Zork I Walkthrough

Zork is one of the first adventure games and is considered the precursor of many of those that followed. That does not mean you should not play it several decades later since it was introduced. If you are interested in this kind of game, Zork will give you an insight into how it all began. With this Zork walkthrough, you can speedily complete the game, so you can enjoy its superb storytelling and a really detailed world that compels you to imagine it. It is playable on mobile devices, but you need to run it through Z-machine apps such as Twisty, for Android, and Frotz, for iOS. However, note that the game does not have bonus levels and Easter eggs.

Zork I – Part One

If you are all set to play the game, make sure you have this Zork walkthrough ready. In the first part of the game, you will find your character at the western part of the house. Due to its length, this part of the game can be split into three other, smaller, parts.

1. Finding the treasure

The first task is to go inside, so there are a few things that you will need to do. Go south then east. You should first open the window before entering the house. Upon entering, you will find yourself in the kitchen, so go west to get to the living room.

You will need the lamp before moving the rug so that you can see the trap door before going down. Someone will shut the trap door on you. The mysterious person should not worry you for now. You should not leave your mission and chase that person. You can do that later in the game.

In the cellar, pick up the first treasure. Go south and proceed east to reach the gallery. Take the painting then go north to get to the studio. Exit through the chimney, and then you will be in the kitchen once more. If you cannot seem to fit in the chimney, it only means that you do not have the necessary items with you.

Make sure that you have the lamp and the painting with you before you proceed. Go up the attic and take the rope and knife. Go downstairs and proceed to the living room. There is a case there where you will put the painting.

2. Reach the altar

Exchange the knife with the sword by dropping the former first. Open the trap door once again and go back to the cellar. Someone will shut the door again.

Make sure that you save your progress at this part of the game. Even if you have this Zork walkthrough with you, this part is actually one of the more dangerous portions of the game.

Go north to find a troll with an ax. Kill him with your sword. If you have saved your progress, you can safely pass this part of the game since you will most likely get killed several times. Just keep going at it until you defeat the troll and he disappears in a cloud of black smoke.

Once done, drop the sword since you will not need it anymore. You can choose to bring the sword with you, but it is recommended that you drop it. There are other more important items in the game, and the sword can hinder your character in carrying those items.

Go to the dome room next. It is too far for jumping, so you will need to use your rope. Tie it to the railing and climb down. You will find yourself in the torch room. Just keep going south and east to get to the coffin. Go back west then south until you reach the altar.

You cannot go down the hole because you are carrying a coffin with you. The game will give you a hint though that you have not got a prayer, so just pray.

3. Make your way back

The prayer will lead you to the forest. It is daytime, so turn off the lamp to save energy. Head south then north to reach the clearing. You will then have to go east until you get to the canyon view. Make sure you climb all the way down to the bottom until you find the rainbow’s end.

This is where you will drop the coffin to look what is inside: a jeweled scepter. Take the scepter and wave it to turn the rainbow into something solid. You should be able to see a pot of gold now. Take it and do not forget the coffin too.

You can go southwest now until you get back to canyon view. Then go back to the clearing until you go back to the window of the house once again.

Enter the house and you should find yourself in the kitchen again. There is a bag there, which you should open. It has some things in it, but you should only take the garlic.

You can go to the living room now. Put the treasures that you have in the case. You can sit your character down now to help him relax for a bit. He needs it as he will do a lot of traveling after.

If you followed what is written in this Zork walkthrough, you should be able to proceed to the second part of the game.

What You Need

As you can see from this Zork walkthrough, the game is pretty simple. However, it can be tricky as well. There are a few important things that you should find and collect in the first part of the game, so you can proceed to the next. Here is a checklist of what you need for this level:

  • Lamp to give you light whenever you enter a dark place or room;
  • Painting;
  • Knife to get the sword;
  • Rope to help you leave a place;
  • Sword for killing the troll;
  • Coffin to get the scepter;
  • Pot of gold;
  • Garlic.

Check the items listed above if you are stuck in the level.

Zork I – Part Two

Part two of the Zork walkthrough begins when you open the trap door. This part isn’t as long as the first, but it still needs to be split in two. However, it should prove a lot more exciting than the first.

