The Room Walkthrough

Fireproof Games managed to make one of the more enduring games of the mobile generation when it created The Room. While the concept of solving a series of locked puzzles is simple, the game can be fiendishly difficult. This guide hopes to provide a thorough The Room walkthrough for those who need a bit of help getting through the game and unlocking its secrets.

Unfortunately, The Room does not have any bonus levels or Easter eggs for you to enjoy. However, the main game should keep you occupied enough. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, the game is available for download on iOS and Android devices.

The Room Walkthrough – Chapter One

Chapter One is a fairly straightforward tutorial level and the easiest part of The Room Walkthrough. The puzzles here are fairly simple and meant to introduce you to the mechanics of the game.

You’ll start by looking on the top of the safe until you find the envelope. Double tap the envelope to get the envelope, and slide the letter out. Tape on the letter to get the key.

You’ll next have a quick puzzle requiring you to line up the keyhole. When this is done, use the key – you’ll get an eyepiece, which doesn’t have a use quite yet.

Next, read the note. You’ll need to look around the safe until you find a symbol that matches the answer (fire). You’ll get another key, which you’ll use when you remove the scratched plate on the side of the safe to reveal another keyhole.

Rotate the key, open it up, and grab another plate. This plate will be used on a screw on the Talisman logo (you’ll need to zoom in to see it). Once you have it turned, you’ll get a lens. Use your eyepiece to reveal blue markings, and then untap the eyepiece.

You’ll go back to the safe again, now rotating the fire symbol to get another keyhole. Use the eyepiece again to reveal the blue markings, and rotate the gold plate until they line up. This is easily the quickest part of this The Room walkthrough.

Congratulations! The safe should now be open and you can move through the rest of this The Room walkthrough.

What You Need

You will need the following to finish the level:

  • Envelope
  • Key x2
  • Eyepiece
  • Lens
  • Metal Plate

The Room Walkthrough – Chapter Two

You will be looking at a pyramid box in this puzzle. The solution in this part of The Room walkthrough is a bit more involved, but still relatively simple compared to what’s coming.

Start by swiping to the gold pillar and zooming in on it. Then, you’ll need to unscrew the pillar to collect the miniature microscope. Next, zoom out and move to the next gold pillar. Zoom in, unscrew the pillar, and collect the piece of cotton.

Once you’ve got the cotton, go into your inventory. You can expand the microscope by rotating it. You’ll use the microscope to zoom in on the blue number panel. A quick tap will reveal the numbers 5, 6, 7, and 2. Write down the numbers to move on.

You’ll now move over to a number panel. Enter the numbers in order, and then flip the switch down to continue. You should now be able to access the lighter.

Take your cotton and place it on the lighter. Flip the igniter on, drag the lever up, and zoom out.

Now you can move on to the brass stands. Use the microscope on the stands, and then move on to the pillars. Zoom in, tap, and grab the book. In your inventory, you’ll now be able to tap the discs on the book in this order – top, bottom, right, middle. This will give you access to the key in the book, which you can wind.

Go to the left side of the box, lift the hatch, and use the wind key on the keyhole. Tap the eye piece to see the word TRIAL. You’ll now see a series of disks – rotate them to turn them into a ram’s skull. Grab the “L” tile. Use the tile to spell TRIAL on the letter panel.

What You Need

Chapter two only requires a handful of things, listed below:

  • Miniature microscope
  • Cotton
  • Wind key

The Room Walkthrough – Chapter Three, Part One

The third level is quite long, so this The Room walkthrough will divide it into two more manageable pieces.

Zoom in on the logo, slide it left. Flip the switch downwards.

Go into your inventory to work on the puzzle box. You’ll need to do the following:

  • Drag the gold ball to the center;
  • Turn the panel clockwise by one quarter;
  • Move the ball;
  • Turn the panel clockwise one quarter again;
  • Ball back in the center panel;
  • Turn the panel three times clockwise;
  • Drag out the ball;
  • Turn the panel clockwise one quarter;
  • Drag the ball back to the center;
  • Turn the panel clockwise one quarter;
  • Drag the ball to the right of the puzzle box.

Now you can take the key!

Go to the wooden panel on the right of the globe. Tap one the eyepiece, and then move all the switches from the center of the puzzle like this:

  • Inner circle clockwise turn one quarter;
  • Left switch slid left;
  • Rotate the circle so it lines up with the outside switch;
  • Slide left switch out;
  • Rotate the circle to line up with the right switch;
  • Slide the right switch right.

Zoom in on the keyhole. Turn the key sidewise. Spin the dial:

  • Counter clockwise five notches;
  • Clockwise nine notches;
  • Counterclockwise to the bottom left;
  • Clockwise to the bottom right.

Drag the photograph onto the frame. Grab the square peg, then tap your lens to get the hidden word SIGIL.

Zoom in on the circular panel. Slide the wooden peg into the wooden hole. Enter SIGIL into the combination, and grab the blue crystal. Place the crystal in the to the symbol below the device.

