the train and have a conversation with Hans Voralberg.

To wind up the train, turn the wheel found on the train winder. Pull the lever before you talk to Oscar.

Go to a general store owned by Colonel Emeliov Goupatchev where you will find a candy machine key. Use the key on the third candy machine and take the coins there. Use the fifth coin on the first candy machine to obtain a sweet candy. The second coin will be used on the second candy machine where you will get a fish candy.

Outside the store, there is a little girl. Talk to her and ask for the key. She will ask for a candy in return, so give her the sweet candy to get the gate key, which you will use to open the gate in the southern part of the town.

Go to the left where there is a coal machine. Take the empty fuel can.

Continue walking to the left where you will find a wooden gate that has a closed slat. You will find one of the Bourgoff brothers and you will discover they have fuel. To get fuel, you will need to distract one of the brothers first as you enter their house.

Distract one of them using the crate that has the baby polar bear. One of them will chase it out of the yard and that is your chance to switch the empty can with the can full of fuel.

Go back to the coal machine engine and fill it up with using the fuel can. Press the red button and it will start.

What You Need

To finish this level, you will need the following items:

  • Sweet candy
  • Gate key
  • Empty fuel can
  • Full fuel can

You can proceed to the next chapter where you will find Kate in a monastery.

Easter Eggs

You can get miscellaneous achievements in the game with the help of this Syberia 2 walkthrough. For this chapter, get four phone numbers to call Kate’s mother, next is the office, then Oscar, and lastly Candy to unlock an achievement.

Chapter 2 – Monastery

Your mission here is to find the patriarch and talk to him. You should also be able to locate a cure for Hans and then leave the monastery afterward. Follow this Syberia 2 walkthrough to finish the chapter:

After the cut scene, allow the character to leave the train. She will have to speak to the little girl named Malka about the monastery and the mission.

Next, she will go to Cirkos’ bar where she will talk to Cirkos about Shroud and Malka. Kate should go back to Malka to have another chat with her. She will then give a token, which Kate can use at the Shroud dispenser found along the wooden fence.

Pull the lever after inserting the token in the dispenser and then you can take a shroud.

After going back to the platform and talking to Colonel Emeliov, grab some winter clothes before going back to the train.

Find Hans and use the shroud on him. You will soon have to go back to the store and talk to the colonel again. He will give different bird calls. Find the monk who was washing clothes and give him the silver birdcall. Take the robe that the monk was washing.

There is a candle making station near the monk by the left side of the room. Get the matchbox and pull the chain to begin the candle-making process. You will have to open up the mold, which is under the valve pipe.

Use the mouse to click (or tap) on the wicks, which are located on the left side of the pot. Close the mold then open the valve. Collect the candle after opening the mold again.

What You Need

To finish this chapter, make sure you follow this Syberia 2 walkthrough to gain these items:

  • Token from Malka
  • Shroud from the shroud dispenser to be used on Hans
  • Winter clothes for Kate to wear
  • Birdcalls from the colonel
  • Monk robes from the monk washing clothes
  • Box of matches
  • Wicks to make the candle

Easter Eggs

You can unlock an achievement in this chapter of the game if you take Hans with you to the patriarch who is found inside the chapel. The chapel can be found by the courtyard. There is a building on the left side of the screen and that is the chapel.

Chapter 3 – The Frozen North

There are a few loose ends in the first part of the game, so your character needs to finish them up in Romansburg. Your other mission is to head out to the Frozen North to find the lost mammoths. Use this Syberia 2 walkthrough to finish this chapter.

Find Youki who should start chasing a beaver. There are some branches found at the upper part of the screen near the rocks. Take the branches and use them on the altar near an owl.

Take the box of matches that you have found in the earlier chapter and use it on the branches to get an offering. Go back to Youki and hand him the offering you received. The beaver will make the tree fall and you can use that tree to cross the river.

The Hunting Lodge

Head inside the hunting lodge which is nearby the bridge that has fallen. Observe the fireplace mantel where you will find the Russian doll. Make sure that you take it, along with the hatchet and the fisherman’s guide. Go to the kitchen and get the fish tank, which is by the left side counter.

Go out of the lodge using the back door and use the fish tank when you see the fishing rod. Look at the tackle box first to activate the rod. Get the lure found at the top right corner and use the rod on the rightmost part near the fallen tree. Take the salmon and put it in the fish tank.

Go back inside the lodge and try to use the front door. There is a bear there, so you will have to slam the door shut. Go to a window at the left side and use the salmon. You can now get out of the lodge using the front door but collect the fishbone first before you go back to the bridge.