1. Reaching the dam

After letting your character relax for a bit, you can continue with the game. You already have your lamp with you, so turn it on and go down. This time, you should be able to notice that no one shut the trap door behind you. It could be because the person who did that earlier got bored.

You are now on your way to the dam. Head north, then east, then north again, then northeast, and finally east. You will find your character on top of the dam.

Go north now until you reach the lobby. Get the matches which are on the floor. You can go to the maintenance room next, which you can reach by heading either north or east. You should see the wrench and the screwdriver here, so pick them up. After that, you should push the yellow button before returning to the dam.

Once you reach the dam, you will see there is a green bubble that is lit up. Use the wrench to turn the bolt before getting rid of the wrench. Turning the bolt lets you open the dam.

Go south now and head to the loud room. Continue west to get to the round room, then southeast, and finally east where you will reach a room that looks familiar.

Climb down the rope you attached earlier. You should see a torch, so take it. When you find the torch, you can turn off the lamp. The torch is useful for providing you light whenever you need it as long as you have it with you.

2. Hades

Continue south and you will see a bell. Take it along with the candles and book from the altar. When you see a hole, go down to reach a cave where you will find where Hades is. Ring the bell, which you will eventually drop because it has become too hot.

The next thing you should do should be all in one command: take the candles, light them up using the match, and then read the book. This will exorcize the demons. Make sure that you do not use the torch while in the cave because it will melt the candles. Use the candles instead.

Drop the book now and head south until you get the crystal skull. You are now done with the cave so exit it. Go north to reach the mirror room. Rubbing the mirror room will take you to another mirror room.

Finally, go north, then west until you see the squeaky room. This is where you will use the garlic you took earlier. There is a bat, but he will not bother you so long as there is garlic in your hand.

Follow the steps above as listed in this Zork walkthrough to be able to proceed to the third part of the game.

What You Need

In this second section of the game, you will need the following items to get to the next part:

  • Wrench and screwdriver for opening the dam;
  • Torch as source of light;
  • Bell, candles and book for your cave or Hades mission;
  • Crystal skull.

Part two is easy and does not have a lot of required items, but it can still get tricky if you do not follow the instructions above in this Zork walkthrough.

Zork I – Part Three

We have reached the final part of the game. Use this Zork walkthrough to finish it with flying colors.

Turn on the lamp and head back to the cellar. Head north, then east, until you reach the reservoir south. You will find the sluice gates open, so you can pass through it to pick up a trunk that is full of jewels. You should head north to get to the reservoir north where you will get the air pump. One more turn to the north will get you the crystal trident.

Head to the dam base where there is a pile of plastic that has been folded. You will see that it is an inflatable boat. Using the air pump, you can inflate the folded plastic boat. Leave the pump and ride the boat before saying “Launch.” You will soon float off along the waters of the Frigid River.

Wait until you can see the buoy. Make sure you take it with you before heading east to the beach.

You will find yourself battling with the troll again, so make sure you save beforehand. There is also a Cyclops that you need to defeat, but he is easy to deal with. Just type Odysseus or Ulysses to get rid of him.

Lastly, enter the cellar and proceed north. Type “Echo” when you reach the loud room. Grab the platinum bar and return to the living room. Place the bar in the case to receive a message. Follow what it says to get a map.

Get the map, and you will see yourself at the west of the house where everything started.

What You Need

For the third part of the game, you will need the following items:

  • Lamp for light;
  • Trunk with a lot of jewels;
  • Air pump for the boat;
  • Crystal trident;
  • Pile of plastic that is actually an inflatable boat;
  • Buoy;
  • Platinum bar;
  • Map.

Final Advice

Despite the game being created in the 80s, it is actually well thought out and has a gripping storyline. Plus, it is quite challenging as well. Note though that this Zork walkthrough is not the only way to beat the game. It is the fastest and easiest way, but some things may differ, especially because there is a variable item in the Zork game, which is the thief. He will show up in different places, so avoid him as much as possible. The game is delightful, so if you are a fan of this type of adventure, it is definitely worth your time. You can also try your hand at another adventure game with our Broken Age walkthrough.

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