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Communication is an important part of modern society, and people like to have options available. There are many apps available to cover many types of communication in one program, or to dedicate itself to specializing in one particular type of communication. Zello is an app that aims to provide one type of communication to users and differs itself somewhat from other social networking applications. This Zello walkie-talkie app review aims to introduce an overview of the app and key features, list pros and cons, and provide a general Zello app review.

Below is a quick Zello app review of features:

Type of App Social Networking
Developer Zello
Platforms iOS, Android, Windows, Blackberry
iTunes Download Page
Google Play Download Page
Free Yes

Zello Overview

Zello is designed to be a quick burst internet communication app for mobile devices. It alludes to the typical behavior of communication via walkie-talkie but expands the functionality to operate over the distances available to a typical mobile phone. There are two account types available to distinguish between personal and business. These enable a person to use the app for free, or to set up a special connection for secure business use.

How Does It Work?

The app offers a simple user interface. There is a single screen that a user interacts with, containing a menu icon in the top left corner, allowing a user to access different sections of the application, such as speaker output, status, recent communications, contacts, channels and options, as well as an option to edit the user profile.

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The contacts, recents and channels menus add a large plus button to the bottom right corner of the screen, signaling to the user that a new item can be added to that view, whether it be a new group conversation, contact, or channel to communicate with. The other menus show content specific windows, allowing for a list of options to select.

Labels chosen to indicate buttons are clear in their meaning and navigation to different parts of the app are easy to follow for a user to find what they are looking for. Users can quickly change their status to affect their visibility to other users, and the list of options allows a user to control most aspects of their experience with the application.

Pros & Cons

A basic Zello app review would consider Zello a good app for sending quick communications between other users. It is designed to be used as a walkie-talkie, so its simple interface is designed to be quick access and quick communication. Users who prefer this form of communication, or who want to convey quick messages while maintaining intended tone will enjoy this application.

Zello is available on both iOS and Android, allowing users of different devices to communicate quickly with each other using the application. There are also versions available for Windows and Blackberry to cover a wide range of users.

Some users distrust login pages to applications, and so would opt to not utilize this application. However, the application does not require the use of credentials beyond an email, phone number and username. This makes a user anonymous to outsiders, and minimizes the risk of critical data loss.

The username also allows multiple accounts to be added to the application, and more specific information can be added for a more personal account, if the user so desires.

Registration & Login Process

The Zello login process is quite simple for the application. If you are creating a new account:

  • Tap the sign up button when you first open the application.
  • This will bring up the sign up list of options that includes a username, password, email and phone number.
  • A verification email will be sent to confirm a user’s account, and the user can verify the phone number via text

And that’s it. Other credentials are optional for the user to input, such as a profile picture, work location, and other data. There does not appear to be an age limit set for users when creating an account that this Zello app review.

If you already have an account, just tap the sign in button when you start the app up and enter your credentials. There is a toggle setting for whether it is a personal account or a business account.

Zello Alternatives

Zello is a great option for users who want to have a digital walkie-talkie on their mobile device. It is limited, however, in some functionality that is available in other applications. It is designed solely for audio inputs over short bursts.

Apps like Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook, and functionality in the default messaging apps of iOS and Android allow a user to send images, videos, audio in short bursts or lengthy shots. While these may sacrifice some security, they offer greater functionality.

There are also apps like two way and HeyTell that allow similar functionality to Zello without requiring a user to create an account to use it. While this could reduce the security of shared information, it can also increase security by not linking information with a specific individual and can be ready to use quickly.

All these options are free, but most of these options are not cross-platform.

Final Thoughts

Overall, this Zello app review found Zello easy to use with intuitive navigation controls. There are customization options and a simple setup process. The account allows a user to anonymize their information by utilizing only a username.

It is designed to allow a user to quickly send a burst message to other users registered on the application, and is available across most operating systems, making it a universal communication application. While there are other apps that offer similar or greater functionality, none beat the universality of Zello.

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