What You Need

To get through the first part of this chapter, gather the following:

  • Puzzle Box
  • Key
  • Photograph
  • Wooden peg
  • Blue crystal

The Room Walkthrough – Chapter Three, Part Two

This section of the The Room walkthrough picks up immediately after section one. You’ll still need the same tools the complete this section.

Turn the dial, take the take the flywheel, and move on to the bottom-left four square panel. Put the flywheel on the opening, slide out the switches and pull the handle. Grab the light reflector and tap the hidden panel to get a map piece – you’re almost done!

Next, take the reflector and move it to the light beam. You’ll move on to another panel – tap the right button, then zoom out and tap the buttons around the box. You’ll get another map piece, and then return to the panel. Tap the other button, and the three matching buttons again. This will give you access to the folding key.

Zoom in on the folding key panel. Then fold the key until it fits. Grab the reflecting device again, and drag it into the light. Slide the switches to continue bouncing the light, and you’ll get another map piece!

You can now use the map pieces on the globe. You’ll now get a crank, which you can use on the crank hole. Zoom in on the gold circle panel to reveal the hole. Rotate the crank, open the circle, and use the eyepiece to reveal another icon. You can now grab a box.

Line up the bottom of the box in your inventory. Use it on the folding key hole. Use the telescope lens, then zoom in on the stars below the telescope. Tap the stars to match what you saw on the telescope. Grab another map piece, go back to the globe, and place the map piece. Pull the handle and you’re done!

What You Need

The second part is just complex, so you will need:

  • Blue crystal
  • Light Reflector
  • Map pieces
  • Folding key
  • Box

The Room Walkthrough – Chapter Four

Another box to solve in this The Room walkthrough!

Zoom in on the wire panel. Align the stars by tilting your phone or tablet, and grab the crank.

Next, zoom in on the rectangular panel on the left. Use the crank on the panel and crank it until it won’t turn any longer. Now you can tap the button.

Go to the wooden wall, and use the eyepiece. Zoom and move until you see the symbol, and grab the dagger.

Back to the top of the box. Move the dagger to the center of the box. You’ll now see a rectangular box. You’ll need to tap until you have the following pattern:

  • Full, Empty, Empty;
  • Full, Full, Empty;
  • Empty, Full, Full;
  • Empty, Empty, Full.

Tap the bottom rectangle, then the button. You’ll next need to make this pattern:

  • Full, Empty, Full;
  • Full, Full, Full;
  • Empty, Full, Empty;
  • Empty, Full, Empty.

Tap the rectangle again.

Now, you’ll tap the eyepiece and rotate until you see the symbol. Go to the amulet panel, and place in the amulet. Another rectangle puzzle:

  • Empty, Full, Empty;
  • Full, Empty, Full;
  • Empty, Full, Empty;
  • Full, Empty, Full.

Take the energy source, then tap the button. You’ll go to the wooden wall, and use the eyepiece to find the symbol again. Rotate the disks so they match up, and then drag the energy source to the platform.

What You Need

Chapter four requires you to gather:

  • Crank
  • Dagger
  • Amulet
  • Energy Source

The Room Walkthrough – Epilogue

This final part of this The Room walkthrough is a tough one, so hold on!

Use the eyepiece until you see the markings. Zoom in, then move until the marking turns into a handprint. This will cause a circular platform to rise up.

Scan around until you find a switch. Then slide the switch right. Grab the gear, then use the eyepiece, find a gold square by the notebook. Pull it down.

Use the gear on the triangle, then press the button.

Move the slider to the left circle, then the right circle. Then you’ll go up, and then around the top circle. You should then be able to move your slider again to the lower platform. Hit the button.

Take the blue ball. Go to your inventory. Slide the top of the orb, and then open it to get a square gear. Place the gear on the square gear slot. Press the button to open a drawer. Take the key and open the black music box.

Grab the metal plate from the right side of the box. Turn the key right, and then flip the switch down. Then turn the key left to grab another key from the box.

Slide the music box, to reveal a golden plate. Place the new key in the plate, and go back to the strange key. Twist it until it lines up with the arrow. Go to the other key. Note the harp and music note.

Turn the strangely key left. Go to the other key, and swipe until you see the harp. Go back to the strange key and turn it right. Swipe the golden plate again until you see the music note.

Go back to the key. Turn it facing upwards. Press the two buttons on the golden plate.

What You Need

To survive the epilogue, you should stash the following:

  • Gear
  • Blue metal ball
  • Square Gear
  • Strange Key
  • Metal Plate
  • Key

Final Advice

The Room is one of those games that makes you feel brilliant when you’re doing well and a bit dim when you can’t figure things out. Remember, there’s always a solution, even if it seems like you are stuck. Hopefully, The Room¬†walkthrough above will help you get through all the parts that keep you stuck. If you also want to try your hand at point and click puzzles, try The Silent Age and keep our guide close. You’ll need it!

Were you able to solve all the puzzles yourself? Let us know how you did by getting in contact with us below!

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