Use the hatchet you took earlier on the post by the bridge. Then take the rope that has a plate with it on the fallen tree. This will help Kate swing across the fallen bridge. Follow the path and you will see Youki running off again.

Use the hatchet again and this time on the cliff face, so that you can climb up.

What You Need

In this chapter, there are some things that you need:

  • Branches for the altar
  • Offering
  • Russian doll
  • Hatchet
  • Fisherman’s guide
  • Fish tank to be used on the fishing rod and for the salmon
  • Fishbone
  • Rope with plate

Easter Eggs

After the cut scene, you will have to use the radio. Turn it on and use the buttons for setting the right frequency for it which is 0328. Use the microphone and follow the western path to find Boris. Talk to him about the flying wing and the train. When you see the cockpit’s control panel, use the buttons and set the coordinates to 8020. This will unlock an achievement if you use Boris’ plane.

Chapter 4 – Youkol Village

In the fourth chapter, your goal is to make sure you take back Hans from the dream world. Use this Syberia 2 walkthrough as your guide to be successful.

The scene will start with Kate in a room. Exit it and take the reindeer antlers from a container on the right. When you find the Youkol, talk to him even though he will not talk back. Take the leather strap from the south. Kate will automatically create a slingshot. Find the drums and aim at the icicles above the drum using the slingshot. Go upstairs afterward.

Take the mask of the Youkol. Take the prayer wheel on the table. Observe the water well where the leather strap was. You should take the empty flask and the cork bung. Use the flask on the hook and use the crank two times. This will fill up the flask with water.

Examine the ice wall after you have entered the cave. Take the cork bung and use it on the hole found on the lower right corner. Connect the prayer wheel where the harfang perch is (bottom right of the screen). Activate the prayer wheel to have an owl fly in and this will scare the lemming away.

Move the cork bung and this time to the lower left part of the ice wall. Take the water flask and then use the fishbone to lure the lemming out of the tunnel. A dream fruit is right behind it, so take it once the lemming gets out.

What You Need

While in the Youkol village, you should be able to take the following items:

  • Reindeer antlers
  • Leather strap
  • Slingshot
  • Youkol mask
  • Prayer wheel
  • Cork bung
  • Flask, which you should fill up with water
  • Dream fruit

Easter Eggs

Once you get the dream fruit, take it to Hans who is inside a hut. You should be able to get an achievement for doing so. Another is to enter the dream, which will let you unlock another achievement.

Chapter 5 – Penguin Island and Syberia

For this final chapter, Kate and Hans approach Penguin Island. Your mission is to make the ship move again and call the mammoths when you reach Syberia. This Syberia 2 walkthrough will help you accomplish these tasks and finish the game.

When your character goes out of the ship, you should be able to find the Narwhal tusk found at the right side of the screen. Use the tusk on the anchor of the ship. One screen further and you will find some penguins. Use the Russian doll when you see the eggs of the penguins. Go back to the place where the penguins were and use the tusk again. This time, place it on the crack in the ice.

Get back on the ship and you should be able to use the barrel in your inventory. Go through the door and up the central ladder. You will find an ivory hook, so take it before you go down to the first room. You will need to climb onto the barrel and use the hook to the post on top of the barrel. Attach the rope to the hook and finally pull the lever found next to the barrel.

You will now enter Syberia where you should solve a stone puzzle. You will need the Youkol medallion and then turn the wheel after working through the puzzle one stone at a time.

What You Need

For this chapter, you will need:

  • Narwhal tusk
  • Russian doll
  • Barrel
  • Ivory hook

These items are required to help you get to the island of Syberia.

Easter Eggs

When you enter Syberia, you will immediately unlock an achievement. Another achievement is unlocked when you find all the items in the game. The final achievement is when you finish the game. There is a hidden achievement though and that is when you finish the game in less than six hours in difficult mode.

Final Advice

This Syberia 2 walkthrough should be easy to follow to help you complete the game. It is useful if you keep saving your progress, especially when you are about to begin solving a new puzzle. This can help save you from any unnecessary repetition. It is also helpful if you look at everything in all the scenes to make sure you know which items are available for you to interact with. Additionally, as you keep exploring, you will find that your phone has stored more numbers than when you started. These numbers are often useful throughout the journey.

Syberia 2 is a tricky game, so do share your experience in playing, particularly the parts and puzzles that you had a hard time-solving. And, if you haven’t already, check out our Syberia walkthrough.

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