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Syberia is a Microids game released in 2002. It is a point and click adventure game about Kate Walker, an American lawyer. She was first tasked to complete a toy factory takeover but ended up as the sole heir of the factory. This game can be quite challenging, so if you’re stuck and need some guidance, this Syberia walkthrough will definitely be helpful for you. Syberia is available for Android and iOS users, as well as on PC and Mac.

Syberia Walkthrough Chapter 1 – Valadine, French Alps

The first scene of the game introduces Kate Walker as she watches a funeral procession with an automaton drummer on the lead. There is a ribbon on the wreath with the name “Anna” written on it. Kate later proceeds to a hotel.

In this chapter, the player has to learn what Kate’s mission is. With the help of this Syberia walkthrough, you will find out just that.

1. Inside the Hotel

While in the lobby, get the advertising brochure in the cabinet to the right. Next, pick up the luggage though Kate will say she is cannot do it because she is too tired. Go to the left side of the screen where you will find Momo. Start a conversation.

At the registration desk, pick up the key and insert it on the automaton. Press the red button next before talking to the receptionist.

In room #6, in the nightstand, get Fax 1. Use the phone and dial the number found at the letterhead of Fax 1.

Go back to the lobby and talk to the receptionist who will give Kate Fax 2. There is another room where you will find cogwheels. Pick them up, along with the other cogwheels found on the table. Get out of the room after studying the pattern.

2. In Town

While in town, to the right of the screen, you will find a man sitting on the bench. Talk to the baker after talking to that man. Click down twice and take the gazette from the left bench to know about Anna and the Editorial. Sit on the left chair in the office and talk to the notary to know more about the mission.

Get the telescopic key from the reception room, which is from the coat stand near the exit door. Leave the building and go right. Move to the right of the street and walk to the bridge to the hill. Enter the church gates, but the church will be locked.

Try to enter through the back of the church where there is a door to the sacristy. There is another door leading to the church. Inside, there is a crucifix just behind the altar. Take the key found in the crank after moving the crucifix. You will find the Voralberg key in the middle drawer.

You can go back to the street in town and proceed to the factory gate.

What You Need

There are items that you should have to pass this chapter:

  • Advertising brochure
  • Reception bell key
  • Fax 1 and 2
  • Cogwheels
  • Gazette
  • Telescopic key
  • Voralberg key
  • Punch cards
  • Valadilene voice cylinder
  • Music cylinder
  • Document from the notary

Syberia Walkthrough Chapter 2 – Barrockstadt

In this chapter, Kate has a few missions. First, she needs to locate a train winder, then she needs to bring the train to the wall, and enter the bandstand.

1. At the Train Station and University

At the Train Station, find the stationmaster who is by the riverbank. There is a book there, which you need to pick up after talking to the stationmaster. There is an overhead ramp, so take it to the other side of the train. Walk forward until you reach the end of the path. There are destroyed buildings and there is a winding machine.

Talk to the student standing by the tiger statue in the University courtyard. Go to the library and get the book about Amerzone. There is another book that is inverted on the right side of the book shelf. Read it.

In the laboratory, there is a cabinet found at the left side of the door. Get the Barrockstadt voice cylinder found at the bottom of the shelf. Find the professor after and get the Yangala Cola powder as well as the test tube holder.

Go back to the courtyard of the university. While on your way, the stationmaster will talk to you and apologize. He will give you a bottle of wine. Back at the university, find the rectors and talk about the money, which they will give to you.

Back to the train station, give the money to a couple. They need help in opening the lock, but it is hard for them so the man throws the lock key. Proceed to the train depot foyer.

2. Helping Oscar

Read the Legend of the Ivory Ark, which is the book on the desk in the laboratory. Get the mammoth toy doll after.

Find Captain Malatesta at the Border Patrol Office and ask about the mission. Look at the desk and see eyeglasses and wineglasses. Put the Yangala Cola powder in the wineglass with green residue. Add wine to both of the wineglasses and give the other glass with the powder to the Captain. He will give the exit visa later.

Find Oscar at th Ticket Office and give him the exit visa. He will give another ticket to leave Barrockstadt.

After following this Syberia walkthrough for this chapter, you can now proceed to the land unknown, which will be later introduced as Komkolzgrad.

What You Need

To complete Barrockstadt, you have to get the following:

  • Hook
  • Books, including Book on Amerzone
  • Voice cylinder
  • Test tube holder
  • Yangala Cola powder
  • Sauvignon grapes
  • Cuckoo’s egg
  • Wine
  • Money
  • Mammoth toy doll
  • Exit visa
  • Another ticket

Syberia Walkthrough Chapter 3 – Komkolzgrad

In this chapter, Kate will enter an industrial complex. Follow the Syberia walkthrough for this chapter to finish it with ease.

