The Silent Age Walkthrough

The Silent Age, is a point and click puzzle game which allows you to guide our hero, Joe, through the levels via time travel. There aren’t any bonus levels or Easter eggs in The Silent Age. There is not really an inventory per se, as you will acquire what you need for each level as you make your way through the levels. In this The Silent Age walkthrough you will find advice and information for making your way to the end of the game with ease.

The Silent Age is available for multiple platforms, but we will be covering the walkthrough for the iOS and Android versions.

Chapters 1 through 5 are considered Episode 1, while chapters 6 through 10 are Episode 2.

Episode 1

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 1

Read the note and enter the door. Take the light bulb from the shelf and replace the broken one above the table. Take the blue key card and green rubber glove and exit the room.

Use the key card at the card reader, speak with the secretary, then open the red doors to speak to your boss and get a red key card. Exit and use the card at the elevator to go to the sub-basement labs.

Use the glove on the access panel and enter the door. Find a handkerchief under the lab coat and use it on the blood. Go upstairs to talk to the secretary who will give you a bandage.

Go back to the basement and place the bandage on the left door button, then enter by pressing the right button. Speak to the man to end the chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 2

Take and use the device to jump through time. Exit the room and take the key from the hanging man. Grab the hammer and go downstairs. Use the key at the evidence room and find an ID card on the body.

Go back upstairs and use the card on the red door. Take the note on the board and the gun oil from the desk drawer. Go up to the second floor.

Tap the Lincoln picture to reveal a safe with a code on it. Use the code to open it and take the paper clip. Go down to the evidence room and use it on the padlock.

Grab the sword and back to the second floor. Cut the rope, then back to the first floor to get the noose from the body. Go back upstairs and through the door.

Break the glass with the hammer and climb onto the tree. Use the rope on the branch to climb down and end the chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 3

Enter the sunlight and use the device to time jump to past. Take the screwdriver by the motorcycle and use it on the door to exit. Acquire the umbrella, go to the police car and jump to future.

Take the nightstick, go back to the motorcycle and jump to past. Use the umbrella on the ladder and climb to the roof. Grab the carpet and jump to future and down through the roof hole.

Tear the wallpaper and jump to past. Open the curtains and grab the paste. Turn on the lamp, take the key and use it to exit onto the fire escape. Climb down and use the paste on the poison ivy.

Climb the ladder and jump to future. Try the door to get the handle. Go to the other apartment and use the handle on the door to enter. Jump to past and watch TV. Smash the glass with the nightstick. Place the carpet on the broken glass and exit to end the chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 4

Take the broom head from the trash can and jump to future. Grab the meat hook, lift the broken plate and use the broom on the dust. Use the hook on the manhole cover and climb down.

Grab the loose rung, exit and jump to past. Turn on the electric gate, go through and jump to the future. Use the bar on the dumpster and take the bonesaw before going back down the manhole.

Remember where the light switch is and jump to future. Tap that spot to turn on the lights and cut through the bars with the bonesaw. Grab the syringe and go to the surface.

Use the syringe on the turpentine and jump to future. Get a lighter from the body and enter the sewer. Use the syringe and lighter on the rubble to enter hospital and end the chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 5

In the past, grab the battery from the ambulance and jump to the future. Grab the tire iron, jump to the past and enter office A. Jump to the future, drop down the hole and grab the scissors.

Then, jump to the past and use scissors to get the toe tag. Jump to the future and exit the room. Use battery and cables to light the room. Take the key, jump to past and grab ambulance key from the drawer.

Climb the stairs and use the key on the office filing cabinet. Use the name tag to get the address, jump to past and go to the garage. Use the tire iron on the ambulance, push the button, then use the key on the ambulance to end the chapter.

Episode 2

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 6

Take the trophy from the box, then take the jack and enema pump from the back of the ambulance. Open the fuel cap and use the pump on the tank. Go to the boat and use the trophy to bail out the water.

Use the pump on the motor and take the boat to the island. Use the jack on the bars to enter and grab the shears and use them on the fence to enter the hole you made. Enter the camper, turn on the lights and grab the key.

Exit and use the key on the junction box. Press the button to electrocute the fish and press it again. Open the grill, take the tongs and grab a fish. Head back out the fence hole.

Feed the fish to the crocodile, grab the chainsaw, then go back to the camper. Use the chainsaw on the still, head to the house and use the chainsaw on the door to enter and end the chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 7

Take the matches from the drawer and enter the door. Grab the corkscrew and some books. Use the books on the fireplace and then the matches to start a fire. Lift the zebra rug, use the corkscrew on the trap door and climb down the ladder.

Enter the door on the right, grab the tanning bulb and go back to the first room of the house. Put the bulb in the lamp to charge the device and go back into the door on the left.

Head to the left, jump to future and take the twig from the table. Jump to the past and go back down the ladder. Jump to the future, grab the fire extinguisher, jump back to the past and enter the door on the right, then jump to the future again. Use the twig on the oil barrel, then jump to the past and head to fireplace.

Jump to the future and use extinguisher on distillation machine, then jump to the past and use twig on fireplace. Go right and jump to the future. Set vines on fire, then use extinguisher on them.

Grab the axe, jump to past and go back to basement. Use axe on middle door and grab lava lamp. Jump to the future and plug it in. Take the bottle, jump to the past, use bottle on shelf and enter room to end the chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 8

Jump to the future and take quarter from left parking meter. Jump to future again, enter club and grab quarter from table. Talk to the bartender, jump to past and grab orange cable.

Jump to past, exit room, then jump to future and use cable on right parking meter. Climb down and take quarter from pay phone. Head left, jump to future and grab quarter from the dead man’s hat.

Go back to night club and give the dollar to the bartender. Hit the button and take the disco ball and go back to underground station.

Jump to the past, enter train car, then jump to future. Use disco ball in beam of light, take the screwdriver, use it on vent and enter to turn red valve. Go back to night club.

Jump to future, take gun from corpse and go back to train station. Enter vent, jump to past and shoot fan control box. Press the button and grab the wire cutters from the tool box and return to station.

Cut the wire, enter train car, grab the wrench and go back into the vent. Jump to future and push grating. Jump to past and use wrench on hatch. Climb in to end chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 9

Push button and exit elevator. Jump to future, enter door, jump to past and enter big round door. Grab camera and head back to hallway. Jump to future, grab key card from corpse, jump to past and use key card on left door.

Take picture of frozen body with open eyes and go to the next room. Open bottom right drawer, grab apple core from garbage and turn on fluorescent light. Talk to Frank and use photo on retinal scanner.

Jump to future, grab dustpan from cupboard and go back to elevator. Jump to future and use dustpan on dirt in corner. Go back to time machine room then to the room with filing cabinets.

Use dirt and apple core on open drawer, jump to future and pick apple. Jump to past and go into left room. Take acid beaker from scientist and go back to time machine room. Use acid on computer, follow Lambert’s instructions and touch time machine to end chapter.

The Silent Age Walkthrough Chapter 10

Head left to grab shovel. Go back and use shovel on half buried door. Grab the cloth from the first aid kit and exit room. Head right, use cloth on water then head left. Use cloth on solar array and go right. Turn on generator, take machete and back to first aid kit room.

Use machete on concrete block. Exit and head left. Use machete on roots and grab the cup. Head back and fill cup with water the back to very first room. Place fuse in machine, take key from corpse and take broken frame on floor. Use frame on brittle wall.

Go to right, use key on drawer with yellow sticker and take the book. Back to main hall, use book on console and enter cryogenic chamber. Take paper and pull string. Go into hallway and enter door 3.

Grab TV remote and back to hallway and into door 2. Turn off TV with remote, grab crutch and back to your room. Use crutch on pens and take a pen. Go back to room 3, give pen and paper to man in the room. Use the code he writes on door 1 and enter to finish the game.

Final Advice

Following our precise instructions should make you enjoy the game thoroughly and go through it with ease. This concludes our The Silent Age walkthrough. We hope you enjoyed it. Please feel free to share comments and any additional tips you may have to help others enjoy the game as much as you did. Additionally, try another point and click adventure, Syberia, and use our guide for it.

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