1. Inside the Complex

There is a giant worker robot. Climb its leg and get Komkolzgrad voice cylinder and then Hans’ plan. There is also a handle found by the locker above the bed. Take that handle as well.

There a building that you need to enter but the door is locked. Proceed to the coach instead and then into the bedroom. You will see Oscar who is tied up. He says he was attacked and you see that his hands were stolen. Get the metal shears, which was left behind by the bandit.

Find the generator at the left side of the screen. Find the spark plug and insert it between the metal plates. Pull the left lever which will turn on the light. Enter the mine. You will find an automaton by the organ setup. Get the screwdriver.

Upon learning about Serguei Borodine, the director of the industrial complex, and Helena, for whom he built the complex, proceed to Helena’s room. Look in the drawer where there is a scrapbook.

2. Getting to the Airship

Enter Boris’ quarters after climbing the steps. There is a cosmonaut who is drunk, so talking to him will be useless. Instead, pick up the vodka bottle. Go back to the quarters and take the key. There is also a letter regarding the closure of a launch pad project.

You will need to talk to Boris, so you can get a deal about the spaceship. Use the Voralberg key, which will fit the cross shaped lock. On the right, you will find the blood testing apparatus – take this with you as you test Boris’ blood. His blood is rejected, so you have to use Kate’s blood instead.

Get the crank handle (the red one), which is found at the entrance of the space compound.

Enter the airship, pull the level, and watch the scene as Kate enjoys the ride.

What You Need

To make sure that you have followed this Syberia walkthrough, you should have the following items with you in order to complete the chapter:

  • Komkolzgrad voice cylinder
  • Handle
  • Hans’ plan
  • Metal shears
  • Spark plug
  • Screwdriver
  • Helena’s scrapbook
  • Vodka
  • Letter
  • Key
  • Blood testing apparatus
  • Crank handle

You will also need the Voralberg key, which you should have picked up in the first chapter.

Syberia Walkthrough Chapter 4 – Aralbad

The mission of this chapter is to investigate the Aralbad spa.

1. Getting in the Spa

After the spaceship ride, go to the hotel. A guy named Felix Smetana is in the hotel reception area. Talk to him and find out if you can see Helena.

There is a gate leading to the spa, but go to the utility room first where you will find the detergent. Pour it in the fountain and get back inside. Talk to Felix again and he will see what happened to the fountain. You will see a brochure in the reception desk area.

Enter the spa and then go to the right side. Then enter the alcove, which is on the opposite side of the entrance. You will find a crystal dish here.

To the right of the screen, you will see a console, which is nearby the door. Enter the code: 0968 to open the locked pier door. Get the gas mask placed on the wall. Go to the pier.

2. Contacting Helena

At the end of the pier, you will find a gazebo where Helena is. She asks you to call James, her valet. Go down the gazebo and you will find the bell stand located on the left side.

There is a chain there, which should pull several times. You can go in the hotel after and then you can talk to James. After that, use the gas mask on the hook. Take the bell and hang it on the stand. Now, pull the chain and it will produce different sounds for the bell.

After talking to James, he will wheel Helena inside. You can talk to Helena afterward. Use the phone and dial the numbers found on the brochure for The Meurizt, which is a bar.

You will get the recipe for Blue Helena. Get the necessary ingredients for it. Make the Blue Helena after getting the ingredients. Talk to James and Helena. She will then sing, breaking a crystal glass, which will bring back her confidence.

What You Need

If you have followed this Syberia walkthrough correctly, you should be able to find the following items for this chapter:

  • Detergent
  • Brochure
  • Crystal dish
  • Gas mask
  • Ingredients for Blue Helena (lemon and honey)

Once Helena sings and a cage drops and traps her, you are on to the next chapter.

Syberia Walkthrough Chapter 5 – Komkolzgrad

Your goal now is to help Helena escape. With this Syberia walkthrough, you can easily accomplish this mission.

Go up the stage and try to calm Helena down. Observe the padlock of the cage. Take the metal sheers you got from the hand bandit from the earlier chapter and use it on the padlock. You will also find Oscar’s hands attached to the robot organist. Take the screwdriver to detach Oscar’s hands from that automaton.

You will find Oscar at the cab, give him his hands. Then go to the train coach, but the train will not move. Go back to Oscar to know why the train is not moving. Get the dynamite, which is in a crate found at the bottom of the screen. Kate runs back to Oscar as they try to get out of the industrial complex. The robot that blocks the train will explode.

What You Need

This chapter calls for the following items in your inventory:

  • Oscar’s hands
  • Dynamite

Final Advice

Following our Syberia review, we wanted to create a Syberia walkthrough to help you get through the game. It is an award winning game that is not only puzzling but also quite interactive. It will definitely keep you glued to the screen as you try to complete it. When playing, pay attention to the icons, including the rings that will tell you whether you will move into that location or move to another section. Feel free to talk about your experience playing the game. If you have some tips, share them with other players as well.

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